October 13, 2010

Fall flowers.



Synova said...


We usually have pretty fall flowers. Have I mentioned the hail we got yet?

AJ Lynch said...

u and palladian should team up. he could market, package and sell your pics and his art.

wv = topbro [bill clinton, the 1st black prez]

traditionalguy said...

I really, really like that fall flowers picture, and I don't know why. You knocked my socks off with that one.

edutcher said...

Viewing a scene like that, one can also say, as with the last post, one is also near God.

PS Where do you live, Synova (generally speaking)? Not crazy about hail this early.

BJM said...


Your photos are giving a serious Autumn jones, we're still stuck on summer.

Synova said...

So... supposedly O'Donnell did exceptionally well in the debate with Coons.

I didn't see it though.

Fred4Pres said...

I like sumac.

It is an interesting spice too.

Fred4Pres said...

Synova. If a Christine falls a Coons in the woods and no one hears it, did it happen?

deborah said...

AJ, I can see Althouse finding a marketer who could sell her photos in yearly Althouse calendars. It could be a niche market that might catch on.

Synova said...

I just watched the whole thing on You Tube instead of sleeping (Bad monkey!).

She didn't do badly.

Something mentioned elsewhere was sure true though... Wow is Coons a conservative on a lot of issues. Several times I half expected her to say "me too" once he finished. Instead she claimed that he was back-tracking on what he's said other times and places. Or she asked him if he was planning to tell Obama that he disagreed with him when Obama came to campaign for him this weekend.

But for a supposedly polished person, he wasn't any better than she was. LOL... I'm listening to the wrap up as I type and Coons just accused her of being Obama.

I don't think an honest person could say that she wasn't informed and articulate on issues and foreign policy. Exceptionally good point about how owing China money leaves us without leverage with them concerning Iran or North Korea.

The only thing that threw her was a question about which recent SCOTUS ruling that she didn't like.

Synova said...

Oh, and Coons seemed all about the "settled" and modern Constitution as it exists today (meaning Roe vs. Wade) and the judge who ruled on DADT, and how he was all about supporting the current version of the Constitution... except for... (drumroll) Citizens United, which he vowed to find a way to do away with.

I doubt he was aware of the inconsistency.

Synova said...

edutcher, I always considered hail a midsummer thing. It was at least a week ago.

The large hail was really localized. Other people got hail, too, this side of the mountains but pretty much only RIGHT ON OUR HOUSE it was quarter-sized or larger and dented up cars and broke out skylights. At least our skylights were just in the garage and not in the house. We can look down on our next door neighbor and her skylight was busted through too.

The deciduous trees and shrubs pretty much are leaf-less sticks. I'm not sure how to estimate how much thinner the pinion and cedar is... but I wouldn't be surprised if it's 50%. Upside, even if we get a lot of snow this winter we probably won't get as many broken limbs.

AJ Lynch said...


She could call it a "Blogendar".

AJ Lynch said...


The only part of the debate I saw was where Coons was asking which Constitution did she support? Today's or the one from 200 years ago? I guess he was pandering to his lib base- who rolls with the "living" constitution BS that libs interpret as they please I suppose.

Clyde said...

In other news, Queen Elizabeth has axed this year's Buckingham Palace Christmas party as a cost-cutting measure to show solidarity with those struggling in tough economic times. No word about whether Eid celebrations will be affected.

lemondog said...

Speaking of 'fall,' re: the post on the 'artistic' stunt building walker, well this guy is HOT and has him beat both artistically and stunt-wise

MadisonMan said...

The only part of the debate I saw was where Coons was asking which Constitution did she support? Today's or the one from 200 years ago?

Well, since she votes, presumably she supports today's.

lemondog said...

re: The Althouse current header, "Every government is a parliament of whores.
The trouble is, in a democracy, the whores are us." — P.J. O'Rourke

Wiki has this on oligarchies:

Main article: Iron law of oligarchy

Robert Michels believed that any political system eventually evolves into an oligarchy. He called this the iron law of oligarchy. According to this school of thought, modern democracies should be considered as oligarchies. In these systems, actual differences between viable political rivals are small, the oligarchic elite impose strict limits on what constitutes an acceptable and respectable political position, and politicians' careers depend heavily on unelected economic and media elites. Thus the popular phrase: there is only one political party, the incumbent party.

former law student said...

This is too pungent not to share:

"You voted for the Rich Whitey"


October 14, 2010

BY DAVE McKINNEY Sun-Times Springfield Bureau Chief

SPRINGFIELD -- The last name of Green Party gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney is misspelled as "Whitey" on electronic-voting machines in nearly two dozen wards -- about half in predominantly African-American areas -- and election officials said Wednesday the problem cannot be corrected by Election Day.

The misspelling turned up on touch-screen machines in 23 wards overall. Whitney's name is spelled correctly on the machines' initial screens showing all of the candidates' names, but it is misspelled on review screens that later show a voter his or her choices, said Jim Allen, spokesman for the Chicago Board of Elections.

ken in sc said...

fred4pres,I know about making sumac lemonade, but how do you use it as a spice.

deborah said...

"She could call it a "Blogendar"."

oh. my. god. And she could have an exceptional commenter quote at the bottom of the bottom page.

Lemondog, that is the stupidest video I have ever seen.

deborah said...

I'm partial to staghorn sumac.

rhhardin said...

Flowers plus dog.

deborah said...

What a sweetie. Do you know the name of the purple flowers?

rhhardin said...

If you mean my pic, the purple ones are New York Aster.

They (and Ironweed) are a day-glow purple that doesn't show up well with cameras; they share fields with goldenrod.

deborah said...

I meant the taller purple ones. I didn't realize there were two types of purple flowers there. The neon shade is arresting. I'll keep my eye out along the roads for those tall ones.

Yumi's Blog said...

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