July 25, 2010

At the Sunset Café...


... you can cling to the last shreds of the real...


... or become complete abstracted....


magpie said...


traditionalguy said...

Enjoy the good earth and the beauty of God's creation everyday of our lives that end all too soon.

traditionalguy said...

That sure is pretty "wreckage" we are trapped under. Have a good night's sleep and dream of grand children coming along and sharing their perceptions.

Dave in Tucson said...

The bottom one makes a very nice abstract. Of your sunset pictures, this one is still my favourite.

I wonder if the Chinese malware spammers like it too?

Unknown said...

Those shots remind of a line from "They Call the Wind Maria" -
Maria makes the mountains sound,
Like folks was up there dyin'

Absolutely magnificent. Feel free to take a bow.

KLDAVIS said...

Did you see Inception tonight, too?

MamaM said...

Completely distracted by the unreal as the 2nd picture upside down reminds me of a Rover photo from the surface of Mars.

Lem said...

"I just want to say one word to you - just one word"..


Its rather a long word but it did take six days ;)

I want to thank the Liverwurst on rye inventer for his no small contribution to the betterment of men.

I kissed a girl last night and I liked it.

Lem said...

The world is a strange place..

No results found for "I've had more sex since I became unemployed"...

or "I rather die a happy man" ;)

I know what I mean and I mean to know more or less.

Lem said...


We should have sex more often ;)

Lem said...

Sex is best understood when applied in the fields of mathematics and a fjord.

the Academy of St Martin in the Fields Chamber Orchestra..

Sir Neville Marriner waving a wand.

I want to apply for a permit.

Lem said...

I'm very happy to be here.. it feels wonderfull to be here..

I rather be here than anywhere in the world.. no matter were you are..

here is where the hart is..

here and now..

you are there.

Lem said...

if i survived testicular cancer i want to have the balls to break up with crow.

I have five fingers and while i may not need them they are of no use tome.. during coitus for example they have no asignments.

Opinions are wellcomed... or maybe someone allready figured out waht to do with them.

Meade is greate with an e.

Lem said...

I see now that while was distracted it was a pleasure for this and that.

The smell of my two day worn sox..

The risk that Imay draw blood pulling manually on my foot nail.

the idea that my mother still reminds me to send her a card on her birthday.. she cannot still call it a collection.

and other things like that.

Lem said...

She has freckles many and i will be frownd upon to count them.

I love freckles.

I want a frekle cereal for breackfast.. slowly or something, lay bare in a bed..

fraternity of fecund fucks. f for fake.

fast the futer, full sfeed afead.

Lem said...

We intered the purgatory to bring you the gratest american hero.

I was on a mission.. any further information i may have could jerpordaside the gratest importance..

while mr televison over here has provided a service may i remind you if it was not at any other time in the best intersert of the comunity at large we would not be in clear and pasenger danger..

balif?.. where is my balif?

FedkaTheConvict said...

The Daily Caller finally serves up some real raw meat:

Jounolist e-mails on Palin pregnancy

What would it take for Ryan Donmeyer to be fired?

MadisonMan said...

Smoke from a distant fire.