December 31, 2010

"Retire early, unless some interesting project is underway on the computer. Rise at 3am."

It's the New Year's Eve plan of one of our very favorite commenters, rhhardin. He continues:
Chinese folk song I just put up; having recorded it in 1998 off Radio Taiwan.

Maybe somebody knows the recording, I was thinking. YouTube goes everywhere, unless they've banned it.

It's been through four transcodings, as well as being off shortwave in the first place; but the original has a nice bass line. Video is of transcoding 3 from real audio to mp3. Transcoding from mp3 to wmv was still to come.

Beats Rufus Wainwright.
I featured Rufus in the post where rh comments. He continues:
I may set the backyard bird microphone to record the midnight gunshots before bed, though, if the wind is quiet and the grain elevators shut down for a while.

The shots last for about a half hour; and some guy always starts five minutes early. The clocks are not good out here.

Dogs respond.

It's the Ohio way.
We look forward to the gunshots recording, to more information about "At the Faraway Place - Love Song of the Plain" by Zai Na Yao Yuan De Di Fang, and to all the other recordings and photographs that rh might bestow upon us in the coming year, capturing the mystic essence of Ohio.


edutcher said...

My God, where does rh live - South Main in Akron? Of course, it's probably quieter in Helmand province.

PS He is right about the dogs, although it would take MacArthur's return to the Philippines (complete with naval battles) to wake the Yorks once they've toddled off to Dreamland.

deborah said...

Mystic essence.

DaveW said...

I'll be down early as usual.

But Aargh! I'm now reminded that this is the fireworks (and the occasional gunshot) celebration of the year. My dogs hate this night and thus so do I. The dogs will be fidgeting, barking and whining for hours, from whenever people start with the fireworks, usually around 9pm, until whenever they stop, usually around 1am.

ricpic said...

Rising at 3 is alright if you can go back to bed at 10...AM.

Freeman Hunt said...

That song was excellent.

deborah said...

What a beautiful song.

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