August 29, 2010

"Moto Fever: Dig It."


No, you dig it.


We're rolling out.


Opus One Media said...

Aha! I was right.

KCFleming said...

That's why Althouse fell for the leader of the pack.

etbass said...

When I took the motorcycle safety course prior to my own short biking experience, the instructor was vague about my request for stats on accidents. Later, I learned it was not a question of "whether" it was only a question of "when" you would lay one down.

It happened to me as I turned into a shopping center through a puddle of water. I was going less than 5 mph. That ended my interest in being an Easy Rider.

Joe said...

(The Crypto Jew)
Does anyone grasp the carbon foot-print of motorcycles! It's HUGE! Why didn't they BICYCLE or take AMTRAK?

And a vast majority of bikers are WHITE...RACISTS!

So Meadehouse are hanging out with carbon-spewing racists! It's only to be expected...

I blame Meade.

THIS is the reason people love Obama and his Administration...and why he'll easily be re-elected in 2012. And Michelle in 2016 and 2020. The GOP needs to focus on the 2024 elections, at best.

And the other reason is GLENN BECK AND HIS RALLY on the Sacred and Holy 8/28! Sure Barak Obama gave his acceptance speech that same day two years ago and no one complained, but this is DIFFERENT...

Sofa King said...

I'll be at the MotoGP race later today! With two Americans at the front is the starting grid, it promises to be an exciting race!

traditionalguy said...

Word to the wise...Old geezers with oxygen deprived brains and cataracts are going through the same intersections with you. They often tell the police that you must have been going 110 mph since they never saw you until your bike slammed into the side of their car and sent you airborne to an early death.

Michael Haz said...

The MotoGP in Indy will be a great race. Can't be there, this year, so I'll watch it on the tube.

I've been riding motorcycles for 40+ years now and have not had an accident. If you factor out alcohol use, lack of training, not wearing proper helmets and gear, and speeding, motorcycle mortality/morbidity data is nearly identical to the risks of automobile driving.

Jason (the commenter) said...

Have a safe journey you two!

Joe said...

(The Crypto-Jew)
Motorcycling seems to be one of those things where the "other guy" kills you...

My Life Partner and I are amazed constantly at all the folks riding their motorcycles withut a helmet! What is up with THAT?!

My partner, who has transplant issues,and I call them "Donorcycles." We always want to roll down the windows of our car, a SUV of course, and ask what their blood type is, so we know if they are likely candidates, should we ever need anything.

Son of Brock Landers said...

did you photograph the S&M bears in that very circle?

roesch-voltaire said...

Good for you guys on a roll that way you gather no moss or fuzzy ideas.

vet66 said...

I agree with Haz; There are rules that keep you safe as we have been for the 40 years we have been riding;

1. Don't drive drunk or under the influence;
2. Most accidents involving motorcycles occur with a few miles of where you live;
3. Assume nobody sees you because they are not looking for motorcycles;
4. Do not drive in vehicular blind spots;
5. Flash your high beams when approaching intersections;
6. When approaching interesections stay away from the left hand lane when approaching traffic lights;
7. Wear a helmet, gloves and boots as safety equipment;
8. Inspect tires for cracking and replace as needed;
9. Don't hug the centerline in grade territory as oncoming traffic may drift into your path;
10 Don't speed;
11 Stay behind the pack or in front of it;
12 Stay out of the slow lane when approaching interesections;
13 Be careful when putting your foot down in loose material at a stop;
14 Don't accelerate to hard in turns looking out for liquids or debris that would affect traction.

Note to crypto; you are hereby disqualified from the ranks of motorcycle riders for reasons too numerous to mention.

Joe said...

(The Crypto-Jew)

Note to crypto; you are hereby disqualified from the ranks of motorcycle riders for reasons too numerous to mention.

Dood/doodette the Life Partner's Transplant Dr. would Sh!t if my partner were to ever do more than SIT on a motorcycle.

It's nothing personal about helmetless motorcycle riders, I just mean if they are going to ride on death machines and end up perfect transplant candidates-because they are usually brain dead, but otherwise intact-I feel I might get some benefit from thier foolishness.

And anyway if a bit of ghoulishness might spark some thought in those helmetless noggin's, well it would be a Public Service don't you think?

Unknown said...

So, you're gonna be a motorcycle mama. Can't wait for the pix from the ride up to Sturgis next year.

The Blonde still has her bike license (I got a lot of static from her about her turning me into a motorcycle daddy after we got to know each other), although she hasn't ridden in years - knees, you know.

Over the years, on our road trips, we've seen a good many couples like you zooming along. It looks like something that would be fun to do as a couple once the weather gets nice.

WV "ogalt" What Ayn said to John.

vet66 said...


Speaking of Ghoulishness your chances of being in a fatal accident driving a vehicle are about 7 times greater in a car than on a motorcyle;

2008 vehicle deaths approx 34 thousand

2008 motorcycle deaths approx 5,300

I agree with wearing a helmet. That said, you miss the point of riding a motorcycle which can be done safely.

Dude not a Dudette. Certainly not a metro-sexual soy latte sipper..

john said...

Ann and Meade -

I guess Pee-wee wasn't there, huh?

Dust Bunny Queen said...

How fun!!!

We live in an area that is highly favored by motorcyclists. Groups of all types of bikes and all ages come through and it always looks like such fun.

3. Assume nobody sees you because they are not looking for motorcycles;

!! THIS!!

Also watch out for animals! Deer are wary of cars. Not so much motorcycles.

Anonymous said...

Try to picture Barack Obama on a Harley. Doesn't work, does it. Maybe a Vespa, certainly a Schwinn, but never a Harley.

I was thinking of the body politic, and only one leader immediately rose to Harley level: Sarah Palin.

