November 26, 2010

Black Friday on the Althouse blog.

Let me give you some Althouse-tested gift ideas:

Althouse's favorite movie.

Meade's favorite movie.

The Meadhouse blender.

The Meadhouse way to make coffee.

The camera Althouse carries around all the time.

Althouse's favorite Nikon lens.

The chocolate Althouse eats every day.

A device Althouse uses for drawing with the computer.

The book Althouse most enjoyed reading this year.

Possibly the only movie we bothered to see in the theater this year.

The trekking poles we use all the time.

My small-but-nice hydrating backpack.

My too-much-information scale.

The Meadhouse trail stove.

The soil knife Meade planted over 1,000 bulbs with.

The newest old stuff from Meadhouse's favorite artist.

I love my iPad.

The iPhone I'm getting when my old iPhone dies.

Some memoirs I read and liked: Patti Smith, Keith Richards, Hitch, Bush, Franzen, Orwell ...

And one I will read: Mark Twain.

How we squish and heat our sandwiches.

4 new trucks Meade wants to put on AllenS's wish list.

A game for a young person.

A game I like to play.

The original version of the game they'll make me play, which I'm ordering right now, because the wood pieces will give me $22 worth of pleasure over the plastic pieces in the game we have in the house.

So let's get the vintage version of this game I loved as a kid.

The hiking shoes Althouse likes a lot.

The clogs Althouse keeps by the door to step into and then kick off as soon as she's in the car.

The Meadhouse salad spinner.

Althouse's noise-canceling headphones.

Althouse splurges on lip balm.

My all-time favorite TV-comedy.

The official Meadhouse chips.

The official Althouse crackers.

Where we sit.

The Althouse desk lamp.

Expensive, but this has helped me so much and made daily life so pleasurable.

It works for me: night and day creams.

What I picked out when I went perfume-shopping with Palladian.

What Palladian picked out for me based on my love of smoke-flavored things.

The fragrance I picked out long ago
based initially on the shape of the bottle and which is actually really great if you like roses.

The Meadhouse drinking glasses.

The Althouse sketchbook.

Gift card!

Lotsa gift cards!

The Meadhouse coffee: espresso ground and whole bean.


America's Politico said...

Thanks Prof. Please keep it up.

More things I like to see you:

The computer that Althouse uses the most:

The e-reader that Althouse uses the most:

The thermos (for tea or coffee) that Althouse uses:

The MP3/iPod player that Althouse always carries:


Happy Holidays!

AllenS said...

I'm planning on sending you a Christmas through Paypal gift.

AllenS said...

If anybody is planning on getting AllenS a nice Christmas present, I'd like a new truck.

Saint Croix said...

first link is broken

chickelit said...

I love how the link to "My Dinner with Andre" (blech) doesn't work.

I did add the new Joan Rivers movie to my shopping cart. My wife and daughter enjoy Joan a great deal and I enjoy them enjoying her.

Pastafarian said...

Gift ideas! Outstanding. Keep them coming.

Palladian said...

And may I humbly suggest that a beautiful print or original drawing would also make an excellent gift for the holidays?

AllenS said...

Ah, make that a Christmas present. I'll be unable to send you a whole Christmas through Paypal.

Pastafarian said...

OK, I just got a good chunk of my Christmas shopping done -- I used your search to find this for Mrs. Pastafarian:

Interestingly, after the purchase, Amazon suggested that neat little Aeropress coffee maker -- maybe because it's in your list, and maybe because I've shopped for french presses on Amazon; or maybe both.

k*thy said...

I handed off my list (as required), yesterday, at a family gathering...with that coffee maker you listed...with your link, I might add.
The Bryson book, I had planned on giving to my husband, so thanks for the link.

The camera, I really, really want, but it'll have to wait :(
And, the other categories I'm good on. Thanks.

chickelit said...

Palladian does do good work.

Althouse forgot about Dylan's Christmas In The Thorax".

MadisonMan said...

I was going to go shopping today, but my wife bought the one item for herself this morning that I was going to buy for her today!

As for the online shopping, wouldn't it be easier just to put money in your mailbox? Or would wine be better?

Meade said...

MadMan: Just put a box of wine in her mailbox.

john said...

Back when I did a lot more desert hiking, I always had a hydrating backpack: as I became dehydrated, the backpack would become soaked.

And what was Mark Twain's middle name, anyway?

reader_iam said...

MadisonMan: I'm not much into controlling in terms of my husband, but one of the very few rules I did set down early in our relationship was that he not buy anything for himself during the two weeks preceding his birthday and the four weeks preceding Christmas. (However unreasonable and childish it may be, and I DO acknowledge that it is, I get inordinately cranky when my gift purchases/planned gift purchases are co-opted!) For us, this has worked very well. I don't get cranky, and he can spend his disposable dollars on something else. Win-win reigns! ; )

reader_iam said...

