August 7, 2010

At the Yard Work Café...


... get out your manure forks.




El Pollo Real said...

Me too.
Cutting corn stalks, then bundling together for a decorative bouquet; cutting and trimming back weeds; trying an experiment: putting a living pumpkin into a square milk crate to see if I can grow a square a pumpkin.

Then there's the chore-chores.

Lem said...

what on earth could it all mean?

Lem said...


Fred4Pres said...

I have lots of chicken manure. I put it in piles and let it ferment into a nice compost. When the earthworms are think in it, you know it is good for use (although you can always let the worms work it down to just worm poop.

It is funny at cocktail parties when people come up and ask if I have any shit for them. I say, sure come on over. The people who don't know always have a curious look on their faces but are afraid to ask.

EK said...

"...get out your manure forks."

Rain check!

Lem said...

Oh that picture of the banana peels.. is relevant to this.

XWL said...

Amazing how one photo can so readily illustrate the current situation in which our federal government has devolved.

When they spread the manure evenly, it still smelled, but at least it wasn't too noticeable, and it actually did help some green shoots grow.

Contrast to now, with the manure piling high, people are finally taking notice that it's mostly just a bunch of shit, concentrated where it's doing no good, and just plain stinking up the place.

Irene said...

That is a very nice bench.


Lem said...

Holy cow... Joe Buck had a "small hand" in Arod getting on the DL..

I wander how Trooper feels about that.

(i cant honestly say i feel bad about it)

pst314 said...

Looks like someone (something) has been sh*tting bricks.

Did the elephants at the zoo hear about the planned budget cuts?

peter hoh said...

If that's manure, I want to learn more about the process.

peter hoh said...

But yeah, there's nothing like a patch of dead lawn.

I haven't succeeded in removing all of my lawn, but I'm working on it.

Lem said...

Alex was warming up, taking ground balls on the field.
He turned to say hello to Joe Buck in the dugout, when a line drive made a sound, turning Alex around but not in time to catch it. But to hit him in the leg putting him down on the ground in agonizing pain.

hahaha (i'm going to hell ;)

Alex is going to be ok.

Lem said...

Meade is making the soil cultivable.

its a cult! dirt is the deity.

edutcher said...

I didn't know it came out in such neat blocks. That is one well-trained animal.

PS What XWL said. One has the almost primordial temptation to say something that will rouse our National Socialists.

Professor, is it still irresistible impulse if it can only be resisted by logging out?

JAL said...

I have a guy who comes and picks up my horse manure. I don't have the time or energy for a garden these days.

I put it into a couple some rolling garbage cans so we can get it out of the shed area. He switches out empty cans for the full ones. He composts it and is a very happy guy.

Me too.

rhhardin said...

The grass fork was out this morning, for loading longish lawn clippings into a wagon.

It's also good for shovelling some kinds of snow.

Lem said...

Hall of famer Vin Scully would say.. "Its a dandy"

We are tied at 2 in the bottom of the 5th

GMay said...

It's good to know our President is focused like a frikin' LASER on jobs and the economy.

When can I start saying things like "Martin Sheen is my President"?

Lem said...

I had to open my big mouth.

Yanks lead 4 - 2

Trooper York said...

Holy Cow!

I know Titus is in Madison this weekend.

He really pinched some big loaves there. Salud!

MamaM said...

I didn't think I needed a manure fork until my son bought me one this year for a birthday present. It works great for spreading wood chips and picking up weed piles too.

Nice photo of potency to follow the discussion about Assholes at Althouse that took place earlier!

Ann Althouse said...

"If that's manure, I want to learn more about the process."

It's not manure, but Meade did break it up and spread it around, initially, with a manure fork.

mesquito said...

"What is it about men and hoes?"

-Peggy Hill

El Pollo Real said...

MamaM wrote: Nice photo of potency to follow the discussion about Assholes at Althouse that took place earlier!

Are the Assholes@Althouse a bunch of squares?

Lem said...

Meade did break it up and spread it around.

Dam!.. Obama (the wealth spreader) got to Meade.. nobody is safe ;)

campy said...

Manure spreading ... a metaphor for blogging?

Ignorance is Bliss said...

... get out your manure forks.

I can never remember: is the manure fork to the left or right of the salad fork?

Ignorance is Bliss said...

Holy cow... Joe Buck had a "small hand" in Arod getting on the DL..

Arod is on the down-low? I thought he had come out.

MamaM said...

el pollo...some are more regular, some more evenly sided.

Lem said...

Arod is on the down-low? I thought he had come out.

600 home runs and no respect.

what is the world coming to?

Lem said...

Big Papi looked like Big Mami today.

Lem said...

I just saw the second pic..

nice work Meade.

Meade said...

Tourbe. Weed seed free. Compressed (for her pleasure).

El Pollo Real said...

P.S. I do love the fact that you appear to garden in your front lawn. I do it too because it's the sunniest part and also because it shows others that one can do useful things with lawn space instead of just ornamental planting.

Call it conspicuous production.

As my whimsy leads me.. said...

Not manure? Oh, shoot. I had composed a poem for the occasion:

Yuk! Yuk! Yuk!
Muck! Muck! Muck!

rhhardin said...

Brick process video.

Come, let us brick some bricks.
Let us fire them in the fire.
The brick becomes for them stone, the tar, mortar.
They say:
Come, let us build ourselves a city and a tower.
Its head: in the heavens.
Let us make ourselves a name,
that we not be scattered over the face of all the earth.

El Pollo Real said...

Come, let us brick some bricks.
Let us fire them in the fire.

That reminded me of a really great story RH.

I'm gonna tell it one day.

chuck b. said...

That looks like peat moss. Are you planting blueberries?

Ralph L said...

Is the g silent in sphagnum, or the n?

I miss the Spanish moss around my grandmother's lake cottage. The buyer cut down most of the trees and put trailers around the house.

MamaM said...

By now I know Rhhardin's links can lead to a different look or perspective, but I was still surprised by the mechanics and clickety clack precision of the brick process shown.

A fitting addition to the Yard Work Cafe, and a fine testimony to a part of America that is still working to provide.

Thank you

JAL said...

@ rh -

Square balers are the most amazing farm machines.

Round balers I get. They're easy. You're just rolling up the hay and tying it -- or wrapping them in plastic.

But square balers? Amazing. It packs the bale in sections ("flakes"), cuts it to size and the machine TIES string (or with the *really* big heavy square bales, wire) around the bales in two places. Like ties it with a knot!

I need to go look up the history of square balers. (And the guy driving that tractor is not picking any daisies.)

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

So you might have noticed your second picture got zickered by flickr.

Manure blocks aside, Flickr is becoming increasingly useless. Everyone single person on there has "copyrighted" every damn picture.

Need a pic of a kid eating popsicle? Sorry. Copyrighted. Email the owner and wait for a hundred days for permission to publish.

Want to post a public figure speaking at a political rally? Forget it. Whoever snapped him wants $$ for it.

It appears Flickr is intent on going out of business. I for one am never going back there.

Ann Althouse said...

"Everyone single person on there has "copyrighted" every damn picture."

I haven't.

As for the disappearing picture, I have often found that if you take the code right after you upload, it will later change and what you took no longer works. It's like you have to let it ripen or something.

deborah said...

How was the grass under the sphagnum killed?

Did you wear masks when working with it? I understand there's a danger of some sort of microbe, or some such.

Meade said...

deborah: wear gloves, long sleeves, and a dust mask when working with peat moss in order to prevent Sporotrichosis.

To kill the old lawn I used glyphosate in a manner consistent with the printed label instructions. It's a violation of the law to do otherwise.

deborah said...

lol, thanks.