July 29, 2010

At the Mississippi Sunset...



Last night, somewhere south of La Crosse.


Fred4Pres said...

I can feel Huck calling to go downstream.

Quayle said...

My daughter is arriving shortly from Dushanbe.

She's been flying or sitting in airports for 30 hours.

Can't wait to see her.

deborah said...

Is it me, or does the car 'work' in the second picture?

Lem said...

I've just finished watching The Eclipse (2009) via streaming on the Netflix.

I wouldn't mention it if I thought it wasn't any good.

Lem said...

I could swear I've seen a somewhat similar sunset pic, as the top pic here before.

Lem said...

Man talks to God on a new IPhone app..

Man: God?

God: Yes

Man: I can ask you something?

God: Yes

Man: What is for you a million years?

God: A second

Man: And a million dollars?

God: A penny

after a pause the man says..

Man: Can you give me a penny then?

God: Wait.. just a second...

Lem said...

I see what I believe to be train tracks in the top pic.

you have to click on it and go to the residence server.. to see it bigger.. like Sarkoz wife wanted ;)

Lem said...

That was a funny post this morning with Carla (whom I believe has posed nude before) and then the words "big one" and Woody.

edutcher said...

Is this the start of a road trip or just the end of another day trip?

I've missed the road trips of the past year, although I think you're right to show how much people can find near where they live.

In these times, a little money saved by staying around home can come in handy.

PS If it is a road trip, those pictures have a feel to them that says it's good to do it now.

There's something in that sunset saying, "Enjoy this while you can. Fall is just around the corner.".

Issob Morocco said...

Next Stop Cashton!

Pogo said...

Say hello to the newest member of the trailer trash community.

We rent a spot on the Mississippi, upriver from Althouse's photos, near Fountain City, WI. Just bought a used trailer and will build a dock in the next month.

All I need is to start wearing a white tank top and plaid boxers to complete the effect. Honey - get me a beer!!
Am I leaving anything out?

Fred4Pres said...

Pogo, it sounds like...paradise!

And I suppose smart money is on Ann having an American Idol post today over Ellen getting the boot and J-Lo coming on.

Big Mike said...

My wife and I are mystified as to why there is so much hype about Chelsea Clinton's wedding in the morning and cable news shows. Are she and I about the only people in the country who don't care? Anybody on this thread particularly interested in the coming nuptials?

Pogo said...

"Anybody on this thread particularly interested in the coming nuptials?"

Only the Soros connection, and that the Clintons are blowing millions on the wedding despite Hillary's last campaign still in debt.

AllenS said...

Am I leaving anything out?

Why not some above the calf argyle socks to highlight your plaid boxers?

Pogo said...

@AllenS: awesome!

And white bucks?
Or is that overmuch?

Paul said...

Blogger Pogo said...Only the Soros connection, and that the Clintons are blowing millions on the wedding despite Hillary's last campaign still in debt.

As Pogo says, it's an indication of what brazen members of the ultra nouveau riche political elite the Clintons are, only with an unusually large dose of hypocrisy. The groom sounds like the sleaziest of Wall Street geckos.

At a speech in which Bill felt compelled to explain why he looked so skinny, he explained that Chelsea had ordered him to lose 15 pounds before the wedding. WTF?

You know what? I don't actually care about this wedding either and here I am going on about it.