January 16, 2011

Golden Globes... are you watching?

I've set the DVR but I don't know if I'll look in.  I haven't seen any of the movies that are up for awards. (I've seen one or 2 of the TV things, but I've never cared about TV awards.)

I'm just not interested in sitting through movies these days. I find them boring and annoying. It's not the way I want to spend my time, and I don't believe the people of Hollywood have anything particularly interesting or useful to say to me. Yes, there is pure pleasure to be had... but in movies? Not so much.

Still, if you're watching, please feel free to hang out here. If something cool happens, I do have it recorded, and I'll go back and check it out.

ADDED: I'm not watching, but I did check out this slide show of the fashions. Angelina Jolie arrived as the Good Witch of Emerald City, Helena Bonham Carter came as an insane person, and most of the rest of them look like adults who, in the 1960s, looked like they belonged in the 50s.


kent said...

I'm just not interested in sitting through movies these days. I find them boring and annoying.

Moved and seconded. Bogart. Grant. Stewart. Hepburn. Tracy. Davis. Holden. Mitchum. That period, for me, was genuinely *T*H*E* *M*O*V*I*E*S*.

Nowadays? Too many pretty-pretties; all teeth and hair and no real acting chops. Meh.

chickelit said...

Joan is no longer on E. That's the worst part of it. Oh well, she finally got her own show for inventing the whole meme.

chickelit said...

The Globes are slowly eclipsing the Oscars in importance anyway. Cable prime time series are here to stay, like it it or not. At least that's where the talent seems to be headed.

After Nobel-peace-prizing a couple of awards in the past, the Oscars deserve a little run for their money.

TWM said...

"Nowadays? Too many pretty-pretties; all teeth and hair and no real acting chops. Meh."

Mostly I agree, but there's some great work still being done out there. Jeff Bridges in True Grit and Crazy Heart brings back memories of some of the greats.

I don't watch the Oscars or the Golden Globes. Or any award show for that matter.

Unknown said...

I think kent says it for a lot of people.

Even what few good movies are out today seem to be retreads from another time.

The part about pretty-pretties was also applied to our time. Remember Gloria Swanson's line in "Sunset Boulevard", "In my day we had faces",

PS The Globes are another Hollyweird extravaganza mostly for TV ratings. In the old days (when we were young), nobody cared about them.

lohwoman said...

"Winter's Bone" is worth seeing. It doesn't thump.

Anonymous said...

What are the Golden Globes?

Boobs on mulattoes?

Jana said...

"Winter's Bone" was excellent! Second on "True Grit" as well. Best two films I saw last year.

coketown said...

Why broadcast the Golden Globes on network television? That's setting itself up for a weak audience. Notice the disconnect between the movies that were popular and the movies nominated? I just don't see many people suffering vapors should Colin Firth beat out Ryan Gosling.

paul a'barge said...

Not watching.

Had enough of the Liberal entertainment establishment.

Can't take the hypocrisy anymore.

Moving on to something else.

Big Mike said...

If you haven't seen "The King's Speech" you and Meade have really missed something. IMHO there are only a couple people with speaking roles who didn't deserve a nomination. Even Helena Bonham Carter, who chews the scenery to a pulp in the Harry Potter movies, gives a restrained and nuanced performance.

But if Geoffrey Rush weren't already nominated for Best Actor in Supporting Role, you could certainly make a case for the outstanding performances of Guy Pearce as Edward VIII, Michael Gambon as George V, and Derek Jacobi as the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Just a wonderful evening's entertainment.

joewxman said...

Everyone in Hollywood knows that if you payoff the right people in the hollywood press you win a golden globe. Its been that way for years.

And btw take a look at DeNiro's acceptance of the honarary award for lifetime achievement or something. His speech pretty much says what a bullshit organization it is.

Peter Hoh said...

Who gets the prize for the most awkward acceptance speech?

There are still a few more to go, but I don't think that anyone will top Natalie Portman.

Sprezzatura said...

Ha ha.

Althouse is too cool for movie school. She's above the cinematic version of art for 2010. It is so boring/worthless, because she's got better things to do. She knows this inherently, w/o actually seeing these films. So wise! A lawyer and self-percieved omnipotence, what a unique combo.....or, is it?

Her own art (art; which is how she has described her blog) is so much better than the best (as determined by these Globe folks) in film.

Funny stuff.

For the record, I didn't see these movies either, but I can't and won't (w/o seeing them and/or at least reading reviews) say that they're not worth my time.

Youngblood said...

Kent wrote:

"Nowadays? Too many pretty-pretties; all teeth and hair and no real acting chops. Meh."

Mostly true. I will say that James Franco turned in one hell of an amazing performance in 127 Hours, which was also a brilliant movie all around. (Don't let the subject matter scare you off -- it's one hell of a ride.)

Jeff Bridges did a pretty solid job in True Grit, too, although Hailee Steinfeld wowed me more (maybe because of her age).

Those are just the last two films I've seen.

I don't really like awards shows, they're mostly a drag, but I'm a bit of contrarian in that I think that there have been a lot of really fantastic movies over the last decade.

TS said...

The King's Speech is worth seeing.

Penny said...

Nothing to talk about except Ricky Gervais, Ricky Gervais and Ricky Gervais.

Penny said...

Oh, and that Chrysler commercial!

BJM said...

I see Catherine Zeta-Jones borrowed Mackie's Tara drapes from the Smithsonian.

Joan said...

Didn't watch, don't care, but really enjoyed that fashion slideshow, so thanks for linking.

Apparently, it is really difficult to find a formal dress that is flattering, fits well, and still looks decent after a brief limo ride. The overwhelming majority of those dresses were hideous, but I did get a kick out of Helena Bonham Carter's mismatched shoes.

Revenant said...

Steve Buscemi looks more and more like Peter Lorre with each passing year.

Revenant said...

For the record, I didn't see these movies either, but I can't and won't (w/o seeing them and/or at least reading reviews) say that they're not worth my time.

You don't have to say it. The fact that you haven't seen any of them demonstrates it.

Jason (the commenter) said...

Winter's Bone was this year's Gran Torino and best movie (in my opinion).

I agree with Althouse that films this year have been pretty dull. There are only a few I would recommend people see: Exit Through The Gift Shop, Heartbeats, and some of the big animated movies that came out. These days, animated movies made for kids have more depth than most live action movies made for adults.

Anonymous said...

Professor, this post represents my feelings on movies for at least the last 25 years exactly.

Phil 314 said...

Social Network the big winner. Though I liked the movie I still find it most telling that a movie is universally praised even though its mostly untrue. That says so much about the Hollywood view of the world.

Yeah, but its a great story!

John Bragg said...

I've never watched the Golden Globes, I don't think I've ever watched the Oscars.

But the must-watch clip circulating is Ricky Gervais' opening speech.