June 2, 2010

Oh, hi!

Chris at Barrique's

Happy birthday!

(And extra happy birthday to the new family member with the same birthday.)


Triangle Man said...

Are you starting with the man in the mirror?

Fred4Pres said...

This was a birthday tribute to this guy, so what the heck, happy birthday.

edutcher said...

Yesterday was my sister's birthday, same age as Ann.

OTOH, we finally found a home for Morstan; a co-worker of The Blonde, it turned out.

Gonna miss those little crumb-snatchers.

Triangle Man said...

Are you starting with the man in the mirror?

Remember what happened to him.

MadisonMan said...

Does he get more than a blog post for a present?

I'm not sure what I'll get my kids for birthdays once they're in their mid-20s. I get $x from my parents, where x is my age. I usually buy a nice bottle of liquor with it.

Daniel Fielding said...

Is this one of your sons, Ann? Sorry for the ignance.

Happy Birthday from A2.

Chris Althouse Cohen said...


Maxine Weiss said...

"The wonderful thing about being a Gemini is, being a Gemini is a wonderful thing !"
---Christopher Cohen 6/2/2008

Happy Birthday "Gemini" !

Daniel Fielding said...

Happy Birthday,Chris!!!!

Beldar said...

My two sons have the same birthday but not the same date of birth: they were born exactly five years apart from one another.

This was, in fact, the result of a thoughtful decision on the part of my elder son. To avoid the chance that she'd have to submit to the care of a replacement OB/GYN, my ex-wife and her doc (who were med-school classmates of one another) had already decided that they were going to induce my wife's labor before her doc went on a long vacation. (It was already a full-term pregnancy.) My first son's birthday was within the five or six-day window of opportunity, so we asked him whether he wanted to share his birthday with his new brother or have separate birthdays -- for the rest of their lives. We discussed the pros and cons -- an exceptionally bright almost-five year old can visualize things like future birthday parties pretty well -- and he decided that he wanted to share his birthday because it would make them "special brothers."

Both brothers have been delighted with the decision ever since, and I believe that conscious act of sharing has influenced their relationship for the better in subtle but profound ways.

WV: "karrot," to go with my schtick.

Rick Lee said...

My wife and I have the same birthday... one year apart. When people see the dates on forms they assume it's an error and ask about it.

JAL said...

Hope you had a good birthday Chris.

(A day late, and a dollar short.)

Pretend I'm writing in California. :-)

Patrick said...

Ah Ha!