September 8, 2010

"A small, sad exit for a product and company that can trace their roots to Thomas Alva Edison's innovations in the 1870s."

"The last major GE factory making ordinary incandescent light bulbs in the United States is closing this month...."

Oh! It is so sad. It is doubly sad. The workers are losing their jobs, and we, who love traditional light bulbs are being deprived of a product we want. And those vile CFL bulbs? They're made in China.

Thanks a lot, Congress.

Now, how many incandescent bulbs do I need to stockpile last until the end of my life? I need to buy them before 2014....


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nobody said...


In sum, you skipped the part where developmentally disabled people like me who have light sensitivities will be forced to do without the sources of light we are compatible with.

Imagine that some bill is passed for some well-meaning purpose, but--oops--there turns out to be a little bit of collateral damage because it happens to ban hearing aid batteries, too.

Also, it's appalling that incandescent light won't even be available for art museums.

blake said...

Perhaps HD would like to share what decisions he wouldn't allow the government to make for all of us.

Anything, HD? Anything at all?

wv: winta

Winta, spring, summah or fall,
All ya gotta do is call...

LilyBart said...

We don't need to stockpile incandesent bulbs. We just need to get a more liberty minded congress.

Voting starts this November.

Erik said...

"Incadescent speakeasy." Hmm, sounds like a good name for a blog. If only I had something interesting to say.

Joe said...

I had the same experience as Rocketeer67; a few years ago I bought some CFLs and not one lasted more than 3 months. One bulb failed outright in weeks. The others got progressively dim with a subtle green cast.

I also found that the claims that a 15 watt CFL is the same as a 60 watt incandescent to be nonsense--every one I've tried is about the same as a 45 watt bulb.

Last summer we stayed at a hotel that used CFLs. They weren't bad, but so dim that I kept thinking I hadn't turned the lights on right. It was quite annoying.

Charles said...

Great article by Ron Rosenbaum from a couple of years ago, he says Congress has banned beauty.

Charles said...

oops, lets try it like this

Lincolntf said...

The same gibbering ninnies who need Mommy Government to tell them what to eat now want Mommy Government to make everyone use magic light bulbs (which suck at the one thing they're supposed to do). So typical.
Squirmy little shits could never be happy with turning their OWN lights off or monitoring their OWN diets, they need everyone to do what they say, no matter how pointless, expensive or dangerous.

No wonder the country hates the Left and all the moderates have fled to the Tea Party.

AllenS said...

Put me down as another who remembers lead type. Also graphite and asbestos was used in the making of slugs and galleys full of type.

Martin L. Shoemaker said...

"In sum, you skipped the part where developmentally disabled people like me who have light sensitivities will be forced to do without the sources of light we are compatible with."

Time to sue Congress under the Americans with Disabilities Act!

Wait a minute... You mean Congress exempts itself from its own laws?


nobody said...

It certainly would be interesting to explore the possibility of a legal challenge based on the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Somebody should do it.

Somebody with less executive dysfunction and more time than I've got.

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