June 12, 2010

At the Big Rose Café...


... this is only the beginning.


As my whimsy leads me.. said...

Does it have a good scent?


edutcher said...

Glorious, Madame. Is it a Tropicana?

Olbrecht Gardens again, I presume? It must be a wonderful place to recharge one's batteries.

jayne_cobb said...

At the big rose cafe I am enjoying a beer while listening to England agonize about suffering a draw against the US.

Ann Althouse said...

Olbrich Gardens, where everything is very lush today. Lotsa roses.

knox said...

Still perplexed by Top Chef Masters finale.

When every judge, every diner, hates one of your three courses; when both of your competitors have more Quickfire and Elimination wins than you ... you don't deserve to win.

What were the judges were thinking?

Hugs to Rick and Susur.

Penny said...

"...only the beginning."

Always hear that as "Only the big inning".

Makes me want to run around the bases.