October 8, 2010

"I don't think you like the man."

Something "really bothered" Glenn Loury about "all that adulation," but....


traditionalguy said...

Sounds like Obama has become Rodney Dangerfield here. He can't get no respect from Glenn Loury for using the trick of being the Magic Black Man to command votes...Loury doesn't even give Obama credit for winning. Loury is a hard audience to please with this very interesting Point of View that a man's accomplishments should be race free judgements. No more invites to the White House for Loury.

TMink said...

Mcwhorter starts out about race. For over 9/10ths of America the president's race is a non-issue. Obama's race is the only bright spot for his presidency as far as I am concerned. These race zeitgeist people are tiresome.


ricpic said...

Loury still doesn't get it that for Obama it's ALL ABOUT proving his blackness.

c3 said...

Wow. This was great. I respect these two guys. Loury hit it on the head and McWhorter couldn't hear it. It resonates with this

The good news for President Obama is his popular support among blacks is holding steady at 91%.

The bad news is no other group of potential voters likes him that much.

I can recall so many sociologists and "black spokesmen" stating that white folks have an unconscious racism.

"They just don't see how racist they are

Will black America once and for all recognize
our country has a horrible racist past, but we will have to deal with our own racism. White folks don't own racism

Pastafarian said...

What a great answer from Loury, and what a classic reaction from McWhorter, when he heard such a solid, irrefutable answer to his question. McWhorter didn't know what to do next.

Obama's been a big disappointment to just about everyone, but for any African American who's not a socialist, this must be more than disappointment. Now, Harry Belafonte, he's not disappointed at all. But anyone to the right of Castro has to see this presidency as the worst-case scenario for the first black president.

Imagine that the first black major league baseball player hadn't been hall-of-famer Jackie Robinson, but instead some barely promotable triple-A player prone to errors who hit 0.200 his first year. What would that have done to the notion of racial desegregation in baseball?

Back me up on this, Lem.

New tag: Obama is like Mario Mendoza.

bagoh20 said...

Is there something wrong with not liking a man in power who you see as destructive and dishonest?

I know there are lot on the left who dislike many Republicans. I don't find that wrong of them, if they believe what they do. The problem is what they believe, not that they have the natural reaction from it.

Nobody is as judgmental as those who find judgment itself to be wrong. Even dogs don't like everybody.

rdkraus said...


Comparing Obama to players who hit 200 is really not fair to those players.

Obama basically slipped on the way to his first at bat, fell, broke his ankle, and spent the season on the DL.

Ron said...

We didn't elect Obama to be President of just African Americans. So isn't respectful to say "I don't care about what race you are. No really. I don't"?

or are we saying Ann HAS to support Hillary or Palin or Whitman or Boxer because of gender the same way? No one expects this, which is as it should be.

Hagar said...

Well, Bill Richardson is not "from" New Mexico, and Barack Obama is not "from" Chicago, and as many do not think Obama is sufficiently "Black," there is the same feeling about Richardson, that he is not sufficiently "Hispanic," so they have that in common.

Otherwise, I do not see much similarity. The best comment I have heard about Richardson is from a lady that looked over at him as he entered the room and said, "That man leaves greasy footprints!"

Now, Obama having spent two decades in Chicago politics is not unacquainted with stuff that sticks to his shoes, but with him, I think ideology is the goal and political chicanery just the means.

Titus said...

I would do the one on the left but not on the right.

Thank you and good day.

ndspinelli said...

As long as we're talking politicians/baseball; you have to see the video of Charlie Crist throwing out the first pitch in Tampa yesterday.

Would this poor guy come out of the closet before he beans a fan in the tenth row trying to prove he's just a regular guy! I think he's a decent pol living a lie.

Finally, I coached boy's baseball and girl's softball for decades. This may be the first time Crist has ever thrown a ball. Although, I'm sure he's been hit in the face w/ a few.

Quaestor said...


Please do yourself, in the mafia-idiom if you missed the point.

LarsPorsena said...

"...you have to see the video of Charlie Crist throwing out the first pitch in Tampa yesterday. .."

I think his performance was why somebody had to invent the word 'guffaw'.

He was so pitiful that his performance may garner him some sympathy votes.

Moose said...

As I said on a number of occasions to my wife and just about anybody that would listen, I'd rather have someone I didn't like but who was competent than someone who wanted me to like them and told me everything I wanted to hear.

Obama promised the world to everyone and then barely delivered (outside of Sully) anything to anyone.

Mark said...

"White folks don't own racism..."

Well, you're obviously not part of Holder's Department of Justice.

LarsPorsena said...

""White folks don't own racism..."

Well, you're obviously not part of Holder's Department of Justice."

Mark wins the thread.