September 19, 2010

New York Magazine rocks snarky headline, poor reading.

Their headline is: "Caroline Giuliani Rocks Smirk, Long Hair While Cleaning Toilets." You're invited to smirk at the notion of hair dipped in latrines and e. coli wicking its way scalpward:
[S]he was "decked out in an orange work vest," the Daily News reports, but she let her long locks flow down over her shoulders in a sort of "devil may care" way, we noticed, while donning a simple gray dress for photo-ops and, once again, showing off that camera-ready smirk of hers. Still got it!
Here's the Daily New story, the source of the photo NY Mag is riffing on. Caption: "Caroline Giuliani (in an older photo)...."

"Once again"... an old photograph looks the same as it used to look.


Kirby Olson said...

She's young, it's part of a rite of passage for every young actress now to be a bad girl for a few years. Some of them will clean themselves up and end up like Meryl Streep, while others take to serial killing. Women are catching up to men in every area.

kentuckyliz said...


HT said...

Stop enabling this.

shoutingthomas said...

Not very interesting.

Wonder what a kid who grows up in the cult of celebrity ought to do?

Wants to be an actress? Eh?

I like Rudi. He really turned New York City around. Couldn't even walk the streets of Manhattan without fear of being mugged before Rudi.

Why should we pay any attention to his daughter?

lyssalovelyredhead said...

I realize that this has nothing really to do with the article, but, my God, do I wish her father were president right now.

From glancing over the old post linked above, about the 2008 primaries, I see that the professor, at least at some point, agreed with me.

Why do we not hear more people lamenting Rudy's 2008 failure (disasterous as it was), I wonder?

- Lyssa

edutcher said...

Things are not looking rosy for the guys who write stuff for rags like this, so they're going to take it out on the people on the other side. Which is why you see an otherwise yawnworthy item like this.

PS Hey, KY Liz. Glad to see ya.

Kirby Olson said...

Why did Giuliani fail so desperately in his bid to be president?

Some say it was his cross-dressing on SNL so that the Bible-belters couldn't get behind him. He was on the wrong side of gay marriage, and on the wrong side of anti-abortion activism, but he had a sharp brain and would have made mincemeat of Obama in the debates.

It's a shame he didn't win the nomination. With him in the White House, American would be great again, and would have made some sense.

With Obama in, nothing makes any sense at all. He's like a teenager with a credit card and no sense of what it's going to cost to pay all his purchases back.

Rudy is balanced, but I don't know why he didn't get out and campaign. Is he lazy or something?

At any rate, everyone has someone in their family who is up to to no good. This kid stealing makeup didn't do anything too disastrous. It's not as if she's a serial killer, or has blown up an ROTC building, or even driving drunk.

She took some makeup. She did her time, and Rudy has to increase her allowance. Problem solved.

Joe said...

Why did Giuliani fail so desperately in his bid to be president?

For the same reasons Castle, Hillary, Bennett and many others have failed; they believed their own hype and convinced themselves that they they didn't have to lower themselves to all that in-the-trenches campaigning.

For large chunks of their respective campaigns, Giuliani and Hillary did nothing but go to expensive dinners and hob nob with those in power. In essence they rode through town on gilded carriages waving at the masses and thinking that was good enough.

(Romney wasn't as bad, but still pretty aloof.)

Another factor for their actual nominations; McCain's and Obama's campaigns took nothing for granted. If dirty tricks were needed, they did them. They said whatever they needed to say to win and the press went along with all of it (until McCain turned on them.) The only way to win against this combination is an honest-to-god grassroots effort, but that takes tons of time and requires national candidates actually greet and talk to real people, which they are loathe to do.

William said...

It's possible her relationship with Rudy got her into Harvard. It's definite that her relationship with him got her on the front page of the papers. Mixed bag being the child of an important man. Doors open magically but sometimes they're trap doors. Well, no matter. Now she's famous in her own right, and will probably land a few parts because of her notoreity. The moral of the story is....something about shoplifting, but I've got to mull it over some more.

Suburbanbanshee said...

Why would long hair keep you from cleaning toilets? Sheesh, women have only had long hair for tens of thousands of years of cleaning (and doing #2, for that matter). Somewhere along the evolutionary line, we did figure out how to keep it out of the messy stuff.