August 14, 2010

Sky and water.




On the Bad River in Copper Falls State Park.


deborah said...

The middle pic should be titled 'The Althouse Vortex.'

TMink said...

Wow! Just great!

deborah said...

Get out of my head, Althouse!

edutcher said...

The first one looks like a bad moon risin' on the Bad River.

ddh said...

The first photo looks especially abstract.

bagoh20 said...

First one is very cool and unusual. would make a great large format wall hanging in my earth tone home.

ricpic said...

And who shall stop the confluence
And convergence and divergence
And neverending flowing together
And flowing apart of water and sky?

Man! Man shall stop it. Man shall freeze it.
Not because it is not beautiful in its constant flux.
It is heartbreakingly beautiful unbearably beautiful
And must be captured, must be caught.

Away flows the water away flows the sky
Away walks the young girl with the flowing hair,
All are comely and mute and forever flowing
And only Man feels their stab in his heart.

deborah said...

Prof, are you still planning on creating a poll about the progression of 'Ground Zero, Mosque, Muslim-themed gay bar,...'?

My personal favorite was the Muhammed art museum.

traditionalguy said...

Sure are a lot of clouds in northern Wisconsin today. I believe that the Packers are playing the Browns at Lambeau Field tonight. Good idea to enjoy the green forests around Green Bay while it is still warm.

k*thy said...

We did a trip there, oh about12 years ago and, luckily, timed, following storms that flooded the area during what should have been the dry season. The falls was awsome with all that water.

Fred4Pres said...

The first was the best.

sunsong said...

The song of the river ends not at her banks but in the hearts of those who have loved her. -Buffalo Joe

El Pollo Real said...

'Near that place are some islands, on the shores of which are often found Rocks of Copper, and even slabs of the same material'

Thus wrote Father Dablon in 1669. He alluded to the Apostle Islands near Chequamegon Point. He continues as follows:

'Last Spring we bought from the Savages a Slab of pure Copper two feet square, and weighing more than a hundred livres (100 pounds troy weight).'

Lawrence Martin The Physical Geography of Wisconsin (1965) University of Wisconsin Press.