October 11, 2010

Tweeting your weight automatically..

... from a WiFi scale — after promising — via stickK — to keep your weight below X pounds.

That's what Ian Ayres did. And you can buy his Right To Gain Weight on eBay.

It's all about incentives... and you've got to have accountability.


ndspinelli said...

I think we need a world where all conform to height/weight guidelines and that we use shame, like this service provides, to accomplish that.

After we've accomplished that very worthy goal, then we should have an edict that all folks be blonde.

edutcher said...

This is what the NHS in Britain wanted the last sixty years. If you didn't weigh what they said you should, everyone has been conditioned to ostracize you as obese. This would be how they could check on everybody.

Mr. Orwell is surely laughing, somewhere, in the Twilight Zone.

Judy said...

I did StickK before - I had an arrangement where my credit card was charged and money sent to the NRA if I didn't meet my goal weight.

The problem is that I cheated like crazy.

That scale would have made a difference for me!

Rick Lee said...

Leo Laporte got one of those scales back around Christmas and went on a very public diet. I haven't looked at his scale tweets in a long time but I just did and I see he's actually above where he started. Oh well. Public humiliation was not enough incentive.

jaed said...

... because if you just squinch your eyes shut and WANT IT ENOUGH, and MAKE A COMMITMENT, and HAVE ACCOUNTABILITY, you will magically become thin! It will happen!

Oprah-think has taken over our thinking about health. (Where the hell is Crack Emcee when he's needed?)