August 24, 2010

"I realized how people end up in the grave."

"Because that one moment [snaps her fingers] of just breaking or feeling like I can't, I can't go on, it's too heavy. That was somewhere I don't ever want to go again."


AJ Lynch said...

When a woman looks like Tracy Morgan is drag, it's no surprise she wants out.

lyssalovelyredhead said...

This is possibly the most insensitive comment that I've ever made here, so I'll preface that I am sorry for her troubles, but:

One of the reasons that I absolutely despised Fantasia that Idol year was that she was constantly harping on the idea that she was doing it all for her kid; it's not for me, it's my kid, I love my kid so much.

I pointed out over and over again that children of rock stars are not a model of happiness and sanity, and that if she were really into her kid, she would be there raising her, not competing in a reality show (and she would also have made sure that the kid had a dad, but that's another story). (I've said that about pretty much every other major reality show contestant who has harped on their kids, particularly if they were single, but I think Fantasia's the first one who really got to me about it).

And now, is her child better off? With a mother who is out performing and this miserable? I very much doubt it. I'm sad for her child.

Michael said...

I have no earthly idea who this woman is, but in general I find that failed suicides are pretty lame all around. I would qualify that for people who survive a leap off the Golden Gate Bridge, however. This person appears to be stupid to boot.

traditionalguy said...

She appears to me to be a normal person trying to be someone's idol and be worshiped for no cause, or be done away with for no cause. Idols have a hard life. God willing she will meet a Christian that tells her how to live in peace and joy within a supportive community...she is a normal person just like us and has that normal need.

Skyler said...

It's so funny when they describe the caterwaulers on American Idol as "singers.'

edutcher said...

They say when the decision is made, it's quick.

But Michael is probably right in his assessment (ditto lyssa). If you really want to end it, (and my sister saw plenty of this in her days in ICU) there's no fooling around. Nobody can save you.

kathleen said...

what a nasty bunch you are

Exordium said...

I'm pretty used to the comments on Althouse's blog nauseating me, but this is just on another level. You people are scum.

traditionalguy said...

Exordium...So make a comment about the post yourself. Don't just make the other commenters depressed for their heavy load of guilt. Compassion is not everybody's talent.

ricpic said...

Spoiled bitch. My Dad cured me of "I can't go on" self pity without so much as a word. Just by the way he looked at people with numbers on their arms.

Skyler said...

It's not nauseating. The woman may have actually tried something serious, but whoever she is, she's trying very hard to get attention and press from it. She's using it to stay in the paparazzi focus. She deserves every bit of ridicule she gets.

Depression is a serious matter. This woman is making it very hard to help those that do need it with her pathetic attempt to attract paparazzi.

john said...

Exordium - Perhaps if you weren't so busy blogging about the EVIL CORPORATION causing the worlds worst environmental disaster!!!! you would have googled this subject and saw there are many more articles about Chrystal Magnum's, oops, I mean Fantasia's faking this suicide attempt
and incorporating it into her new "reality" show.

/You can go back to being nauseous.

AC245 said...

Exordium said...

Ann, I know you know this already, but you're a terrible person for writing this. You always seem to come down on the idiotic, cold-hearted side of any issue. The term "glibertarian" fits you to a T.
Ann, your blog keeps getting dumber and dumber.
Sarah Palin, leader of the Teabaggers, having to rely on the gradeschool technique of writing important info on her hand: So?

Its like you guys don't even care that you're incoherent anymore.

You're a piece of shit, Ann.
Hey Ann, this was a great post. Hopefully Glenn Reynold's will link to it, otherwise no one will read it. Take it easy!!

(I'm guessing this is just another sockpuppet manifestations of the tediously obsessed phil/Jake/L.E.Lee/UW Law Babe/Fiscal Conservative Guy loser)

AJ Lynch said...

Hey, we go with what we do best! And we are quite excellent scum.

Allison said...

A lot of people who attempt suicide simply want the pain of living to stop.

They don't really want to die per se, they just want that pain to go away.

And that's why they reach out--take the pills and then text someone, or take the pills, and call someone. They want someone to help them make the pain stop.

I don't mean they are faking it at all. I just mean that the "I want to stop hurting every second of every day, and I'll die if it doesn't" is different than being so depressed you don't want anything. One is mistaken--mistaken is different than being mentally ill.

But many miscalculate and end up quite dead for it.

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