June 3, 2010

"Stand leg came bent. We had to put it in a vise and straighten it. Also box came with obscenities written on the outside of the box."

"This could have all happened during shipping but it was a Christmas present and a little disappointing. I do want to add that after we straightened the stand it has been working great for us."

That's a review somebody posted at Amazon. Ha. I love that. I also love the Herman Miller "Scooter" stand for a laptop computer. I've had one for years and want to get another one. And not because the one I have got bent or has obscenities written on it. It's great. I just want 2.  Actually, I wouldn't mind having 2 in 3 different rooms.


chuck b. said...

"I wouldn't mind having 2 in 3 different rooms."

Does that mean you want 6? Why don't you just say you want 6?! Women!

Larry J said...

If you like laptop stands so much, you might want to check out the Laptop Steering Wheel Desk on Amazon.com (via InstaPundit).

Be sure to read the user reviews!

Theo Boehm said...
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rhhardin said...

I like the DAVE laptop table.

Some assembly required. Cheap.

It does not glide.

Ann Althouse said...

@rh is DAVE solid and sturdy?

The Scooter is good not just because it has glider pads at the base, but because the base is shaped to scoot under your chair or sofa, so that you can get it close into your lap while leaning back in a comfy position. It also adjust sin height very easily and the top tilts into different positions. It's very solid at any height or angle too. It's also made of nice cherry wood. Still, it's pretty expensive. It's hard to understand why it has to be that expensive, but anything else like it doesn't seem too good at all.

@Theo You need to picture it not freestanding, but pulled up to your favorite chair. Then, you don't notice the base at all, just the top.

bagoh20 said...

I thought you meant a laptop stand for use on your scooter. What am I supposed to infer from a name like that? I saw gangs of Mods running through Madison on scooters blogging about The Who.

rhhardin said...

@ann I'd say DAVE would have trouble with cats perching and leaping but is fine for typing on. The slantable top is nice, and a big hole for wires at the back.

If you nudge it it will wobble, being supported by a single post.

Most conveniently carried from room to room upside-down, by the way.

rhhardin said...

I notice that IKEA has it marked as not for sale online, which might kill it unless there's vikings up there locally.

I got mine online a couple years ago.

Theo Boehm said...
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Kensington said...
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Kensington said...

Wait, what? That scooter stand is almost $400!

I would have written obscenities on the box, too.

Johanna Lapp said...

I screwed USB-powered speakers to the underside of my Dave table and now I can enjoy laptop iTunes at a decent volume. And when I redecorated, I replaced my white Dave with a bright red one for $18. The steel upright gives just enough weight to keep it from wobbling, the triangular base slides under my sofa at multiple angles and the textured finish resists laptop sliding, even at a steep angle. And it's definitely happier than the severe modern office look of the Miller.


Paddy O said...

"It also adjust sin height very easily and the top tilts into different positions."

sin height?

What are you using this laptop stand for? Wait, don't answer that. I don't want to know details. Though I guess this would probably also explain why it needs to be extra sturdy.