July 19, 2010

What we talked about over the weekend.

Testing why women are so unworthy of dating.

The obvious superiority of porn to dating.

I do my own polling on why Elena Kagan isn't more popular.

The possibility that Republicans don't need no stinking ideas.

Peering into the heart of the vegetable.

The hollowness of the hardworking comedian.

Narcissism and lying.

Mountain-biking in the presence of Evil.

A false accusation of Obama's hypocrisy.

A true accusation of Obama's hypocrisy.

A wild Black Panther notion.

Would Shakespeare write a play about John Edwards?

The citizenship tourism package.

Sweden's assault on cash.

Your parents talk funny.

Let's get small.

The letter Y.


I stole the idea for this post from Instapundit, who, like me, blogs all weekend and seems to think that weekend blog posts sink into oblivion more quickly then the Monday-Friday stuff.


Bob Ellison said...

Me, I surf all weekend and wonder why bloggers worry that we readers don't.

Say, what about that iPad? I'm thinking of getting one, partly because Android is obviously gonna be late to the game (long story). Are you using and enjoying it yet?

Scott said...

These days, the profound has a very short half-life, huh.

I took a picture of a double rainbow while on vacation. To me, that's profound. Some of the messages that move me to tears have no words.

edutcher said...

Insta usually headlines his weekend roundup, "What happened if you, uh, actually have a life".

Ann has one, but it would seem a lot of her acolytes need to get out more.

Anonymous said...

No iPad for me.

I'm prejudiced. I make my living, at least partly, from programming in Flash.

My iPhone is great, with the huge exception that it does not support Flash. God, I hate that. I'm thinking of moving to the Android.

Steve Jobs seems to have written off Flash on the iPad.

I've read the discussions about how HTML 5 will replace Flash... and I don't find those discussions very convincing.

All of those focus solely on the delivery of video. That is only a fraction of the utility of Flash. Flash also is used for animation, UI development, database connectivity, etc.

I won't spend $400 for a crippled web browser.

MadisonMan said...

I'm usually away most of the time during the weekend, doing weekend things. Sometimes if I'm up very early, or late, I'll check in.

In case any one is wondering :)

edutcher said...

Scott said...

These days, the profound has a very short half-life, huh.

I took a picture of a double rainbow while on vacation. To me, that's profound. Some of the messages that move me to tears have no words.

That is something! You're right about some of the most awe-inspiring things being what's experienced.

AJ Lynch said...


We "steal" money and valuables. We "borrow" good ideas.

Ann Althouse said...

@Bob I don't use the iPad much. Mostly reserved for when I want to read in a reclining position in the house. I read and write, mostly, so I want a keyboard... and a screen that holds itself up. If I'm out, I travel light, and the iPhone is enough. If it's not, I want my laptop. I could imagine a lifestyle that I could be in where the iPad would have a better place, but for me now, it's not too useful.

Ann Althouse said...

@AJ Famous Picasso quote: "Bad artists copy. Great artists steal." With that in mind, to say "steal" isn't self-abasing.

traditionalguy said...

The comments on posts 1 through 20 over this weekend are hereby restated as if they area part of this comment. BTW there is an althouse.com web domain available for sale online. You have to submit a bid. It presents itself as a one stop shop for Law and legal career advice.

Scott said...

@edutcher: Thanks.

I need to get away from northern New Jersey once in awhile to see prairies and rainbows, and the endless drama of the sky.

When I post on Althouse, I'm not at my best. I'm usually avoiding work that bores me. It's an escape. But escaping on the internet is like sex on the internet. I'm really interacting with an environment I create myself, rather than being a part of the larger world.

Henry said...

But you have comments.

This may be good, in that weekend comment threads that went nowhere -- by which I mean that no one noticed the clever thing I wrote -- will be recharged.

Or it may be bad, in that weekday readers will go comment in oblivion on those weekend posts while the 24/7 readers scramble on the most recent.

Or it could be boring and repetitive. Whatever Althouse is, it should not be boring and repetitive.

Anonymous said...

Weekends, yes - but not just weekends. Speaking for myself, there's a lack of red meat here compared to Instapundit. Hard to take shots at innocent artichokes, dating, much less the eternal lightness of notions.

I'd like to see serious subjects treated seriously, even on weekends. Because I don't have a "life"... except life itself.