August 3, 2010

"We were fooling around and found out there was a machine that extruded cornmeal and it almost popped like popcorn."

The inventor the Cheez Doodle, Morrie Yohai, has died. He was 90.
"We were looking for another snack item"... [T]hey decided to chop the cornmeal product into small pieces and coat it with cheese. "We wanted to make it as healthy as possible," he said, "so it was baked, not fried."
The name Doodle occurred to him as they sat round a table sampling various kinds of cheese for snacks.
That last sentence cracks me up. It looks like it's going to explain why the food is a "doodle," but there isn't a clue!

Why would you call a snack food "doodle"?
It's based on "doodie" -- after somebody joked that it tasted like pooh.
Because men like snack food -- the idea was it's for dudes.
It tasted like dog food, someone said "poodle," and it was changed to "doodle."
It's food. You play with the word "food" -- bood... cood... dood! free polls


Hazy Dave said...

It also sort of rhymes with "extrude".

(BTW, you haven't shown us many of your doodles lately. But, apart from in restaurants, I suppose one doesn't do a lot of doodling when class isn't in session.)

Calypso Facto said...

Cheese doodles are healthy? Hallelujah!

MadisonMan said...

How about associations with Yankee Doodle?

edutcher said...

Some of the best styrofoam food ever made.

Sixty Grit said...
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Skyler said...

How about the most obvious that the corn meal extrudes into wavy lines like someone was doodling?

fivewheels said...

It was the first thing that entered his noodle.

MamaM said...

I can't vote any of these choices.

They sound as if someone was sitting at a computer doodling with ideas, but missing the mark.

Similar to sitting at a paper covered restaurant table last week talking Hi/oh, but hitting the mark.

Maybe the act led to the name.

If cheese was encouraged to write or doodle what would be the result?

traditionalguy said...

This is a mystery. A successful snack food that looks like and is named after dogshit. Truth is stranger than fiction.

Triangle Man said...

Why do none of the answer choices include the common use of "doodle", as in aimless drawing?

former law student said...

Ah. Cheez Doodles were a follow on to Old London's zigzaggy Dipsy Doodle corn chip, according to the AP:

Yohai developed the small tubular snack at his Old London Foods factory in the 1950s. The company already was selling Dipsy Doodles rippled corn chips, which were made with a machine that spit them out under pressure through a nozzle shaped like the letter W.

"He applied a similar concept for the Cheez Doodles," adapting the machine to extrude liquefied cornmeal into a "more roundish, pinhole shape," said Robbie Yohai.

I got excited when I saw that "Dudel" was a Yiddish diminutive for "David," but Yohai's parents were from Turkey, thus Sephardic, thus not Yiddish but perhaps Ladino speakers.

tree hugging sister said...

He was a Marine. How neat! Can't believe Skyler didn't say something about that... (I linked to your post, Ann.)

MamaM said...

When I was little, the prim and proper mom of one of my friends would talk about letting her dog out to "do his duty". At least that's what I heard her say, clear as a bell. Since attending to duty was big around my house, it made sense to me that a good dog would responsibly attend to his doggy duty by considering bowel evacuation a top priority.

Only as I write do I realize there is no way she said "duty" unless it was her way of keeping herself clean.

Still, old as he is, when our chocolate lab finishes a dump, he insists on industriously wiping his paws as he walks away, as if he has once again majestically taken care of a most important duty.

lemondog said...

I eat one once. Salt and air.

I haz a doodle.

John Stodder said...

Why do none of the answer choices include the common use of "doodle", as in aimless drawing?

That's the right answer. The snack looks just like that.

HDHouse said...

the perfect food. Supposedly one of the favs of Barefoot Contessa and Jacques Papin.

Skyler said...

MamaM, your first understanding was likely correct. Many people train their dogs to do their "duty." That's what we called it when we were kids. It also makes more sense.

DADvocate said...

They were doodling around when they came up with corn doodles. Simple.

I've never associated doodle with doodie. Something weird must have happened during your potty training days.

Issob Morocco said...

I worked with several execs who were with Borden at the Eastchester Rd plant in the Bronx, when they bought Old London and they would talk of the good old days of making snack foods like the Cheez Doodles. By the 1980's it was a disaster of a facility, and was just closed at the end of last year. Another blue state casualty.

I would hesitate to call Morrie the inventor, more like he found a use for a byproduct of an existing machine that was originally developed for flaking corn for animal feed back in the mid 30's. When moistened, it came out in a ribbon like a corn meal extrusion and the extruded snack food was founded well before Morrie made Cheez Doodles.

Morrie took what existed and turned it into the neon orange delight. So he created the Cheez Doodle but did not invent the base food, the process, or even the baking as it was already in existence for making pasta en masse as well as cereal in such ovens.

Still very cool, but a bit overstated.

HDHouse said...

to play or improvise idly...

the inventors were at play. the doodles look like improvised..well doodles.

what can be clearer? this is the perfect food group afterall.