January 28, 2011

Don't you need some stuff?

If you're buying something anyway, please enter Amazon through this search box:

You'll be channeling a chunk of the purchase price to me, showing some appreciation for the writing I do here, which would warm my heart on this gray January afternoon in Wisconsin. You won't pay any more for the item you purchase.

Maybe you'd like a Curious George hat? Or a polar bear hat? We like these hats that transform you head into an animal head. I've seen some adorable 20-somethings wearing things like this around town. And we just bought 5 of the Bucky Badger heads, which you have to buy from the UW Book Store (which doesn't give me a cut of the price, unfortunately).


Jana said...

Oh, damn. I needed the reminder yesterday, when I had to buy 2 doorstopper-sized tech manuals for my husband.

Triangle Man said...

How about hawking Packers and Stihlers gear?

DaveW said...

I need a new straw hat for gardening this year. I got out in the yard this week cleaning up because we have some sun and I got sun burned. In January!

I also still need to get some decent oven mitts, but I still haven't decided on what to buy.

The Drill SGT said...

got a pizza stone and the big paddle form a couple of days ago?

That's me :)

john said...

I'm not buying nothing until I see Amazon selling one of these hats.

Or, unless I need a tooth pulled.

woof said...

Amazon sells a wide variety of bear hats. Just search on "bear hat".

john said...

Well, it's gotta have the rest of the bear. Otherwise it's just a hat.

woof said...

Search on "bear costume". They have a wide variety of bear costumes.

DaveW said...

OK, I got These oven mitts. I know, they're ugly. But from what I can tell you can either have style or function, pick one. Since functionality comes first these won.

And this straw hat for gardening this year, to protect mu pointy head from the sun.

paul a'barge said...

About that search box ... it's not there.

Firefox 3.6.8, Windows XP Pro SP 3.

Someone's HTML sux.

mesquito said...

I'm sure I bought my kindle through an Althouse search. All I ask is for approval and recognition.

Julius said...

Might I suggest the Virgin Tight Mee-So Horny Realistic Flesh Vibrating Vagina Male Masturbator Sex Toy??

Only $65!

And it comes with an original Chinese love spell card that you can carry around in your wallet.

Although if you are carrying such a love card, you are probably in the mood for real in-the-flesh loving, not the in-the-plastic variety.

Such contradictions are likely lost on the Mee-So-Horny crowd, tho'...

Big Mike said...

... which you have to buy from the UW Book Store (which doesn't give me a cut of the price, unfortunately).

Have you tried to negotiate something with them or with Bucky's Locker Room? It's not as though you never mention Badger sports.

Martin L. Shoemaker said...

You were too late for me. I didn't think of it today when I ordered this incredibly awesome looking Tamil science fiction film, Endhiran (with English subtitles). It stars Tamil superstar Rajinikanth and Bollywood megastar Aishwarya Rai.

When I saw this Youtube excerpt, I said, "That looks kinda cool." Then I saw this Youtube excerpt, and I kept muttering to myself: "He talks... to mosquitos..." The high tech killer robot has a built in MOSQUITO MODE that lets him talk to mosquitos.

Right then and there, I had to have this film. Sorry I couldn't wait for this post.

Bonus awesomeness: the Youtube excerpts are in Tamil (no English subtitles), overdubbed in Russian. It's like dropping into a strange city where I speak none of the languages, and then these amazing events unfold before my eyes. I don't understand any of it, but I loved every minute of it.

1jpb said...

What, this post doesn't have a link to the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commision report, which is available from Amazon?

I'm sure all of Althouse's well informed readers will want to pick up their own copy of the print version.

I bought mine yesterday w/ Althouse's Amazon search box. But, others may need a clickable direct link from this post.

P.S. It includes the dissents. So, you cons will have it fair and balanced. Although, to live up to the Fox standard you'll need to skip past the majority report, and then only read the dissents. That's Fair and Balanced.

jimspice said...

From the Amazon Associates Program Operating Agreement:

"10. Identifying Yourself as an Associate

You will not ... make any other public communication with respect to ... your participation in the Program."

John Lynch said...

Glenn Reynolds links to things I might like to buy (and in fact I have bought many things, from the netbook I'm typing on to books to clothes). He seems to have a pretty good idea of what his readers would be interested in, and he has so many links that the odd advertising plug doesn't matter much.

Althouse links to a portal for buying things I would buy anyway. I just go to Amazon if I want something. I'm not pointed there by this blog, and this blog is far from my mind when I'm shopping (it doesn't help that I use 3 different computers). Also, there are so many fewer posts here that an ad really stands out. It's got much more of a PBS/NPR fund-raising vibe to it.

Another blogger I read published a book, which I happily bought. There's a difference between directly advertising merchandise (which I honestly don't mind at all) and asking us readers to use a widget. Neither is bad, but the Reynolds plugs work better.

R.L. Hunter said...

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