October 10, 2010

A ride in the country...


... come on. It's a perfect afternoon.


Jason (the commenter) said...

What a nice place to dump evidence.

Triangle Man said...

I saw a couple riding on Pheasant Branch trail that I initially thought might be you and Meade, but couldn't tell with the bike helmets and gear.

America's Politico said...

I am enjoying working on Democratic campaigns across our heartland. I am polling and so for. We are on target for 224 in House and 54 in Senate. What a day, everything is on target for 11/2. More days like this then I will retire.

Sixty Grit said...
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Triangle Man said...

You'd think a poor grasp of English would get in the way of polling efforts.

deborah said...

lol Jason. I like the way you think.

edutcher said...

You're absolutely right, Madame. Although that track looks a tad more suited for horseback than bicycles, I'm sure a ride with Meadhouse would be delightful.

PS Lot of posts today. Glad you're feeling so engaged.

WV "undem" What most voters will be on 11/2.

deborah said...

Althouse, if you're of a mind to, would you work up a piece on your experience with beginning biking, how you like it, how you feel while you're biking, etc. Thanks.

Trooper York said...

Hey.....you can pee anywhere you want!


k*thy said...

TN, with the asphalt, that moght even be the Verona leg of the Military Ridge Trail.

edutcher said...

Trooper York said...

Hey.....you can pee anywhere you want!


As long a a cop or park ranger isn't standing behind you.

ricpic said...

let's hear it for long shadows --
when the sun is low
the mystery grows
as through light slash dark we go.

madawaskan said...
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madawaskan said...


MadisonMan said...

It's actually too warm out.

deborah said...

Nice, ricpic. May I have your permission to convert that to 5-7-5
'haiku' form?

America's Politico said...

Sometimes I submit things will I am busy working for my clients (you know, phones, email, etc.). I work 24/7 for my clients - all democratic party office holders. I do not have an GOP client - I turned down several already. I am that good. So, in haste, I mis-type something. Okay? So, sue me. But, the day after 11/2, I will be the one who will be happy (and, yes, gasp, rich).

ricpic said...

Please do, deborah.

traditionalguy said...

Oh what a beautiful day. The youngest granddaughter was baptised, Presbyterian style, this morning. She is perfect in spite of her pre-birth diagnosis of tubular sclerosis. I now never under estimate the power of prayer by believers. She is without any symptoms through age 9 months.

sunsong said...

A beckoning path. Love the colors. Thanks

deborah said...

Long shadows sun low
The mystery grows as through
Light slash dark we go.


deborah said...

Congrats, tradguy, what a special, sweet day.

deborah said...

"Joralemon Street"

We walked in the street on Joralemon Street.
(Geraniums white and geraniums pink
Brightened the flats on Joralemon Street.)
The sun rode the brownstones
A short pace away.
And turned before setting the night on the day
To wave us a shadow that banded the street.
(Geraniums guarded Joralemon Street.)
He slid from the housetops
And hurried away
Leaving night in his place on the husk of the day,
And we walked in the shadows along the dark street
And knew how geraniums smell in the dusk.

-Gwendolyn Brooks

traditionalguy said...

Your new masthead slogan is so true of the Democrat and the Republican method. Shall we trust an Alaskan that has bucked that system head on several times to try something new...a virtuous woman? We might as well. The definition of insanity would be trusting the old Bush/Rove whores and the old Pelosi/Reid whores not to move the football like Lucy again.

Titus said...

Good day doves.

Went to the Baraboo Art Fair.

Baraboo has potential. Kind of Vermontish...but if only.

No people of color, no gays (hello, it was an art fair) and many many rednecks, the bluffs are not the Green Mountains, and in Vermont you swim in the crystal clear streams. Wisconsin River...gross. Also, food bad, no bike paths and walking trails in and out of the city and way way too many domestic cars. Oh and people huge and rather old-average waist size about 50 and average age like 70.

Cute square though. Glad to see small towns like that rebound with a flourishing business community.

Architecture is divine.

How are you? I care, not really.

Titus said...

Oh and another comment, if you don't mind dolls.

Wisconsin loves their political yard signs. You never saw that in Mass. People in Mass were beyond that but in Wisconsin those signs are fucking big.

Also, lots of political signs on business lawns and windows-almost all for republicans. One farm equipment company by Sauk Prairie has this huge sign but how awful Obama was-I say go Wisconsin.

Those farmers do love their farm subsidies though, the big porkers. There is no chance of getting rid of those though, huh? That's what you call a bipartisan cause I guess.

Brats are big too. You can't swing a cat without hitting a brat stand.

I went to an auction in Portage as well today. It was so redneck and I assimilated quite well thank you.

Ann Althouse said...

I detest art fairs. They're awful.