June 16, 2010

At the Overaggressive Rose Café...


... you don't have to do all the talking. Let the little buds get a word in.


traditionalguy said...

Those little buds have a lot of blooming ahead of them to ever look as big as Overagressive.They will need an Rx for Bloom Booster to increase their blooming drive. And always water them well.

danielle said...

gee, Ann, doesnt this beautiful flower make you want to expound on your secular theory on sex and love (and marriage ?)? I have a similar view, but i'm guessing yours is more well thought through.

Cousin Bob said...

"A life with love will have some thorns, but a life without love will have no roses."

Now, isn't that nice & treakly? Just the thing to put on the inside of the card with that rose on the outside you give to your sweetie to apologize for something you give cards like that to apologize for.

And if you are enterprising & have a color printer, you don't even have to buy the card. All you need's right here in this very post!

Yer welcome.

Penny said...

"At the Overaggressive Rose Café..."

Who gives a crap about that rose. I want to know what the heck those buds intend to do?

kent said...

... you don't have to do all the talking.

"Professor Ann Althouse: online innovator and founder of the world's first All-Mime Blog."

Penny said...

And if Cousin Bob is any indication, the answer is "steal".

How Chinese of you, Cousin Bob.

And by all means, feel free. Just do it well.

Penny said...

lol kent

"Professor Ann Althouse: online innovator and founder of the world's first All-Mime Blog."

At least we'll all have fun getting dressed in black and white....


We're experienced!

But losing my tongue? That seems a bit extreme.

Am I the only lady who pretends to be "french" now and then? :P

kent said...

WAAAHH! Nobody Likes Me! - An Evening with Cindy Sheehan and Bill Ayers

Absolutely top-notch article. Excerpted from the portion re: Cindy Sheehan, for instance:

"In addition to admitting that her speech was freer under Bush (under Bush, she never spent a night or more than eight hours in jail and never had a restraining order issued against her; under Obama, she was once jailed for 52 hours, and the White House has a restraining order against her), she also questioned why under Obama, the antiwar movement doesn't seem as important or interesting. In my favorite analogy of the night, she said she felt like the Maytag Repairman of activists. Without actually answering these questions or even expressing a curiosity about this apparent irony, she was able to at least posit that the antiwar movement, when it was popular, was really an anti-Bush movement and that without Bush, no one seems interested in protesting progressive issues."

Read the whole thing.

edutcher said...

You guys were up late last night. Photoshop can't be that fascinating.

In any case, gorgeous, what, fuschia?

lyssalovelyredhead said...

Good article, Kent. With the preface that I absolutely do NOT think that the Tea Party/anti-spending wing of the right wing is comparable to the Cindy Sheehan wing of the left, I do think that they should serve as a reminder-

When Republicans get back into control, they simply must remember who put them there, and why. The smaller gov't folks must make sure that they are represented by the Republicans, and that the Republicans do not try to sweep them aside when they become inconvienent, as the left has tried to do to their anti-war wings.

There will certainly be Republicans who will try, but I think that the Tea Party movement represents a much larger part of America than the peace at any price-ers ever did, and, if we stay on task, we can make sure we continue to be heard.

- Lyssa

bagoh20 said...

The Republicans are not the ones who need the Tea Party to succeed in this country or at least not the only ones.

The overaggressive ideology currently running rampant is spent and gone to seed. It needs pruned or there will never be anymore buds nor color to inspire our gardener.

kent said...

An Arizona mom was arrested as she packed up for a future as a California stripper because she intended to leave her two young children behind, police said today.

And when her 11-year-old son tried to hug her before their separation, she made a fist and punched him in the stomach, according to police reports.

Warning: entire story, read in full, WILL make you want to scream. Or punch someone in the stomach.

Or, preferably, both.

bagoh20 said...

"An Arizona mom was arrested as she packed up for a future as a California stripper"

Just what we need here, more naked women of high moral character.