September 28, 2010

Today's Drudgedy... Drudge comedy.

Eyes... bucks... Not sure what Drudge is driving at here. Some strange coded message to Ohio? And why show the front and not the back of the dollar bill?


Sixty Grit said...
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deborah said...

Hillary's voo-doo gaze has zombified Obama, Biden, and Feingold.

Paul Zrimsek said...

Hillary stares down the Vegas Death Ray and makes it flinch.

Richard Dolan said...

Drudge's visuals aren't as complex as you'd like them to be. No Bletchley code-crackers are required. But partly it's because Drudge has the same interest as you in deconstructing stories and getting at the motives behind the weird, unflattering pix that are often used by reporters/editors/bloggers to make their real point in a way that can't (quite) be quoted.

edutcher said...

Agree with deb and Paul. The Hildabeast looks like some Hindu death goddess. (Enlarge the frame and she might turn out to be Kali)

And just in time for Halloween.

Sofa King said...

"Buck up"
"Buck up"
"Buck down"

Love it!

traditionalguy said...

Drudge is putting up a great visual of "False Faces" as suddenly seen behind the smiling masks usually picked for all of their PR pieces in the MSM.

Bruce Hayden said...

I don't think that the picture of Hillary! is any worse than the picture of Obama that I have seen over the last couple of days with his head back and chin up, appearing to look down on all of us proles.

And, the reason that the bills are face up, I would think, is that that is how they come off the presses, to be cut into single bills.

MamaM said...

On the origin of the name buckeye...I prefer this description:

"I learned to recognize buckeyes and beeches, sugar maples and shagbark hickories, wild cherries, walnuts, and dozens of other trees while tramping through the Ohio woods with my father. To his eyes, their shapes, theirs leaves, their bark, their winter buds were as distinctive as the set of a friend's shoulders. As with friends, he was partial to some, craving their company, so he would go out of his way to visit particular trees, walking in a circle around the splayed roots of a sycamore, laying his hand against the trunk of a white oak, ruffling the feathery green boughs of a cedar.

'Trees breath,' he told me, 'Listen.'

I listened and hear the stir of breath.

He was no botanist; the names and uses he taught me were those he learned from country folks, not from books. Latin never crossed his lips. Only much later would I discover that the tree he called ironwood, its branches like muscular arms, good for axe handles, is know in the books as hophornbeam; what he called tulipwood or canoewood, ideal for log cabins is officially the yellow poplar; what he called hoop ash, good for barrels and fence posts, appears in books as hackberry.

When he introduced me to the buckeye, he broke off a chunk of the gray bark and held it to my nose. I gagged.

'That's why the old times called it stinking buckeye,' he told me. 'They used it for candles and feed troughs and peg legs.'

'Why for peg legs?' I asked.

'Because it's light and hard to split, so it won't shatter when you're clumping around.'

He showed me this tree in late summer, when the fruits had falllen and the ground was littered with prickly brown pods. He picked up one, as fat as a lemon, and peeled away the husk to reveal the shiny seed. He laid it on my palm and closed my fist around it so the seed peeped out from the circle formed by my index finger and thumb. 'You see where it got the name?' he asked.

I saw: what gleamed in my hand was the eye of a deer, bright with life. 'It's beautiful,' I said.

'It's beautiful,' my father agreed, 'but also poisonous. Nobody eats buckeyes, except maybe a fool squirrel.'"

from Writing From the Center, by Scott Russell Sanders.

Lem said...

I like deborah's take.

Bob said...

Biden, in an interview, says that the Democrat base should "buck up" and stop whining. Obama uses similar language. The dollar, on the other hand, has been underperforming against other currencies, thus "buck down."

Lem said...

Obama tells his dems they are "lethargic" and to "buck up".. after all the vacations?

Rush is dead on again.

rhhardin said...

I was reading an allusion to fuck up under the Obama pic; and there it was continued under Biden.

LordSomber said...

The photographer was using a "Hofmann Lens."

XWL said...

President Obama and "2nd in Line" Biden might be saying "Buck up" to America with their lips, but their eyes say, "Fuck off!"

(subtext of most missives from the White House of late, 'America, you ignorant sluts, why don't you love me and my policies the way you're supposed to?)

MPH said...

Something about democrat zombies