November 3, 2010

Yesterday afternoon, Matt Welch and I tried to talk non-obsoletely about last night's election.

Topics, as framed by Bloggingheads:
Why Ann voted against her old pal Russ Feingold
Just a pendulum swing, or something fundamentally new?
Will the Tea Party take over the GOP, or vice versa?
Matt vs. Ann on Prop 19
Advice for Obama (which he probably won’t take)
The GOP’s possibly futile attempt to stop Sarah Palin
ADDED: Matt Welch is the editor-in-chief of Reason magazine.


t-man said...

Boy, look what can happen to two friends. Matt Welch becomes the voice of Reason, and Ken Layne veers off into Wonkette's sleazeball insanity.

Pogo said...

Minnesota, in contrast, remains tightly bound to its socialist roots.

We now have as Governor a man who in April 2006 was named by Time Magazine as "the worst overall Senator" of the US and A.

Why did we do that?

(1) We previously had a professional wrestler as Governor, who now hosts a paranopid conspiracy TV show.
(2) We currently have a former comedian and high school wrestler as Senator, who rolls his eyes during Senate debates.
(3) Garrison Keillor is considered funny and interesting here.

Please, pray for us.

Sixty Grit said...

The only prayer I have ever had for Minnesotans is that they learn to read a map and move away from that god-forsaken tundra. The second clause of that prayer is that they stay the hell out of North Carolina.

WV: climet - it's not warming up fast enough to thaw the brains of the great white north.

shoutingthomas said...

I am extremely skeptical that anything of any importance happened last night.

I'll believe that Republicans are going to limit spending, cut taxes and reduce the size of government when I see it.

Until then, I'm assuming that passing out the pork is the agenda of both parties.

Fred4Pres said...

Spending cuts have to be across the board. Politically that includes defense. But the real cuts, the ones that may make a difference are social security and medicare. Means testing and high and narrower eligibility requirements are required.

ndspinelli said...

Prop 19 failed because of scare ads by the liquor lobby, and because young people don't vote in midterms. The initiative should have been on a presidential year ballot.

It was very good to see my second home of SD voted down a sales tax increase even when the Republican mayor tried to scare folks w/ layoffs of cops and fire. It's always interesting that whenever there are budget cuts, that's what pols say will be cut...never some lazy bureaucrat sitting in a 5th floor office watching porn on his's always firefighters and cops.

Did anyone see Geraldine Ferraro on Fox? How about cutting down on the martini's Gerry? She looked like the barflys you see in every Wisconsin tavern!

Alex said...

Spending cuts have to be across the board. Politically that includes defense. But the real cuts, the ones that may make a difference are social security and medicare.

Not gonna happen. Would be political suicide for the GOP to do any real cuts. They'll just do something for show and we'll continue on the merry-go-round.

Pastafarian said...

Althouse said: "Matt vs. Ann on Prop 19"

I didn't see much "vs" there.

It looks like you both favor legalization; the only conflict is the fact that you have a little less tolerance for the dishonesty of the medical marijuana tactic.

nspinelli, I saw Ferraro, and she and Palin were great together. I'd say they were adorable, but that doesn't seem appropriate.

And Ferraro was sharp as a tack. Bear in mind that she must be in her seventies at this point. She looked a lot better than any of my relatives would have at that age.

MadisonMan said...

Or as we say in the midwest....three o'clock!


MadisonMan said...

I will dispute that Ron Johnson is normal. Ron Johnson is a big old unknown.

Not insane, nothing to vote against, as you say. But a blank slate.

The race Feingold almost lost,btw, was in '98 -- to Mark Neumann.

Ann Althouse said...

"Mark Neumann..."

Now, that I see the name, I vaguely remember. I really didn't bother with politics until I started blogging. I have an aversion to the stuff. I like writing about it, but I'm not politically active at all. I'd vote. That's about it.

rhhardin said...

My objection to pot regulation isn't that it's inappropriate for a government but that it's stupid and counterproductive.

It drives up the price and makes production for the first time profitable.

Welch is as a result very tedious on the topic.

Even Buckley and Milton Friedman were against it.

rhhardin said...

Belmont Club has the first sensible praise of Palin.