October 6, 2010

"I tuned in to see how bad Spitzer would look, and the dude was great."

"He asked hard, pointed questions to liberals and enjoyed it. The liberal guests seemed to accept being killed by a famous bad boy Democrat that they expected to be one of their own. But Spitzer was harder on the facts than O'Reilly ever pretends to be. His side kick, Parker used a sickening southern lady act to ridicule everything that she could pretend to be shamefully GOP. But Spitzer went after the Dems talking points with direct contradictions like a good cross examiner should. If CNN leaves him on, a star has been born."

Says traditionalguy.

Let's check it out.


sonicfrog said...

Hmmm... My interest is suddenly piqued!

TRO said...

Obviously traditionalguy watched a different version of the show that I saw.

It's doomed to failure, although not neccessarily very quickly. Look how long Not-So-Dirty Sanchez took to implode.

Bender said...

"I tuned in to see how bad Spitzer would look, and the dude was great."


The guy is scum.

So, he is great scum. That still is no reason to watch him (or her).

traditionalguy said...

Hey you Spitzer haters, try praying the Lord's Prayer that only asks for your forgiveness to the extent that you are willing to give it to others. The man had a serious fetish, but he surprisingly also has legal talent. Not that that matters to Trooper.

Big Mike said...

Spitzer is a creep.

Parker is like David Brooks -- a stupid liberal's idea of what a tame conservative ought to be like.

Big Mike said...

Make that Spitzer is a jerk and always has been.

@traditionalguy, I'm an atheist, so I don't have to turn the other cheek or anything foolish like that.

dbp said...

I have to agree, to a limited extent, with traditionalguy. Limited, in that all I saw of the show was a clip from some blog, purporting to show how bad Spitzer is.

What I saw was sharp questioning with a refreshing lack of everybody shouting each other down. The guy is scum but he is good at this.

New "Hussein" Ham said...

I read somewhere that Spitzer analized Ashley Dupree while still wearing his black knee-high nylon socks.


He's the perfect symbol for CNN: A bunch of losers who 'gotta pay for it.

Cedarford said...

Spitzer is ferociously intelligent, and every liberal Democrat alive threw him under the bus over his whoring.
He understands Wall Street, knows where the skeletons are buried in Albany and DC. He knows the NYC moneymen.

If he is honest, he is quite capable of being a formidably good show host.
He is no Dirty Sanchez or partisan talking point moron like Sean Hannity or Keith Olbermann.

Lem said...

Talk radio Mark Simone said he was dreadful.. the first night.

Maybe they got better the second night.

GMay said...

Another heartwarming story in the MSM Rehab Rrogram for Disgraced Democrats. When's Edwards getting a show?

GMay said...

"Hey you Spitzer haters, try praying the Lord's Prayer that only asks for your forgiveness to the extent that you are willing to give it to others."

What if we didn't buy one of those subscriptions to the Lord thingy? Can we still h8 on him?

New "Hussein" Ham said...

"He is no Dirty Sanchez ..."

Wow. What a racist thing to say, Cedarford. You're KKK upbringing really is coming out today.

But I have to admit, you're right. Eliot Spitzer is merely a dirty, corrupt public official who can never, ever be allowed to hold public office again.

It would be trivial to bribe and blackmail such a sick, twisted individual.

He should stay on CNN where his dribblings only stain them and not us.

NotYourTypicalNewYorker said...

In this political climate I want dead and buried dem political has beens to stay dead and buried...deep.

ricpic said...

Spitzer is a bully. So now he makes like a charming bully? Sorry, no sale.

Trooper York said...

Of course he has talent traditionalguy.

He is great at assfucking people.

Sometimes whores. Sometimes clients. Sometimes taxpayers. Sometimes viewers.

The only thing worse than a journalist is a lawyer.

Pogo said...

CNN had a great run, but is hemorrhaging viewers. Spitzer is a Hail Mary pass sent by atheists; it won't stop oblivion.

It's like the last days of vaudeville and burlesque, when radio, film and television shoved them aside.

Goodbye CNN, we hardly knew ye.

Clyde said...

Quoting my comment from the Olbermann thread:

"There was a time in this country when a politician like Spitzer who got caught in a sex/hypocrisy scandal would have the decency to go away and never come back! Sadly, that time has passed. The whole concept of shame has become obsolete (at least among Democrats, anyway)."

Trooper York said...

If they wanted to pair him with someone who could handle him they should have got Erica Boyer.

