November 20, 2010

"How Bad Are Bananas?"

"The Carbon Footprint of Everything."

Oh, the carbon footprint... What a diverse range of possibilities ran through my head when I saw the question "How Bad Are Bananas?" And how dreary the reality: The carbon footprint. Of everything.


traditionalguy said...

Carbon footprints are the Angels Dancing on the Head of a Pin of the Global warming theologians. Bananas are so good that they should be given a pass. My love for bananas causes the only doubt i have that Darwin may be on to something about us being descendants of monkeys.

edutcher said...

Finally, some things the enviro-nuts will want to turn into endangered species.

Trooper York said...
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Trooper York said...

"How Bad are Bananas?"

It's not that bad. It's just another overrated crappy Woody Allen movie.

Titus said...

I am having a banana, strawberry, spirilina and protein powder smoothie right now.

Hugs, and happy Saturday to all.

Titus said...

I went to the new Will Coop in Middleton-I am now a member. Hugs.

Titus said...

UH OH I am crowning.

Those smoothies provide major pinched loaves.

Be Right Back.


Paddy O said...

Bananas are great, if they're in pajamas and coming down the stairs!

But, overall, bananas have been causing problems for over a century.

jk said...

Actually, this book looks like the best thing that could happen for foes of climate change hysteria. When average folks (and dyed-in-the-wool liberals, even) see what they need to do really be true to the concept "green living" I suspect they'll begin to scrutinize its assumptions more rigorously.

c3 said...

Jim Jones was right; mass suicide is the only solution.

Alex said...

Jim Jones was right; mass suicide is the only solution.

Lefties should follow that example.

Michael said...

traditionalguy: Sixteen angels can fit on the head of a pin and no more than 60 bits of fly shit to a pound of pepper. This I have learned from hiring dozens of lawyers and observing them and their noble opposition. 16 and 60 are the two important pieces of information for every client to understand in advance of a transaction.

traditionalguy said...

Michael...You may be right. But I think of a Tim Tebow sized angel that knocks all the others off. Let the big angel eat. Oh, my feet really are part of a body made out of carbon based enzymes and water.

Jason (the commenter) said...

Shouldn't that book ONLY be available in Kindle form?

Irony alert!

Michael said...

Traditionalguy: Now you are on to something!! How large is the carbon footprint of the angels? Splendid.

Also, the fly shit is carbon heavy.

JayC said...

Traditionally, religious people say grace before a meal.

In the Green religion, you luxuriate in guilt before a meal.

Amen. Let's eat.

word verification: phickl: a pickle that can't be trusted.

Cedarford said...

One think all the liberal Greenies avoid at all costs is trying to define the multigenerational carbon imprint of a succession of Saudis, Mexicans, Haitians with a breeding rate of 8 kids per woman.

Better to lecture some single ernest white woman deferring having kids until after 30 that SHE is the evil global warmer that needs to watch how many bananas she eats.

We do have to have some balance in this from not only the Green Hysterics but those "Jesus meant us to fill the Earth, global warming and resource issues are irrelevant because the Lord provides - and each new baby is a gift that causes economic growth and makes all richer as a rising tide lifts all boats."

Sorry, going from 600,000 Saudis to 28 million from 1900 to 2008 demographically is not a good thing.
Mexico going from 13 million to 150 million from 1900-2009 was not accompanied by a rising tide of prosperity - but by joblessness, environmental destruction, and dumping the 40 million (original border-crossers plus their descendents) into the US to keep Mexico's strapped society down to a mere 110 million.

The impact of 40 million people net in the US from Mexican surplus population dumping has CONSIDERABLE more impact on "carbon footprint" than a few thousand liberals with net negative population growth worried about their banana-eating habits.
Illegals and spawn like bananas, too.

Kev said...

(the other kev)

Remember, if you don't cut your banana consumption by at at least ten per cent, they'll blow you up.