November 30, 2010

Go ahead!


Via Metafilter, where I also found out (via email from Jaltcoh) about this amazing website where you can search for phrases in movie and TV scripts. So, for example, it found "Go ahead! Jump!" — or things quite close to that — in 27 phrases from 25 movies, including "Diva" ("Go ahead, jump."), "Back to the Future Part II" ("Go ahead, kid. Jump."), and "Mean Streets" ("Go ahead. Jump out the fuckin' window.")

Oh, I know what I'm going to search for. That line I've heard is in every movie. "2987 phrases from 2252 movies and series..." LOL. Hundreds of movies have it more than once.


dix said...

And just a small fraction at

Get out of there

Paul Zrimsek said...

Get out of here? Not this time! (516/476) That thing is still out there! (292/252)

ricpic said...

Was any filmmaker shameless enough to recycle "Go ahead, make my day" after Sudden Impact? I doubt it. But knowing filmmakers...

PunditJoe said...

The line I seem to hear in every movie/tv show: "What are you doing here?"

- found in 11467 phrases from 6924 movies and series and that doesn't include variants like "What the heck, hell, #$%@, are you doing here" Heh heh

I can't take credit for noticing this though - my mom pointed it out to me years ago. lol

Thank you Ann for introducing me to I suspect I will be using it a fair bit. :)

Ken Pidcock said...

The subject of way too common lines comes up in one of the Leslie Nielson clips floating around this week.

"Who are you, and how did you get in here?" "I'm a locksmith, and I'm a locksmith."

chuckR said...

If you google 'wingsuit flying' the searchbar autocomplete function returns 'wingsuit flying death' as the third suggestion. Human mortality is 100%; these folks just get there in less time than the rest of us.

chuckR said...

Althouse missed a tag - squirrels. A wingsuit gives the flyer the webbing God granted to flying squirrels.

I watched a number of these previously. The one that takes the cake is a guy jumping into a Norwegian fjord. The top of the cloud cover is a few hundred feet below his jump point. At the end of the vid, there was a short In Memoriam statement - I don't know if it was for that particular jump.

lemondog said...

No body scans or pat-downs?

Government intervention required.

Quick, someone alert Janet N.!

rhhardin said...

The video isn't very interesting to a pilot.

You can do so much more in an airplane, and not waste altitude like that either.

Though, curiously, it takes a lot of flying hours before flying becomes like what you thought it would be at the start; and is never like to a passenger.