July 25, 2010

At the Mellow Madison Café...

... this was the vibe last evening. We're off to soak up the new vibe. It's a lovely day. You can do what you want, but if you want a place to talk about something, anything, that's what this is.


edutcher said...

Nicely done, I liked the pan very much.

The pups went berserk at the audio, but, then, they're still working out the doggie social register.

Irene said...

edutcher, there's no sound here, but show this to the pups!

wv: surpe!!

Eric said...

Madison looks like such a lovey place. Can you get the commies to move out?

peter hoh said...

The screen cap looks gorgeous.

lemondog said...

If your interested, distressed seller of a 90,000 sq ft. fixer-up at $75 million or $100 million finished:

Touring the (Almost) Largest Home in America

I assume they'll throw in the 10 Segways in storage

edutcher said...

Irene said...

edutcher, there's no sound here, but show this to the pups!

I love it!

They look for a second, start to growl, look again, and then give me a look like, "That's not a real dog!!!".


Irene said...

edutcher, you can drive them doodles by making that your screen saver.


Titus said...

Hello Madison. See you soon. Hope you are good to me for the next year while I split my time between you and Bangalore.

Please don't be too cold this winter!

My British/Indian husband and I saw a great movie last night called, "Mother". It is a Korean film and I absolutely loved it. It was fascinating, interesting and don't be surprised if the woman who plays the mother earns an Oscar Nomination next year.

Speaking of my Indian UK husband, he did a presentation at the New York Stock Exchange on Friday and gained their business! A 75 million, 2 year deal. It had to do with something about Automation Testing and Rational Robot. I heard him on the phone "debriefing" after the meeting and I got a little wet...down there. He's pretty fucking smart and hot, natch. Althouse, can vouch for his hotness. She has seen his pic.

Now back to the movie. If you are looking for a foreign film that touches all the right buttons rent it now.

How's your summer? Great, I care.

And whassup with that "liberal jew" comment section. Yikes!

Titus said...

Just want to clarify that Mother is very good but not as good as All About My Mother-my all time favorite-natch I had to buy the movie poster and frame it.

I think it has to do with the fact that I love women and am crazy about my mother who is absolutely amazing, beautiful, wonderful, honest, loving and all around terrific! I call her my best friend, I know so gay!

A friend of mines mother said there is something about a relationship with a gay son and his mother. She said it very powerful, protective and strong. Some may see it as "overbearing" or too "controlling" but whatever it is, to me, is amazing.

Meade said...

"A friend of mines mother..."

Mrs. Lode?

edutcher said...

Irene said...

edutcher, you can drive them doodles by making that your screen saver.


Yes, and The Blonde will confine me to the pups' box for as long as we stay here.

rhhardin said...

Deer streaking.

Titus said...

I don't get it Meade. I am stupid.

Meade, do you hate gays? It's ok to admit if you do.

Did you love W when he was all about the constituitonal amendment shit?

It's ok, you can admit it. We are all friends here.

Also, because you don't work does that mean you are a trust fund baby? Again, that's cool

Titus said...

BTW my Indian UK husband constantly jokes with me about how stupid I am.

And yes, I went to Harvard which even intensifies the issue.

I think I am the first and only Waunakee Wisconsin resident to be accepted and to go to Harvard.

Total diva, obviously.....not

Michael Haz said...

Vibe. Bang galore. Quite the happy thread.

Meade said...


1. I don't think you're stupid. In fact, correct me if I'm wrong but I've gathered that you are a leading light in biomedical engineering. Isn't that right? Also, I don't hate anyone.

2. I believe same-sex marriage is an issue for individual states to decide for themselves and I strongly oppose states giving up their power to do so.

3. The reason I love W is because, after Sept. 11, 2001, he did what needed to be done to save the world. You might disagree.

4. I wish you and your husband a long, productive, and happy marriage.

your friend and soon-to-be neighbor who works and has a modest fund but does not have a modest trust fund,


Meade said...

BTW, Titus, I was teasing you and making a play on the words mother and lode after you wrote "a friend of mines." Was that wrong?

Freeman Hunt said...

I'm not feeling mellow at all.

traditionalguy said...

Anybody kept up with the IED deaths per day in Afghanistan for July. That is the place our military will be leaving in one year, if not sooner. Why are we there now,again?