Cedarford said...

New "Hussein" Ham said...
"He is no Dirty Sanchez ..."

Wow. What a racist thing to say, Cedarford. You're KKK upbringing really is coming out today

*sigh* another fool clueless on the Urban Dictionary.

On Snachez's ethnicity, though...if the cretin's name had been Rick Taylor...and he was just another low-IQ white journalist? No national TV Show.

Ankur said...

As a non-american, it is very interesting to watch the differences between the two major political parties.

1) Republicans stick together for the most part - example, David Vitter, John Ensign

2) Democrats eat their own - example Eliott Spitzer

The question arises: should the moral compass be tuned on a case by case basis, or on a long term basis?

What I mean is - are the republicans right in being loyal to other republicans because they believe in the morality of their worldview - and thus, consider it a means to a just end?

Or are the democrats right in sticking it other democrats because they are were clearly involved in nefarious activities?

Or perhaps its a sliding scale. Perhaps the rules aren't so simple - and the response to corruption depends on how much that corruption affects the electability of the individual politician. Vitter and Ensign don't seem to be damaged goods at least to the local electorate. Spitzer on the other hand, is. And maybe that's the difference.

And sure, there are counter examples to both situations - I haven't run a rigorous statistical analysis of Republican vs Democrat scandals - but a cursory examination does give that impression.

However, I am willing to be proven wrong.

Clyde said...

Ankur, with all due respect, you're just plain wrong. When Republicans get caught in a scandal, they're almost always forced to resign. Mark Foley back in 2006, for example. Vitter is an unusual case.

And the list of Democrats who have stayed in office or were re-elected after scandals is incredibly long: Bill Clinton, Teddy Kennedy, Gerry Studds, Barney Frank, William "Cold Cash" Jefferson, Marion Barry, Charlie Rangel, etc. (Granted that a couple of those were other forms of malfeasance than sex.)

traditionalguy said...

Gmay...LOL. Be my guest and hit all of your enemies, which is also one of my favorite sins. God made us and he has to put up with us...to a point.

traditionalguy said...

Trooper...But what about a retired lawyer? Can he ever be forgiven? What penance would you require from a lawyer, especially one that has died for 9 minutes and come back to laugh at your jokes.

c3 said...

try praying the Lord's Prayer that only asks for your forgiveness to the extent that you are willing to give it to others.

As someone who does pray for forgiveness I find it very strange to place Spitzer and the Lord's prayer in the same sentence.

If we're going to go the Christian route then I'd only ask Mr. Spitzer for a little more humility

He who ignores discipline despises himself, but whoever heeds correction gains understanding.

The fear of the LORD teaches a man wisdom,and humility comes before honor.

Proverbs 15:32-33

traditionalguy said...

C3...It's not to help Spitzer, it is enlightened self interest done to get all of our own sins forgiven. It is not my idea.

BJM said...

The cutesy byplay between Spitzer and Parker is just plain creepy.

5 Thumbs down.

Methadras said...

Can we put this under the tag of 'The rehabilitation of Client #9'?

Trooper York said...

I feel really bad traditional guy.
I didn't know you had died and come back again.

And I didn't even know Erica Boyer had died. You know she was famous for her anal scenes back in the day. She was a lesbian and really didn't want to have sex with a guy so she only did girl on girl and anal scenes. In almost every classic a970's and 1980's porno. But I just found out she died after getting hit by a car.

Well actually she got rear ended.

Trooper York said...

Now if Spitzer were on with Kay Parker....well shit I would watch that every day and twice on Sundays.

Just sayn'

Bender said...

Now there's a specious argument.

OK, Spitzer is forgiven. Let's forgive him even despite his total lack of public contrition for anything.

He is still foul scum. Being Client Number Nine has nothing to to with it. And watching him for all of two seconds while flipping through the channels tonight still made me throw up in my mouth a little.

Trooper York said...

Now you see that's why they should get Kay Parker. She never threw up in her mouth. Never. Not even a little bit.

c3 said...

This phrase keeps reverberating in my head

ndspinelli said...

Parker is what Althouse wishes she were..."Cat fight!"

David said...

Yeah, if only you could trust anything about him.

He's a super smart guy-in the LSAT-SAT sense. But he's also a manipulative lying fraud. His creepiness goes way beyond hooker sex.

William said...

