December 6, 2010

Don't forget!

You can show your love for the Althouse blog by starting your shopping searches here:

You'll pay no more for your purchases, and I'll get a cut of the price, which I will appreciate fondly as encouragement to keep up my daily writing for you, dear readers.


Jay Retread said...

"Hey all of you Althouse Hillbillies! Come over here and pelt a cancer stricken woman with rotten tomatoes and then go buy yourself a toaster on Amazon!"

chickelit said...

Now I want to retract my Amazon perk I gave you on a knife sharpener for putting that Sullivan link up without a warning.

Ann Althouse said...

Oh! I'm so cruel! And yet I think there is love!

Jay Retread said...

Ann, you're a goofball.

edutcher said...

Got the younger of The Blonde's nephews some shooting muffs from here.

I'd have done more, but we're going to have a lean Christmas.

PS Anybody wanna bet Jay Retread would show the same "compassion" for Jackie Gingrich or Jeri Thompson in similar straits?

Chip Ahoy said...

Son of a beehive!

I looked at 10-stage replacement water filters on Amazon and noted the cost increased $10.00 from last year. I looked around on Amazon. Same thing all over.

Then I found them at the same cost as before at Vitacost, and the shipping was reasonable too so I bought one from there.

Now I notice Amazon lowered the price by $15.00 making them the best choice, and even better with free shipping. This inconsistency is causing me distress and grief, and you a percentage.

Tomorrow morning I am taking two people to the Tut exhibition. That will be a total of six people I will have taken there. Too bad tickets cannot be purchased through Amazon because that would be a significant boost.

Pastafarian said...

Hey, I've actually come here just to get stuff on Amazon. That's why I'm here during work hours -- it's stuff for work.

lyssalovelyredhead said...

Got the younger of The Blonde's nephews some shooting muffs from here.

What's a shooting muff? Sounds like something IronRails IronWeights would want to chime in on . . .

- Lyssa

(sorry, that was gross.)