When something gets checked off my "to get/to do list" with regard to the holiday season it damn well better stay off AND not create another to get/to do list--such as return and find replacement! LOL (at myself).

edutcher said...

I wish you'd done this a few days ago. I bought the drawing book you recommended and another one on Amazon.

That, a couple of Coast Guard patches for one of the Blonde's nephews, and one or two gift cards is it for me this year. Since we're both at liberty, the Indian is riding the buffalo.

john said...

Back when I did a lot more desert hiking, I always had a hydrating backpack: as I became dehydrated, the backpack would become soaked.

And what was Mark Twain's middle name, anyway?


PS Waiting for Jeremy, Alpha, etc., to show up and whine about how Althouse isn't rich enough, now she has to shill for the Corporate Monolith.

The Crack Emcee said...

If you're feeling charitable, want to "help the blacks" - however you want to phrase it - go here and do your worst.

Robert Cook said...

I don't know if it was his favorite movie--GUNGA DIN or THE QUIET MAN may have topped it--but HOW THE WEST WAS WON was certainly among my father's favorites. When it first played in theaters--at reservation-only Cinerama theaters, if I'm not mistaken--my dad took us from our hometown (Evansville, IN) to see it in the closest town it was playing, St. Louis, MO.

I was a young kid but I have fond memories of the trip and of seeing the movie in Cinerama. (The next and last Cinerama movie he took us to see was 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY in its first release.)

Meade said...

Hey, Robert Cook, for an evil unreformed Republican, your dad sounds like a pretty cool guy.

America's Politico said...

I meant to say that the Dinner with Andre is an excellent movie. The part 9 (see reminds me what happens with voters. They are bored. They need to act. The GOP wants them to act (against the duly elected best POTUS we have ever had).

Robert Cook said...

Thanks, Meade, he was, indeed.

I just remembered one other Cinerama movie he took us to see: John Wayne's THE ALAMO.

Deb said...

Thanks for the link to the garden knife.

Trooper York said...

Well we are having a Thanksgiving weekend sale at Lee Lee's Valise.

Enter the coupon code word TURKEY and get ten percent off.

We are also doing something for Cyber-Monday so stay tuned.

Trooper York said...

Oh and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I was busy cooking yesterday.

It takes a long time to make one hundred Trooper York Meatballs.

chuck b. said...

You have great taste, of course, but I don't need to get any of those things. Instead, I clicked one of your links to navigate my way to a couple Amazon gift cards. I hope that helps.

(If it doesn't help, I could stand to buy a couple more if you put up a direct link.)

Pastafarian said...

Stratego! I loved that as a child too. Then I learned chess, and Stratego was just never the same afterward.

You know, maybe if it had wood pieces, I would have continued to play Stratego.

I think I'll get it for my daughters.

If you keep going, once you have a really big list with 4 or 5 things, I'll come back to this post and get them all at once, to save on shipping. (Or does it not work that way with Amazon?)

chickelit said...


Groovy avatar!

I still have the t-shirt version.

David S. Lott said...

I bought the book. Happy Thanksgiving.

Meade said...

Of course, I have you to thank for it, chickenlittle!

ricpic said...

Things I once had that were cool and now are gone and not particularly missed:

A hand carved and painted flat bottomed decoy-like loon that sat on my fireplace mantle-piece.

On the same mantle-piece a large raku bowl, impossible to describe but with tremendous gravitas.

A Lionel model train locomotive and coal car on model tracks that sat on a shelf in the kitchen.

The horned skull of a prong horn antelope, with a painted lizard between the eye sockets of the skull, which I had picked up pretty cheap in Arizona, that hung on my bedroom wall.

All gave me great pleasure and are now gone with no sense of loss. I must be missing the possessive gene, not the acquisitive gene, but once you've had it you've had it and goodbye.

MnMark said...

Sorry, but my god are you ever a stereotype of a yuppie consumer.

I think it's a little funny that you're not even embarrassed to post such a list of excessive nonsense.

Something to squish and heat your sandwiches! Cripes....

Clearly there's no hard times at the Althouse household.

bagoh20 said...

The mention of "My Dinner with Andre" reminds me: Has anyone ever heard what happened to Bissage? It's been nearly a year.

chickelit said...

Has anyone ever heard what happened to Bissage?

Trooper York had some British PI working the case but there hasn't been an update in quite a while.

bagoh20 said...

