June 22, 2010

"It's been an unforgiving couple of decades for 21-year-old meth addict Jayden, but he's still got that smile."

Fun with that website that purports to show you what you'll look like in 20 years.

Feel free to "toggle whether you're a drug addict or not."

And here's some clever sleuthing:
And then I tried throwing a cartoon face at it, and got a glimpse of what’s actually going on: it looks like in20years is just blending one of a handful of pre-rendered facial templates onto the submitted face. I got curious about what all those templates look like, and so I found a very simple line-drawing face via google image search... 


Richard Dolan said...

Not much there there. Anyone who uploads a photo of himself gets what he deserves.

Joseph said...

I hate anti-drug campaigns. There are serious dangers and uncertain escape paths associated with drugs like crystal meth but the people who run sites like that are completely self-absorbed and indifferent to what suffering people really need. It makes me a little sick.

xpanxpunkx said...

http://www.in20years.com/photo?st=5&fid=1006242&fname=aged_wb20100623093023989161.png Apparently the Holy Ghost becomes visible in 30 years, if Jesus is on drugs.