Sixty Grit said...

Omongrel on a motorcycle would be as good a photo op as Dukakis in a tank or Kerry in a sperm suit. Get busy, photoshoppers - we are waiting.

WV: nomocyl - no mo moto cycle fo you.

Fred4Pres said...

Have fun. School starts soon.

jungatheart said...

I don't think they bought bikes...they just said they're weren't interested in Moto Fever, but were rolling out of town.

jungatheart said...

'6. When approaching interesections stay away from the left hand lane when approaching traffic lights;'

Why is that?

jungatheart said...

'2008 vehicle deaths approx 34 thousand

2008 motorcycle deaths approx 5,300'

How does that work out percentage-wise? There are a lot more cars on the road than bikes.

Wince said...

"Moto fever: Dig it."

Correction: you Dig a Pony from a rooftop; instead, you "do a roadhog," penetrating any place you go.

I dig a pony
Well you can celebrate anything you want
Yes you can celebrate anything you want

I do a road hog
Well you can penetrate any place you go
Yes you can penetrate any place you go
I told you so

Then again, digging a pony has been the subject of some debate.

SGT Ted said...

Moto is short hand in the industry for Moto-cross offroad bike. Ignorant headline.

Wince said...

Just don’t get confused and penetrate a pony.

Michael said...

Lose the Harley. Go for Italian cafe racer.

jungatheart said...

EDH, love the rooftop tour. My fave song on it is 'don't let me down.' Starts at about 4:00, but everyone should watch all three clips. Attn Yoko haters, there's a two second flash of her during the song.

Fred4Pres said...

Talking about bikes of the human powered type, which President is a wussy?

William said...

I have a dominant pussy gene, and it's a wonder I ever had a motorcycle in the first place. Cheap wheels as opposed to cheap thrills were the major attraction. Back in the sixties no one wore helmets, and leather gear was too expensive. I had a friend who rolled his bike. He suffered a painful shoulder seperation and, even more painfully, the skin was pulled off large patches of his body. A short time after his accident, I was on my trusty 350, leaning into a turn coming off the expressway. I was going faster than I thought, and I had to lean pretty far over. As I leaned into the turn, the thought occurred to me that my continued pleasant existence on this earth was absolutely dependent upon the absence of any sand or oil slick on the off ramp. It wasn't exactly panic, but after such a moment of extreme dread, biking lost its appeal.....My friend who suffered a permanent disability as a result of his accident got back up and continued cycling. I gave up cycling as a result of his accident. Cowards die many times, but the really big one tends to be later in life.

Fen said...

Exactly. When I was biking, a good friend said "its not a matter of if you will go down, but of what you are wearing when it happens. Because it will."

Fortunately, I had moved to a city where it would have been insane to attempt tp co-exist with the idiots in traffic, so the bike got sold.

Ralph L said...

When I was about 12, we saw a wreck of a car in flames with a motorcycle clearly underneath it. Kinda cured me.

Vet66, considering vehicles drive many, many more miles than bikes, those are terrible death rates for bikers.

jungatheart said...

How about those crotch rockets? It's eerie to go through a tunnel at the same time as one.

jungatheart said...


saintrussell said...

This must be Monument Circle, right?

Fred4Pres said...

Deborah, yes, yes indeed.

LonewackoDotCom said...

Fred4Pres' link is certainly instructive, although not in the way intended (of course). Whoever would have thought that the same Strongman appeal that played so well in Iraq, is playing so well in Russia, and has played so well throughout history would also play well among certain types in the U.S.? Should we trust those dumb or emotionally unstable enough to fall for it?

P.S. Here's pic of my bike - sadly, the same brand as Bush's - in a slightly high, slightly wilderness setting. Let's see Bush use his bike as a belay device up loose slopes.

Trooper York said...

I wonder what's the name of your club?

Sons of Meade-iocrty?

jungatheart said...

I think you should change your name to lonewackobadass...I'd love to learn some (mild) mountain biking.

As far as the Bush vid, I don't know anymore. When will our first cultural/legal concession to Islam take place, or has it already?

Palladian said...

I hate most motorcycles. Too loud.

Ann Althouse said...

We don't ride motorcycles. We were just in Indianapolis when that was going on... and we had to leave.

We were there for a wedding.

The Crack Emcee said...

If you're out riding on that bike, you are officially old.

wv: "cones" - what that bike looks like it should be one of.

$9,000,000,000 Write Off said...

On highways, all motorcyclists wave to each other. Except Harley riders. Harley riders also say things like, "Man, that's a nice [moto guzzi, triumph, etc ]. I would never ride anything except Harleys, but if I did I would ride that." Harleys are slower, less reliable, less safe, less agile, and way more expensive than Hondas, Yamaha, BMW, Ducati, KTM, etc. Only MV Augustas are more expensive and less practical.

I've put enormous miles on a BMW, Honda, Moto Guzzi, Triumph, Yamaha, KTM, and Buell. I don't get the Harley ride or all the aftermarket flair those riders buy. I was so fired up to but the XR1200 but its janky.

vet66 said...

If you are in the left lane the cars in the left turn lane in your direction of movement make it difficult for vehicles turning left in the opposite direction to see you. Cars pulling out in front of motorcyclists is a constant problem from any direction.

As we all should be doing no matter what we are driving, drive defensively.

jungatheart said...

Thanks, vet66.

That's an impressive RV in your picture. Have you considered blogging your travels? I'm thinking each destination could be marked with a picture of you walking your dog. ;)

Beevalo Bill said...

Sorry Sgt Ted...

The reference to Moto is to MotoGP, the premier international motorcycle racing championship. It is akin to Formula One open wheel racing. (

By the way, the comments for this post are very funny