The treking poles weigh over 12 lbs. That's a lot of beef jerky or liquor weight to sacrifice. A heavy bamboo pole at a couple pounds works for me. It's about 5 bucks, you don't rally care if you lose it, and it's a biodegradable non-lightning rod. But, as a gift it will not be received well by even the poorest of recipients worldwide.

DaveW said...

I've been wanting one of those panini presses for a long time. Maybe I need to get that for Christmas this year to, uh, "squish and heat" my sandwiches. :-)

chickelit said...

Looking for set of champagne glasses having a slight outward flare at the lip.

Thanks in advance.

lyssalovelyredhead said...

OT: Breaking news- President Obama elbowed in basketball game and needed 12 stitches in his lip!

Oh no! Wouldn't you hate to be the clod who caused that to happen to the President of the United States!


(I'm hoping to do some major Amazon shopping early next week- I'll try to put it all through your site, Professor.)

ndspinelli said...

My Dinner w/ Andre???

Wallace Shawn was much better in Las Vegas Vacation w/ Chevy Chase and Randy Quaid. He was even better in Clueless.

My Dinner w/ Andre...I guess that explains a lot.

Now..Scrabble is a good game, and I bet you don't lose very often.

reader_iam said...

I think Meade has a soft spot for Hoosier references.

wv: cupsilev

This wv has no relation to my comment, much less this thread, and no hidden meaning, but I just like it for some reason. A lot. Think I'll pour another eggnog and try to come up with a way to drop it in casual conversation.

reader_iam said...

Happy Belated Thanksgiving, Trooper.

Ann Althouse said...

bagoh20 said..."The treking poles weigh over 12 lbs."

No, they don't! Where did you get that number? It says Weight 19.4oz at the link. They're pretty light. They help stabilize you when you're walking, but you do have to hold them in your hands, so I don't know how that would affect a hiker trying to minimize weight. I've never hiked with camping supplies.

ndspinelli said...

Oh My God..The Comeback! You redeemed yourself w/ that inspired choice. I'll buy that one.

Lisa Kudrow was outstanding and her hairdresser, Mickey, is one of the best supporting characters ever in a comedy.

bagoh20 said...

"? It says Weight 19.4oz at the link"

Opps. I read it as 194 oz. I thought that seemed really heavy. 19.4 oz is really light, but I need one hand free to hold a burrito when I hike anyway. I could buy a pair as a gift and just keep one.

reader_iam said...

Chickelit! I thought you were on the roof making like Clark Griswold! Did you decide to stay downstairs and have another Amaretto eggnog? Or are you stringing lights *while* commenting via phone? Impressive.

wv: insinged

bagoh20 said...

"OT: Breaking news- President Obama elbowed in basketball game and needed 12 stitches in his lip!",

G.W. Bush just won't quit his assault on this country.

Marylou said...

Thank you for your wonderful blog and for sharing your lives with us. I will buy something on Amazon. What kind of coffee is best for the Aeropress?


rastajenk said...

Who in the world buys chips and crackers online?

chickelit said...


I am multitasking. Still unpacking things and drinking amaretto eggnog.

chickelit said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
chickelit said...

@reader_iam: Not wanting to miss the indoor routine. My wife's whole family is here. Each little ornament (some having histories going back decades) are being pulled out and admired. Not wanting to miss that.

The Griswold routine is a very male thing and I'm not quite tanked enough yet. :)

Ann Althouse said...

"What kind of coffee is best for the Aeropress?"

Link added to the end of the list for our coffee.

Art Hackett said...

Althouse: It's not just a blog. It's a way of life.

Chip Ahoy said...

The Lefty loosey/Righty tighty wingnut t sirt.

Sarah Palin coffee mug
with a
flattened moose coaster

Meadhouse hiking yard flamingos with cameras.

Althouse Pretend University of Wisconsin pop-up book

Chip Ahoy sweet potato side dish (free holiday download recipe with pictures, unavailable for sale)

Chip Ahoy said...

I can't believe that ↑ wasn't marked for spam.

Christy said...

@ Robert Cook, reservation-only Cinerama theaters explains a lot. I remember that seeing "How the West Was Won" while visiting relatives in Memphis was a really big deal, but never understood why. A 48 year mystery solved!

AllenS said...

Ok, I've decided to buy the 4 trucks that Meade has suggested. I'm going to give them to the Marine Toys for Tots program. What I need now from the Meadehouse is a suggestion for a gift for young girls. About the same price range.

DaveW said...

I think I'll get some of that espresso too. That's not a bad price for high end coffee. My only concern is the grind. We like an ultra-fine grind, it's almost like talc. That makes a big difference in espresso, I think it's the most important factor.

I bought the wife a Butterboat last year on the recommendation of someone else. We haven't been very impressed. It let's the butter get a bit too soft. But we live in southeast Texas and it might work better in northern climes. I do trust the person that recommended it quite a bit.

