November 23, 2010

A very cold sunset, tonight, near the north shore of Lake Mendota.


A few minutes earlier:



Chip Ahoy said...

Beautiful day today. Walked over to the museum, took a date who would not have otherwise bothered to see the Tutankhamun exhibit. Large crowd there. We were both impressed mightily by the graciousness of the young people, elementary to high school age, how attentive, interested in the exhibit, and how well-mannered they were. Not a single brat among them, and there were hundreds. Then over to Palette's for lunch where we could watch the crowd for the exhibit pass by and the children playing on the art installation which seems made for climbing.

New "Hussein" Ham said...

This photo ... as a 1680x1040 Windows desktop background.

Penny said...

Cold sunset?

Someone's glass is half empty.

Penny said...

Maybe Althouse needs to rethink her composition?

America's Politico said...

Since this is an open thread, I must repeat that Obama polls will be of no relevance. Have you been at the airport when Air Force One lands? Have you been at a campaign rally (2008) with Obama-Biden? And so on.

The GOP has no chance. No chance. Not even a slim chance.

The GOP will have a devastating defeat in 2012 so bad that will destroy the party. Good riddance.

Palin/Huckabee/Romney/Jindal/etc. will be so buried that it will look like an earthquake has hit the GOP.

Let us face it: 2012 is the death year for the GOP. You will lose it all: WH (of course), Senate (you already lost it), and House (the new Speaker is such a cry-baby, wait till the comedians take him on in Jan.)

You are done. You are finished. Save yourself. Support the Administration.

Penny said...

Ham? You are the man when it comes to "composition".

Stop sending us elsewhere, buddy. How would you advise our most gracious hostess?

Penny said...

Curious minds, ALWAYS want to know?

edutcher said...

That second one is very vibrant, Madame - even sultry. Looks more like September than November, but I felt the same chill tonight.

Supposedly, the cold weather hits for real this weekend.

Stay warm.

Lem said...

I missed the number for Bristol.. again.

Sorry.. does anybody know?

Lem said...

Jennifer Gray is playing it safe.

ricpic said...

You can hear the furnace working
You can sense the coldness trying
To invade your little island of warmth.

Now begins the mortal struggle
'Tween the outer and the inner
Not to let up till the crocus peeps forth.

Lem said...

No deductions for the baseball equivalent of a walk to first.


Penny said...

"Now begins the mortal struggle
'Tween the outer and the inner
Not to let up till the crocus peeps forth."

Wow, all I can do is to agree with you here, ricpic. I only hope you know I am trying.


But I have to ask. Why the crocus? Why not the cactus. or the ivy?

And why does that crocus "peep"? It's not a little chick, afterall.

I mean no disrespect by asking. It's just that I admired your poetry for such a long time now that I feel comfortable enough to ask what moved you to "create the lovelies"?

ricpic said...

Penny - The crocus is one of the first flowers to show, in some places before winter is officially over on March 20th or 21st. So that's why I used crocus.

I will admit that peeps is pretty lame. Come to think of it maybe shows forth would have been better. Nah. Shines forth? Awful. Pottery's a bitch.

What can I say, the pressure to "publish" overcame my scruples. ;^(

ricpic said...

Crocus springs forth? Possible.

Penny said...

Understood, ricpic.

And maybe, I even understand more now than I thought I might possibly have understood then.

MamaM said...

In our cold environs, the crocus peeps...hesitant to fully open, a short high note of color (purple, yellow and white) arriving before the greens and other blooms of spring.

To Peep
1. To peek furtively; steal a quick glance.
2. To peer through a small aperture or from behind something.
3. To appear as though emerging from a hiding place.

Clyde said...

"Very cold" is relative, although I have no doubt that whatever you had up there in Wisconsin would have been bone-chilling to me here in Florida. An Alaskan probably would have been out there in short sleeves, though.

MadisonMan said...

in some places before winter is officially over on March 20th or 21st.

Ugh. I hate that 'officially over' thing. It's astronomically over.

(Pet peeving off) :)