November 24, 2010

Matt Bai identifies "the central theme of Mr. Obama’s presidency: America’s faltering confidence in the ability of government to make things work."

He begins with the example of the the new get-naked-or-groped TSA policy and goes on:
From stimulus spending and the health care law to the federal response to oil in the Gulf of Mexico, Mr. Obama has continually stumbled...
I add my longtime blog tag "Obama stumbles" to this post.
... blindly, it seems — into some version of the same debate, which is about whether we can trust federal bureaucracies to expand their reach without harming citizens or industry....
Bai notes that during the Reagan and Clinton years, America turned away from "the era of big government," but then:
[T]he unraveling of the second Bush administration and the 2008 election... persuaded a lot of long-dispirited liberals that their philosophy, and not simply their party, had been restored. 
What a delusion!


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Michael said...

HD House: I will second Chase in complimenting you on your blog. If only your taste in politics were as refined as your taste in music. Happy Thanksgiving.

garage mahal said...

Garage: My hat is off to someone who has a 20 year old BMW.

I have a E34, 535i. Really love this series, with exception this is an autotragic. I used to pick a fair amount of cars up at auctions, fix them up and sell them. The wife has had it with that hobby, as I have, so I'm down to one Mercedes 300E I need to sell before I can buy that M5. No room.

BJM said...


Oooooo...thin skin, eh?

Maybe you aren't ready to run with the big dogs if you can't take a nip.

Chase said...


You sound young. Tomorrow's Thanksgiving. Give it a rest for a day.

I say generalized things about the left and liberals here all the time, especially when I'm frustrated about an issue. But I am old enough to have learned at least this - that most people, of pretty much all political persuasions including most of those I oppose politically, are not evil nor do they honestly wish really bad things to happen to others. It's the heat of the moment that causes us to say sometimes things that we wish we had toned down and said differently. I am thankful that this blog allows me an unfettered opportunity to express myself anytime. I learn a little bit from others here, even those on the other side.

At the end of the day, we're all (at least most here) fellow Americans and should lay down the differences long enough to wish each other good will, and family blessings. May God Bless You and yours.

M. Simon said...

What a delusion!

How did you think they were going to take it?

The left is only slightly more delusional than the right.

Enemies Of The State

M. Simon said...

I can't figure out the conservative philosophy. On the one hand, they voice an explicit distrust of the government and authority, yet on the other hand their policy solutions all require an intrusive, big government. It's not a philosophy; it's schizophrenia.

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