July 25, 2010

"I know it's about a lesbian couple, but give me a break."



ironrailsironweights said...

I cannot understand why so many men are fascinated with lesbians. They should hate lesbians. An old joke says that gay men are like vegans at a barbecue - they leave more for everyone else to enjoy. By these standards, lesbians are like starving hyenas at a barbecue.


HT said...

I don't know whether I should see this. Is the main message that gay people have family values? If so, I'll pass. I know this already, I've been to SF, and saw it for myself. (I say this because I haven't seen the same scale of gays having families anywhere else.)

If it's something more, then maybe.

Kirstin said...

I've noticed that a lot of movie advertisements mix up the stars' names over the pictures.

suzy said...

Men love lesbians because they think, "Now all they need is me. Let's make a sandwich!" Of course, it rarely works that way.

Women on the other hand get that when two guys are attracted, the girl is out.

But just wait till the sex robots show up. Will it mean the end of the human race?

shoutingthomas said...

Another leftist propaganda movie.

Give it a break.

The Woodstock Film Festival is coming up in a few weeks.

Two years ago, it was an open Obama for President rally.

Last year, it was a "social justice" rally, i.e., a Democratic Party rally.

I expect this year the theme will be the Diversity Seminar.

How can we convince these morons to cease making idiot cause movies? Can't they find something better to do with their time?

William said...

I thought that the movie Vicki Christina Barcelona would have been immeasurably enhanced if it had included tasteful nudity and a make out scene with Penelope Cruz and Scarlet. My question is this this: Are women who engage in lesbianism in order to titillate men truly engaging in lesbianism? Isn't it just wearing a kind of make-up?

Fred4Pres said...

They will not be kind to us when they arise.

Quayle said...

Bold is necessary because Gay advocates are certain that Mormons et al can only hate gays and think they are evil, and couldn't possibly believe gay couples actually love each other.

Except they're wrong. The Mormons I know believe gay people can very much love each other, and that such love stands entirely on its own merits.

It's just that, in the full development of a human soul, forging a uniquely close relationship with someone of the same gender will only get you partially there. It takes melding with a different gender to get you fully there.

The American left is always extolling the strength that comes from diversity.

Mormons are merely doing the same in regards to a marriage.

Fred4Pres said...

Arise downtrodden robots, arise!

edutcher said...

I think the comment in the linked piece, "Somewhere a copy editor is standing on a ledge wishing he'd checked the ad one last time . . .", pretty much nails it.

bagoh20 said...

@Fred4press link

It's great to see some offense against those Westboro Baptist assholes. I love the protest sign:


Poignant and thought provoking, while being impossible to counter point.

EDH said...

Mark Ruffalo is a lesbian?

...Did not know that.

lucid said...

Anything positive about the politically privleged classes (Afrcian-Americans, lesbians, gays, women in some contexts) has to be described as the most wonderful and meaningful thing that has ever happened on Planet Earth.

Anything negative or critical (epecially about an African-American) simply can't be said or if said is ipso facto evidence of racism and profound moral depravity and "insensitivity."

This is a consequence of the moral, social, and cognitive corruption that affirmative-action-thinking imposes on our thoughts and communication.

write_effort said...

This movie is mostly about loyalty -- which is a big component in a family. The depiction of the kids is quite moving. I wish the film had been seen more through their eyes. The film is hardly a recruitment tool for lesbianism, the women have negative chemistry. Sorry to say the film is BORING.

MayBee said...

Funny, but I see how it happened.
Benning, Moore, Ruffalo is the proper order for billing. The names had to be written in that order.

If you look at the movie stills, those are the best head shots of the stars. In order to compose the line of photos, it's aesthetically more pleasing to have Moore and Benning looking toward the center, and put the guy in the middle.

jr565 said...

I know a few things after looking at that poster. Julianne Moore looked HOT in She's Having a Baby, but since she started growing facial hair, she's not that attractive. Meanwhile I would have sex with Anette Benning, she looks much better with the red hair. And maybe Mark Ruffallo too. I'd have to see him without the glasses on though.

ironrailsironweights said...

Julianne Moore looked HOT in She's Having a Baby, but since she started growing facial hair, she's not that attractive.

Guess that would mean ... oh my.


jamboree said...

@ironrails They're not fascinated with lesbians - they are fascinated with fake lesbians - lesbians as they imagine them to be, as porn has told them they are.

Joe said...

Anyone notice that in the photo the names are above the wrong pictures?

* * *

The movie has Mark Ruffalo in it. That makes it a guaranteed borefest.