January 3, 2011

"During a punt in the middle of the second half one of them yelled, 'kill the Christian!'"

"I suggested that would work better if TCU were playing against the 'Nittany Lions.' Someone else added, 'and playing in the Coliseum.'"

Email from a guy who went to the Rose Bowl and sat amidst the Badger fans.


J.R. said...

That's pretty funny. But, I wasn't aware the Romans sent badgers after the Christians.

Chase said...

As a Christian, I suppose many would expect me to be offended.

Nope. Stupid comment, meant for laughs.


Ann Althouse said...

Even the Romans wouldn't send the Christians to the Badgers.

WTF Esq said...

I went to the game and was seated right next to the TCU section. Quite frankly I was a bit disappointed by the behavior of my fellow Badger fans. At one point several of the fans (grant it mostly younger drunk college students) were chanting things like "God hates TCU" and "God's with us". Generally, the Badger fans were taunting and saying unpleasant things to the TCU fans (maybe empowered by the fact that it appeared to be a 4 to 1 ratio in favor of the Badger fans). There were more examples of boorish behavior but my point is that I expected more from my fellow Badger fans.

traditionalguy said...

Until Sunday all of the stories referred to TCU as the "small" school in the Rose Bowl. Starting Sunday the team's name in news stories changed to Texas Christian. Amazing what a victory can do. It seems as if Christians, like Jews, owe it to the world to always lose. TCU won, but is a Christian school which is an issue and there arises subtle complaints. Actually, TCU is as liberal as Wisconsin or Harvard. Just its founders in the 1880s were part of a denomination calling itself the Christian Church. The Texas part of the name is the most descriptive. What other liberal arts private school has a Graduate Degree in Ranch Management?

Lincolntf said...

"Kill The Jew" and "Kill the Muslim" don't have the same comic ring, do they? Of course, if a Wisconsin student had shouted either one of those, his hate crimes trial/diversity education course would already be scheduled.

Hunter said...

Years ago, there was a home-based church on the road where my parents lived (in Roswell, GA), with a simple sign on the lawn stating "Christians Meet Here".

One day some prankster nailed up a plank to a tree in the vacant lot across the road, with the spray-painted message "Lions Meet Here".

Made it look like there was a weekly rendevous.

EDH said...

Even the Romans wouldn't send the Christians to the Badgers.

Release the TIGAARZ!!!.

(I love Jay Robinson's campy Caligula.)

Mark O said...

Figures. Was it Gordon Gee?

Ann Althouse said...

"(I love Jay Robinson's campy Caligula.)"

That was hilarious.

Now, release the badgers.

SteveR said...

TCU has a very fine divinity school but its hardly anything like a Liberty. If anything, its average student/alum (excluding athletes natch)is from a family with a well above average income. (Tuition is approx three times UW).

Better behaved, perhaps but likely just way outnumbered.

Cedarford said...

"During a punt in the middle of the second half one of them yelled, 'kill the Christian!'"

One of Madison's many Muslim students, proving that Diversity is Americas, and was Yugoslavia's, greatest strength?

Probably not. Real Muslims like real football, FIFA football, though like most things, they stink at it.

Black Muslims of course play US-style football, but the only reason a real Muslim would be there is if he or she had friends attending or was scouting for a location to set a bomb off.

Diamondhead said...

Par for the course for Big Ten fans. Those poor, gracious Husker fans are in for an unpleasant shock when they visit places like Columbus, Ann Arbor, Madison, and State College. Far cry from Stillwater, Norman, College Station, and Manhattan. On the other hand, they have been through the unpleasantness of Boulder so they'll survive I guess.

Trooper York said...

There has long been a storied list of great chants in sports.

Boston sucks.

Potvin beats his wife.

PLO for the team playing Steve Kerr whose dad was killed by terrorists while serving in the Middle East.

Goodyby Allie when the Giants fans would serenade Allie Sherman and try to get him fired.

But the best cheer ever in college was for Austin Peay University when the great Brooklyn native Fly Willimans played the point and took the team to the NCAA tournament. Fly controlled the ball for the whole game and by force of his talent took the team on his back. A youn illiterate black kid from the hood starring for a southern univerisity.

All the students would chant:
Fly is open lets go Peay.

Skyler said...

Traditional Guy wrote, Starting Sunday the team's name in news stories changed to Texas Christian. Amazing what a victory can do.

I went to a small christian school in northern Indiana, almost the same size as TCU. It's probably more religious than TCU (if such things can be measured) but no one doubts that Notre Dame has a serious football team.

It looks like they don't doubt TCU now, either. Good for them.

And yes, Notre Dame gets and gives the same kind of religious silliness when emotions get riled up.

The Crack Emcee said...

"Kill the Christian!"

O.K., Stop It (You Guys Are Scaring People)

dont tread 2012 said...


No shit!

Its funny to see people looking all over God's earth (!) for a 'new' enlightenment. Ahh, the vanity of man. Constantly trying to reinvent.

Back to my Deepak Chopra book ;)

Shanna said...

Yell all you want, you still LOST.

Onto the Sugar Bowl!!! WPS.

Fred4Pres said...

Badgers can be quite nasty when cornered. And they smell bad too.

Fat ground weasels.

Comrade X said...

Stop it. You're going to have JJ Watt sobbing again.

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