June 28, 2010

Sunset, June 28th, 2010.




(Reverse chronological order. Picnic Point. Madison, Wisconsin.)


Meade said...

Alright. Goodnight then. Tomorrow's another day.

JAL said...

Good night all.

former law student said...

I'm thinking "sunset sail."

The news was not terribly clear to me: what did the Solicitor General (Kagan) say to the Supreme Court that persuaded them not to review the 9th Circuit's ruling that the Pope's was not immune from suit by former molested children? Further, did the Catholic majority feel they must avoid showing favoritism? Can I sue the Queen of England now, or the Grand Burgher of Lux?

t-man/wurly/henry buck said...

And the day closes on my youngest's birthday. She turned nine today, and when a friend remarked that we have now reached the halfway mark for having her at home, I was thoroughly depressed.

Time passes far too quickly.

El Pollo Real said...

Didn't that stretch of the bike path used to be lined with old willows? It parallels Willow Drive, no?

Paging Madison Man

Damon said...

Yes, a good night to all and the end to a great day. It was wonderful reading a few Supreme Court cases.

A few thoughts crossed my mind while reading them. It strikes me that Chief Justice Rehnquist was a relatively weak and ineffective Chief Justice. Second, I am so glad that Sandra Day O'Connor is off the bench. No more tortured logic just to get a concurring opinion out the door.

Yes, the court is now more conservative, but also, and more importantly, it is releasing solid and well-reasoned arguments.

Chip Ahoy said...

Lurvly pics there, as always.

Saw the Tut exhibit today with Deena, at the Art Museum, a mere block away. Quite an impressive set up, I must say.

The thing is, I can read the hieroglyphics. I can see where the names given to the statues do not match what is carved directly into the statues. So how they arrive at those attributions is not clear to me. It's possible the royal retinue have more than one name. I can also read things that are not described on the Museum placards. In fact, pretty much everything looks like a hieroglyphic to me. For example, they say "wooden model of a boat," but I think, "d-p-t, assurance of conveyance through the underworld." The wooden boat is a three dimensional representation of a hieroglyph, and it means what the hieroglyph means. They could use my help over there, but I'm not offering. I had to resist boring Deena by pointing out the designs of jewelry actually do spell out words and convey concepts beyond the Museum's descriptions of materials used.

We raced through. I'll probably go back. What the heck.

"Pectoral with scarab (kh-f-r, which means a lot of things but they're not saying any of that) placed within the mummy wrappings to protect the heart" How odd, considering the heart is removed from the mummified body and is sitting over there in a canopic jar, wrapped separately. Wouldn't the pectoral with its protective amulet reasonably be placed over the jar? Please. It's protecting alright, but not the heart.

We didn't watch the 3-D movie, had lunch instead. So I think I'll take someone else to see that later. Or maybe I'll watch it twice.

Deborah said...
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Lem said...

Alright. Goodnight then. Tomorrow's another day.

Meade's the early riser. You got to love'm.. where would we be w/o him?

As for me.. I'm in late night heaven.

edutcher said...

The top and bottom photos are very nice.

Quite pretty where you live.

For some reason, OH sunsets aren't as nice as those in PA. And a good sunset every now and again is a part of being home.

NotYourTypicalNewYorker said...

Red at night, sailors delight...."

Paco Wové said...

A 3-D movie... about King Tut? What's up with that? Does his mummy loom up at you scarily out of the darkness?

ricpic said...

Pretty Picture Without A Person

The path needs a person
To give us a reason
To care.

Nature's a diversion --
Without human season
Mere fair.

k*thy said...

I'm not used to seeing it in that light. One of my favorite walks, though, when I need to get away from my desk.

AprilApple said...

Wisconsin is beautiful in the summer.

k*thy said...

If you're interested in historical mapping, here's a great site of this area:
Lakeshore Nature Preserve interactive map

MadisonMan said...

t-man: It only accelerates. You will blink and your youngest will be leaving.

ALP said...

Love the way the light plays on the asphalt path in the last photo. You are brave - taking photos facing the sun!

danielle said...

beautiful sunset ! love the photography !!