June 24, 2010

"I don't know if I was supposed to come away thinking that childhood obesity is our nation's next major health crisis..."

"... or if Obama wanted us to take the jarring black-and-white footage of a rooster getting its head chopped off literally."

Weekly Address: Jobs Creation from White House Weekly Address on Vimeo.

"Do we really want our tax dollars going toward something so clearly derivative of Sadie Benning's early works?"


Scott M said...

Congrats, AA. I soooo fell for that. I'll lay blame on the incessant phone-ringing this morning, but truth be told, I didn't realize it was the Onion until I got to the bottom and saw the thumbnail of a guy standing there with "Eons Of Darwinian Evolution Somehow Produce Mitch". That blurb has Onion written all over it.

No the picture didn't give it away. No, the content of the article didn't give it away. I was definitely, "huh?" while reading, but, honestly, I'll give myself a big-ol' pat on da back that I didn't pass any judgement on it as I was trying to absorb the info, sprinkled with a couple of "this can't be true or they would have had his head by now".

On the other hand, I'll also blame the Clown In Chief and all the real-life wackiness thus far that it was even remotely believable :)

GMay said...

Damn! Almost got me too. As I was reading it I was thinking, this has to be satire, must be The Onion.

But how sad is it that this administration has reached such levels of absurdity that you can be suckered into such nonsense for more than a few seconds.

Well done Professor.

Moose said...

Man - I thought I was the only one that saw that when Obama spoke.


edutcher said...

Looked like The Zero was dropping acid with Ann and Meade on the Tumbling Rock Trail.

WV "feoxedl" What you take if you want to see the video without turning on your computer.

Chip Ahoy said...

Semi-related OT.

Ken Salazar is beginning to annoy me greatly.

It's going to be a real pleasure to watch his career arc meet an abrupt and ignominious end. However that occurs, and it will.

I'm reminded how attractive the young college-types were who campaigned enthusiastically and vigorously in his name on sunny First and University at Cherry Creek. By their looks and their energy I was automatically on his side. Now his every word reminds me of the asinine hopeless banality of Washington ideologues, and I feel pity for those cheerful yuts who supported him, essentially put him in place.

This is what a one-track mind looks like, and the resulting retardation that results when its brought to the front.