September 21, 2010

"6 ways that artists hack your brain."



HDHouse said...

i'm not sure "hack" is the correct word but perhaps...

As vanilla this concept is, there are some rather unusual brain patterns evoked when one sees something that is (or isn't) confusing...certainly one of the contributors to artificial vision being such a tough nut to crack.

Early mind games

TMink said...

I am with HD, and I am sorry that the article only mentioned visual arts. In my experience, the hacks in visual arts are not as effective as those that are processed audibly.

Music and poetry for me are far better at getting past the rational and down into the affective center of my brain. I have never wept upon viewing a painting, but songs and poetry have caused that. Certainly, strong images have affected me, and I enjoy the visual arts, but they are typically more cerebral than emotional.

Do others here have the same reactions? Do music and poetry cause you more emotional reactions than the visual arts?


edutcher said...

As Johnny Carson used to say, "You buy the premise, you buy the bit". Most people don't analyze every last bit of a painting or sculpture, they just drink it in as a whole experience.

c3 said...

I am with HD


TMink said...


But with.