June 28, 2010

The Supreme Court closes its Term today.

I want to read the case announcements in real time on SCOTUSblog, but it seems to be maxed out at the moment. I know I'm only making it worse by linking, but I'm doing it anyway.

(Too bad neither the Washington Post nor the New York Times is front-paging real-time coverage. There's a deluge of web traffic with nowhere to go.)

UPDATE: Here's the SCOTUSblog post. The Second Amendment case is out:

Erin: Alito announces McDonald v. Chicago: reversed and remanded
Tom: Gun rights prevail
The opinion concludes that the 14th Amendment does incorporate the Second Amendment right recognized in Heller to keep and bear arms in self defense
Tom: 5-4
Erin: Stevens dissents for himself.  Breyer dissents, joined by Ginsburg and Sotomayor.
Tom: The majority seems divided, presumably on the precise standard
Erin: The majority Justices do not support all parts of the Alito opinion, but all five agree that the 2d Amendment applies to state and local government.
Erin: Alito, in the part of the opinion joined by three Justices, concludes that the 2d Amendment is incorporated through the Due Process Clause.
Erin: Thomas thinks the Amendment is incorporated, but not under Due Process.  He appears to base incorporation on Privileges or Immunities.
Tom: The difference between the majority and Justice Thomas doesn't affect the fact that the Second Amendment now applies to state and local reguation...
Erin: The McDonald opinion is here.


Martha said...

Announcement for Free Enterprise Fund v. Public Company Accounting Oversight Board ?????

sunsong said...


A.W. said...

Score one for the original intent and freedom. Woo-hoo on MacDonald.

K said...

My question, how will Obama try to subvert this????

A.W. said...

btw, here is the opinions index. so far macdonald is the only new one up. http://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/slipopinions.aspx

GMay said...

"My question, how will Obama try to subvert this????"

Holder will sue the SCOTUS right after they're done suing AZ.

A.W. said...


We can be sure of one thing. Its 200 pages, so Holder certainly won't read it before he denounces it.