He has a charmless smile and an overbearing presence. That probably worked wonders for him as a DA, but for a TV host, not so much....It was kind of funny the way they danced around the elephant in the room until such time as the elephant squashed them. In a roundtable discussion, each guest was asked to name his guilty pleasure. Sweet. I was hoping that Spitzer would go for the ratings boost and say "fucking underaged Latin hookers in the ass". Instead, Spitzer said that his guilty pleasure was watching NASCAR on TV. Yeah, right. Watching NASCAR is Spitzer's gulty pleasure, and it don't rain in Indinapolis in the summertime.....He has not yet exceeded the high bar that Rick Sanchez has set for him.

traditionalguy said...

OK, OK. Spitzer is really a versatile and super intelligent jerk that uses his verbal talents for who ever and when ever there is a victory to be won. What a great lawyer. But I agree that his kind will not remain popular in the long run. He will slowly alienate each of the people that he gloriously dances circles around. CNN needs to use him during the political season and then dump him.

Christy said...

I agree with Trad Guy. I must have seen the same clip DBP did because my response was that Spitzer is the smartest interviewer I'd seen in a long time but the posting and comments were all highly negative.

Sure, he may be all kinds of despicable in his private life, but what does that have to do with his ability to ask interesting no-b.s. questions? Perhaps because I did not wallow in his nastiness, I do not see it every time I look at him.

Are we not now suffering from half of America having chosen an appealing church-going family man in 2008 who turned out to be a total incompetent? He still seems decent enough in his personal life, but what does that have to do with anything in public life?

But, hey, I don't have to like a guy to find him worth listening to.

Bender said...

What indication is there that Spitzer is half-way intelligent, much less "super intelligent." If you ask me, the guy have proven himself time and again to be a total ignoramus -- a know-it-all ignoramus to be sure, but an ignoramus all the same. He is intelligent only in the same way that guys like Barack Obama and all the elites in his Administration are intelligent, that is, they are mostly SFB.

The problem is not that he is despicable in his private life, but that he is all kinds of despicable in his public life. I could care less what he does in his private life. In his public life, he was and is a thug, a slimy, creepy thug. Spitzer's problem is not what he did, but who he is.

And his "ability to ask interesting no-b.s. questions" is also irrelevant. Let him ask the most brilliant questions in the history of television. The issue is whether anyone of us have to or should watch him do it, or whether anyone would want anything to do with him (in the case of obviously-doesn't-care-if-she-comes-across-as-a-whore Kathleen Parker).

A person befouls himself by watching or otherwise associating with him.

Titus said...

Spitzer is no David Vitter, who is a true family values man, and will get elected in a landslide, praise the lord.

Love Vitter big time.

Clyde said...

I caught the last few minutes of the show last night, out of morbid curiosity, and watched their round table discussion. I thought that he was sitting way too close to Kathleen, literally almost shoulder-to-shoulder. That would have been in my personal space, whether the other person was male or female.

AllenS said...

Is Spitzer as intelligent as Obama?

The Musket said...

Did Parker use the line "Bless his/her heart" during the show. If she didn't, then she's not really a southern lady with southern charm. You cannot dis anyone in the south without that line.

I don't watch CNN, so I guess I'll never know (shrug).

Salamandyr said...

So other than the prostitute thing, what has this guy done to garner so much disapproval?

Visiting prostitutes doesn't bother me, at most it's a venal sin. Nor does kinky sex. I'd rather it be legal. Kathleen Parker's elitist "I'm conservative as long as I don't have to hang out with those people" bothers me a lot more.

furious_a said...

Kathleen Parker reminds me of Maureen
Dowd before her "sell-by" date.

Spitzer's gravelly voice comes over
well on audio, like Bill Bennet's. As to whether he's a whip-smart lawyer, well, whenever Spitzer actually took some of his Wall Street targets to court, vs. destroying them via the media, he lost.

Too much everyone-talking-at-once, but at least Parker/Spitzer didn't filibuster their guests/panels. I'll give'em another watch. If Al
Sharpton can re-invent himself as a
civil rights activist (I do miss the salad-plate-sized medallions), Elliot Spitzer can re-invent himself as a tv-news-show host. America is full of second-acts.

Clyde said...

Salamandyr, the real problem with Spitzer wasn't the prostitution but the fact that he prosecuted other people for committing the exact same offense. Hypocrisy and holding himself up as a paragon of virtue until his seamy side was exposed: Those were the things that make him so unpalatable to many of us today.