September 5, 2010

"Many commercial sex workers in their 50s admit that they are like stale meat."

"Yet, they don't quit the profession. They see two or three clients a day, compared to eight to ten they were used to in their younger days. Their clients include young boys who are scared of the 'bullying girls' of their age. And this happens across the country."


Anonymous said...

These — and more — were the revelations at the 26th National Conference on Sexology that got off in Chennai on Friday.

Either Indian English isn't quite as artful as I'd wanted to believe, or American English has gotten a lot worse.

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Anonymous said...

When was the term "prostitute" replaced by "sex worker?"

How is this an improvement?

Paul Kirchner said...

I have a relative in her mid-50s who is still in the sex industry. She has maintained her looks very well through diet and yoga, but mainly services men in her age group and older. It amazes me that she's lasted so long but nothing else requires so little work for the money.A few years ago she got a six-week European tour as an escort to an older man.

Anonymous said...

When was the term "prostitute" replaced by "sex worker?"

Perhaps when we realized that some of the world's biggest whores don't deal in sex?

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Lawler Walken said...

"Commercial sex workers" as opposed to non-commercial? Which would be what? A wife? I mean, are there charitable sex workers? Which could also be wives I guess. Or a really nice friend. If you're having sex and it's considered work, there better be some money in it somewhere. Especially it is just two or three times a day. Which for many women would definitely be an improvement over 8 or 10. My goodness. I don't even think I could look at it that many times in a day, much less...well you know.

Unknown said...

Old hookers never die, they just grow stale?

Paul's relative sounds like one of the lucky ones in The Life, but he's right about a woman who takes care of herself looking good into her 50s and the business of taking a compliant, attractive companion on a long trip has a fabled history.

PS Sex worker is just PC gibberish, like Native American for American Indian.

ricpic said...

Union thugs and Socialist thugs are behind the term sex workers. Legalize and unionize prostitutes. Think of all the uncollected union dues. Think of all that income escaping taxation. A shanda.

prairie wind said... the 26th National Conference on Sexology that got off in Chennai..."

Now, that's funny.

Sex workers? Prostitutes? Not funny, except in the movies. BTW, I just learned that a remake of Arthur is underway, with Helen Mirren in Gielgud's role.

Anonymous said...

BTW, I just learned that a remake of Arthur is underway, with Helen Mirren in Gielgud's role.

I'll alert the media.

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Melinda said...

Prostitute or sex worker, what does it matter. Old and wrinkly, they are still making an income and supporting themselves!

Trooper York said...

Who has the Dudley Moore role?

I nominate Lindsey Lohan.

Trooper York said...


Anonymous said...

It isn't just India. I've read a few things in the local suburban New York newspaper about police busts of Asian massage parlors, and quite of few of the ladies are, shall we say, well-seasoned.


Trooper York said...

But at least they are not shaved Peter.

If you like grey hair you are in like Flynn.

jamboree said...

We made this all during our vacation. Basil, fresh tomatoes from garden, parmesan, garlic, olive oil - only on sliced artisan bread - kind of bruschetta crostini. Mmmm. Red wine.

Bender said...

"Commercial sex workers" as opposed to non-commercial? Which would be what?

That would be, among other things, your typical college-age "hook-up." That would be much of the contemporary attitude of whoring yourself by treating sex as entertainment, where the object is to use others as objects for your own base amusement.

traditionalguy said...

The harems of Turkish Sultans were a good example of a government team recruited to keep the Head Ruler happy. The hope was that he would leave the other men's women alone.Since the morality issue can never raise its head in a sexual context anymore, by SCOTUS fiat, then the best careers for our daughter may hope for will be in servicing the Al Gores and Eliot Spitzers from among our secular rulers. To bad about that all you bitter clingers.

Anonymous said...

But at least they are not shaved Peter.

Well we don't know that, do we? Newspaper accounts of the raids tend to omit that particular detail.

Asian women traditionally have been one of the three groups of women to resist the shaving mania. Hippie chicks and lesbians are the other two. Recently, however, I'm seeing more and more hairless Asian women on Voyeurweb and Guess Her Muff, so apparently this tradition is coming to a tragic end.


The Crack Emcee said...

Stale meat?

Wasn't that Portnoy's Complaint?

Or at least the answer to it?

Anonymous said...

Child Prostitution is very pubilc in the holy sites of India. I was offered an 11 year old girl for 10,000 rupies a wide range of 13 to 15 year olds for $10 USA each. I submitted the following letter to the local establishments in Bodhgaya. Their replies?? Ignore the locals while visiting>!!

Please send prayer to Bodhgaya and when traveling be very careful.

For me, I have a daily harassment, hear the rudest comments made about local girls and foreigners alike. An almost daily offer to have an arrangement made for me to have sex with an underage girl. I ask “Have you had sex with the girl?” and they all say “Yes, for 100 to 500 rupee. Shall I arrange for you?” As far as I know child prostitution is illegal in all countries, yet it seems very open in Bodhgaya. This was not in a remote isolated incident in a back area, but rather a repeated situation next to the entrance to the Maha Bodhi Temple itself! Once while circumventing the Temple a young boy going by the name Michael Jackson made the same offer, inside the temple grounds.

supporters September 5, 2010

bagoh20 said...

"When was the term "prostitute" replaced by "sex worker?"

I call them "Honey", "Baby", "Honey-baby" and occasionally "Granny" or Granny-baby.

Revenant said...

"When was the term "prostitute" replaced by "sex worker?"

"Sex worker" is a more inclusive term, since not all sex workers actually engage in intercourse. E.g., the women in peepshows are sometimes call "sex workers" even though the client never touches them.

kentuckyliz said...

Re prostitution/sex work--you gotta have a career opportunity for girls sexually abused by their stepfathers.

Get off me Daddy, yer crushin mah cigarettes.

Eric said...

I call them "Honey", "Baby", "Honey-baby" and occasionally "Granny" or Granny-baby.

Haha. "Granny-baby".