January 8, 2011

Kite-assisted ice skating.

Video by Meade, who braved the cold out on the ice of Lake Mendota today, while I took refuge in the car.


rhhardin said...

Kite assisted is no good. You can't go upwind, which you can do with an umbrella, in theory.

I used to launch kites in still air using a Doberman.

Attach collar to kite, put dog on sit-stay. Walk across field. Signal "come." Dog runs and kite goes aloft.

At a decent height, there's enough wind to keep the kite aloft.

edutcher said...

The next step is parasailing in that kind of weather.

Nice to see you are taking care of yourself in anticipation of your natal day. Did Meade go voluntarily or was he pushed out the door?

Calypso Facto said...

I've seen the kite-skiers at Olbrich Park do some amazing aerials in years past. Though not lately... maybe not enough snow cover right now?

Michael said...

And when the wind takes you, it takes me, too.
When you change colours, I change mine, too.
Try not to think, and I will try to.
When you let go, I will let go, too.

Great Lakes Swimmers

AST said...

I'd be out there ice fishing and probably get run over.