Kathy said...

I'd like to get some Guatemalan or other similar coffee, just regular ground coffee, for my father-in-law. Any recommendations? He really likes some coffee we received from friends who live in Guatemala, but I can't get more from them.

Chip Ahoy said...

Guatemala coffee

Sweet Maria's

Liquid Planet on Amazon

Liquid Planet's site

The scientific nerd types who applied their coffee fu to the perfect cup of espresso and came up with the Aeropress recommended Liquid Planet for beans. But I find them overly expensive especially considering one uses more coffee for the device, as contrasted with drip or with percolation. They asserted that grind is not primary importance. Temperature and the amount of time that water meets coffee is more important than grind. I find the Aeropress improves everything, and I am quite happy with Maxwell House.

DaveW said...

Professor, I was thinking about buying that coffee in the whole bean version. But after going there from your coffee link I lost the "tag=althouse" in the Amazon URL.

So I came back over here and tried to go directly from your Amazon search box and it took me to a page that had both whole bean and ground. When I clicked on the whole bean link again I lost "tag=althouse" from the URL.

So it appears no matter how I try to ensure you get credit for the product recommendation I am thwarted. Just so you know.

john said...

Edutcher -

Sorry for the late response, but Langhorne was Samuel Clemens middle name.

Ann, I got some great gift ideas today. This process usually takes weeks, and often ends up less than satisfactory. I think it will be a good shopping season.

john said...

AllenS -

Like this?

Ignorance is Bliss said...

The original version of the game they'll make me play, which I'm ordering right now, because the wood pieces will give me $22 worth of pleasure over the plastic pieces in the game we have in the house.

As soon as I read that, I knew which game you were talking about. I got my wooden pieces by buying an old set at a yard sale, after I already owned a new set with the plastic pieces.

WV - paidayin - What Althouse is trying to do in this post.

k*thy said...

Those Keen boots are the bomb! I've got those same one's - never a hot spot or blister. I've taken to recommending them to nieces, sisters and girl-friends (all previous non-hikers) and they all love them.

Marylou said...

Thank you for the coffee recommendations. I too am having a problem with the whole bean link. When I click on it, it takes me to an AmazonAssociates log in page. Unless I am just confused, which happens regularly.

peter hoh said...

I take it you missed the whole scene at the Madison Toys R Us.

reader_iam said...

Peter: Note that she implicitly admitted cutting. But it was just because she only wanted to get the toy her kid desired for Christmas--and [anyway] everybody else was cutting. Gah.

reader_iam said...

FWIW, I think the ritual and mythology of Black Friday has now outlived and, God knows, out-scaled its actual claims for the Best! Deals! Of! The! Season! by quite some time and by quite a long shot. But what's there to say or do about that? People are people, and lots of people really do value hazing experiences in and of themselves.

Ann Althouse said...

"Professor, I was thinking about buying that coffee in the whole bean version. But after going there from your coffee link I lost the "tag=althouse" in the Amazon URL."

Thanks for pointing that out. Try it now. I fixed it.

dick said...

Problem link. When I went to click on the whole coffee bean choice it sent me to the Amazon Associates website for some reason. All I wanted to find out was what your choice in coffee beans was since I am a real coffee fanatic. Never did find out.

Ann Althouse said...

@dick Try it now.

Ann Althouse said...

@AllenS I don't have any special little girl ideas. I haven't bought a present for a female child in decades!

MamaM said...

Does the Meadhouse have a window bird feeder? We received this version for Christmas last year and have since added a 2nd station to accommodate the action.

The constant bird traffic, while I sit at the table working at the computer, reminds me of the Althouse blog experience.

Seeds, a window, and the coming and going of hundreds of visitors.

former law student said...

I never really considered Livin' La Vida Meadhouse before.

There were several AeroPresses at Surly Table today when we braved the crowds. No filters though. And they were a buck something more than through Amazon.

AllenS said...

I'll stop at a local place before I drop of the truck sets (I bought 2) and pick up something (2) for girls. Just thought it was a way for you to get some of the action.

DaveW said...

Thanks for pointing that out. Try it now. I fixed it.

Thanks, works fine now.

FYI if anyone else wonders, after fooling with it a bit last night I figured out that you can add "tag=althouse" to the Amazon URL manually. Just paste it in after the product ID, hit enter, and the page will reload. If you did it right you should see the althouse tag in the URL. The product ID is pretty easy to spot in the URL, it's a line of numbers followed by a few letters.

That's a very easy cost-free way to make a contribution to your favorite blogger.

AllenS said...

Just got an email from Amazon saying my order has been shipped.