August 16, 2010

Morgan Falls.


In Chequamegon National Forest.


Lynne said...

Now *that* could be a glorious picture from the Mountain State as well.
I'm glad you get to enjoy such wonderful scenes. Reminds you of why our forebears looked around and said, "Dang! This is some kinda place! We're stayin', Maybelle!"

traditionalguy said...

In Atlanta, the name Morgan falls means a 1904 hydroelectric dam on the Chattahoochee north of town. It still works. In High School days the lake and streams were a great place for a cheap date, or for a canoe put in point. A friend and I decided to put our canoe in there during a winter flood from unusual rains in the mountains. 30 minutes later we had a bent in two aluminum canoe, were in shock, and were thankful to be alive. Flood Water is way more powerful than we guessed.

A.W. said...

off topic, but there has been a stay of the proposition 8 ruling.

edutcher said...

Wyatt, if Morgan falls, help him up!

Sofa King said...

I've been here. It was beautiful, but the mosquitoes literally chased me back to the trailhead after about 30 seconds.

HT said...

I just searched on 'psychiatric,' and found that AA wrote on psych diagnoses back in November (2009).


Persons with an Asperger's diagnosis don't want to lose it, but it looks like they will.

That makes intuitive sense. Does it not also suggest that mental illnesses are not real illness? That is, aren't we all on a continuum, and isn't the question, really, at what point on the continuum do we think you ought to be offered/subjected to treatments — especially, treatments that will be covered by health insurance?


Ah, how I wish that had taken place more recently. Still, it's a good posting and I am still reading through the comments. (A good one is below, I'm sure there are many more.) I like how AA challenges the notion of mental illness. What would psychiatrists do without that concept???

I just got into a shouting match with a psych.

Sloanasaurus said...

I agree with Althouse on her implication that we are all on a continuim, which is why at some point every mental difference will be changable with drugs.

Highly intelligent people have some sort of mental defect. Their brains don't function properly.

How about pro atheletes, they also have mental defects. I once saw an interview with a pro-hockey player who stated that he could almost see in slow motion. One scientist speculated that pro-atheletes are able to process twice as much visual information in the same time as normal people. This accounts for their natural ability. However, the downside is they they get tired much faster and have to sleep more

HT said...

Allison's comments are probably the best, but they are far too long to quote here. I just wanted to acknowledge them.

HT said...

Sorry to go on and on about this

But the discussion on mental illness spectrum from November 2009 is incredibly rich and good. I'm so glad I stumbled across it.

Only Freeman Hunt mentions my latest bete noire


LoafingOaf said...

Hey, that's weird. InsaDunce has a post this morning saying it is "Stalinist" to airbrush embarrassing shit off your web site.

Then how come InaDunce never mentioned that his main man, Andrew Breitbart, airbrushed the smear attacks on Shirley Sherrod from his Big Government web site when it was revealed that the author - Dr. Pezzi - was both a lunatic and a racist?

Oh, hey, Althouse forget to post about that, too. I only expected her to post about it because she claimed (dishonestly) that she was covering the Sherrod soty as a "nuetral" blogger and she wanted to know more to get the full story on the parties involved. She was not AT ALL interested that the original smear artist on Sherrod proceeded to continue to smear Sherrod by publishing articles from this Dr. Pezzi crackpot. When Breitbart realized Dr. Pezzi was a lunatic and a racist, he airbrushed his site of the two hit pieces on Sherrod he had published from the guy.

Althpuse didn't find any of that relevant or bloggable.

InstaDunce seems to think airbrushing a web site is a "Stalinist" thing to do, but he made no mention of Andrew Breitbart using this "Stalinist" tactic.

Howard said...

"InstaDunce", that's some clever shit right there.

Don't you read your own propaganda organs , Oaf?

Revenant said...

Oaf is increasingly bitter and angry these days. It probably has something to do with the Obama Presidency being in freefall.