December 21, 2010

"U.S. population grew 9.7% in the past decade to 308,745,538, the slowest rate since the Great Depression."

CNN emails "breaking news."

ADDED: So who gains and who loses congressional seats?
By that new count, Texas will gain four seats, Florida will gain two, while New York and Ohio each lose two. Fourteen other states gained or lost one seat. The gainers included Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, South Carolina and Utah, and the losers included Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts and New Jersey....

Mr. Obama won eight of the nine states that are expected to lose seats, including Illinois, New York and Ohio. And of the eight states that were expected to gain one seat or more, five were carried by the Republican nominee, Senator John McCain of Arizona.

While Republicans will see their biggest and most lasting political gains in the House of Representatives, the landscape for the next presidential race will add another layer of complication to Mr. Obama’s re-election campaign. The battleground state of Florida, which he carried in 2008, will become even more critical to his efforts to win a second term and to Republican attempts to defeat him.


ricpic said...

Where's the illegal count, Census?

AJ Lynch said...

Shouldn't it be 0.97% or less than 1%?

AJ Lynch said...

Scratch that - I am wrong again- don't know what I was thinking.

Because I Said So said...

"...grew 9.7% in the past decade...". Hmm, an event 10 years in the making. Compared to glacial movements, this IS breaking news.

edutcher said...

Those Democrats and their 1 or 2 designer babies.

You don't see Conservatives settling for less than 4 or 5.

Cedarford said...

Toss out the illegals and 2nd gen spawn of past amnestied or anchor baby progeny and you have less Americans born than even in the Depression.

A sign of the future: The educational survey that said we rank 28th in the world in educational attainment. But if we sort Americans racially:

Asian Americans would be 2nd in the world in net educational attainment.
White Americans would rank 7th.
Hispanic Americans would be 41st, or 52nd if corrected for high dropout rates of the dumbest and least motivated (and part of the Hispanic numbers reflect high white attainment by white Cubans and white immigrants south of the Border because "Hispanic" is an artificial race created by two US lawyers in the EEO in the 60s).

Blacks in America rank 48th globally in education attainment, corrected to 61st for HS students tested when corrected for dropouts.

The global study also showed little linkage between spending and educational attainment.

If we want to be a competitive, highly educated nation with a high standard of living, we should not only put up a Southern border fence, we should mine it, turn most the Somalis and Haitian refugees back....and take in talented Indians and Asians and Europeans lined up still to get into America.

Or get ready to rethink being a democracy if voting is between a shrinking block of producers and a growing block of parasites and their lawyers.

former law student said...

California adds 4,000,000 but gets no more Congressmen.

DADvocate said...

It's always "breaking news" on CNN. Watch, they'll have news 8 hours old labeled as "breaking" on CNN TV.

Paul Brinkley said...

Reminds me of the original tagline to The Daily Show: "When news breaks, we fix it."

Penny said...

That CNN clip was a bust. According to them, the census is most important because of politics...oh, and jobs.

Not one word about immigration policy.

Bob said...

FLS, what part of reapportionment do you not get? If you will, California's population growth was merely average.

MadisonMan said...

Reapportionment should be done so that the sum of the boundary lengths of all Districts in a state is minimized.

Math to the rescue!

I'm a particular fan of Iowa's neatly drawn congressional districts.

Alex said...

Isn't it a good thing that the population grew so little? With the strain on water resources and the environment we need de-population!

Alex said...

Those Democrats and their 1 or 2 designer babies.

You don't see Conservatives settling for less than 4 or 5.

You pulled that one out of your ass.

Belkys said...

Since most states gaining seates have hispanic majorities its means:Chris Christie And Marco Rubio . 2012

former law student said...

California's population growth was merely average.

California's population growth was above average, and by strict proportion should have another 2/3 of a Congressman.

that-xmas said...

I don't get why the number of representatives is locked in at 435. It may be time to take another look at that hard limit. Really, 1 rep per 700,000+ people is getting close to going against the intent of the Constitution.

Sure...maybe they need a bigger building to hold all of those reps. But if the Vikings can ask for a new playing field, I'm sure Congress could do the same.

DADvocate said...

Isn't it a good thing that the population grew so little? With the strain on water resources and the environment we need de-population!

Absolutely. Another good reason to control immigration. We can't help others if we're in distress ourselves. Sinking ships rescue no one.

Penny said...

"We can't help others if we're in distress ourselves."

Of course we can. It happens daily.

What we can't do without, is a government without leadership.

The census is a key data point to determine policy and direction of our country moving forward.

Instead, it will become a battering ram of left and right "politics as usual".

CNN is merely one the marching bands that will lead us into battle.

This should leave us ALL, greatly depressed.

somefeller said...

edutcher says: Those Democrats and their 1 or 2 designer babies. You don't see Conservatives settling for less than 4 or 5.

Got a cite to prove that contention, chief? I suspect not. And how many kids do you have?

somefeller said...

And Texas picks up four seats, which is nice. Redistricting should be interesting this next term.

Chase said...

Here's the good news:

The Census came in at $2 Billion UNDER budget

Put Commerce Secretary Gary Lock in charge of the federal Budget, stat!

madAsHell said...

Wow! The official unemployment rate is 9.8%.

So, everyone that became a citizen in the last 10 years is unemployed??

Yeah, yeah...I know! The real unemployment rate is much higher.

Clyde said...

@ that-xmas

If we added more members to the House of Representative, we'd also need to put up more lamp-posts in DC. Just to keep them in line.

Issob Morocco said...

Word on the Beaubien Street in Detroit is Mayor Dave Bing is going to have himself a good old fashioned Land Rush for the unassigned vacant property that once was the City of Detroit. No word if the Volt will be the vehicle of choice to grab this re-country-fied praire land.