November 23, 2010


I'm in the NYT.

Talking about Sarah Palin with Jacob Weisberg.


HDHouse said...

bold confidence?


edutcher said...

I notice the Gray Lady doesn't mention Obamaisms.

Or, in their case, Obamagasms.

shoutingthomas said...

Good for you.

I can't stand to watch the Bloggingheads when they apepar on your site, so you'll have to excuse me for not watching in when it appears on NYT.

But, congratulations on the ego fix anyway.

Fen said...

I found Jacob Weisberg's comments interesting. It "unforgivable" that Obama... er Palin wasn't more honest about her lack of policy experience.

He claims she's arrogant in her ignorance, but he reminds me of those credentialed idiots who tweeted their ignorance of American history.

PZ said...
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PZ said...

To me, "in the NYT" means an article or essay in the print edition. Blogging heads on the NYT website is something else, like "Hey, I'm on!"

Congrats any way you put it.

PatCA said...


I'd like to know what issues specifically Weisberg alleges Palin still is fluffing.

I think they just hate her and are making up rationales for it.

SBVOR said...


It’s okay…
Your credibility cannot be destroyed -- not even via an appearance at the really stinky Old Gray Lady, not even by dignifying an ignorant buffoon such as Jacob Weisberg with your presence.

AJ Lynch said...

When will the NYT run "Is Obama for real" ?

The Crack Emcee said...

Of course you're in there, I told you you had big balls in that one.

I can spot 'em a mile away.

former law student said...

Blogging heads on the NYT website is something else, like "Hey, I'm on!"

Hey, there's a little inked arrow "cursor" right at the end of Bob Herbert's column today. Doesn't mention the participants though; just La Divine Sarah.

DaveW said...

May I offer a criticism?

Too many "um hmms".

You don't need to do that professor. I understand you are trying to prompt the conversation along but it gets to be too much.

Sit back and let your debate opponent hang themselves. I've watched you do it a few times so I know you know how.

Doug Wright said...

So, what are those defined set of criteria necessary to have before a person runs for president? And, how exactly did a community organizer and part-time law lecturer meet those requirements?

Or, does Mr. Weisberg know what he's talking about when he prattles on aimlessly?

Really, this business of Palin not being qualified is the wrong argument, IMHO. The question should be to compare the two major party candidates against each other and if qualification criteria is important to a voter, then that voter has his own task to perform.

In 2008, Obama didn't match up well at all against any other potential candidate for president in either his own Socialist Partei or against the GOP candidate.


AST said...

I've been there too, in letters. But that was back when I still read it.

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