May 25, 2010


A free iPhone app:
PocketJustice brings the U.S. Supreme Court down to earth through abstracts of the Court's constitutional decisions and access to its public sessions. The application includes voting alignments and biographical sketches for all 110 justices. PocketJustice harnesses recordings of the Court's public proceedings to deliver hundreds of hours of oral arguments and opinion announcements. In many of these cases, PocketJustice provides synchronized, searchable transcripts identifying all speakers. This version offers information and audio for the top 100 constitutional law cases. 
Wow! Downloaded.


EDH said...

I didn't see anything about an Android version.

Does Apple insist on iPhone exclusivity from its apps vendors?

New "Hussein" Ham said...

The Supreme Court is irrelevant.

It took the court eight years to strike down the McCain-Feingold Campaign Reform Act - which facially violated the Bill of Rights prohibition on Congress passing any law restricting speech.

A court that acts this slowly is pointless. The horrible damage is already done by the time they act.

Already, legislatures are passing new laws to restrict speech that will restrict speech for eight more years while the court dawdles.

Additionally, those legislatures face no sanctions for passing obviously unconstitutional laws ... so they'll continue to do so with impunity and with the tacit approval of the corrupt Judicial branch.

There is no PocketJustice ... or any other kind of justice ... in the United States when the Legislative and Judicial branches have conspired to limit our free speech rights.

David said...

Anything about their sexual preferences. . . .

Sofa King said...

"Does Apple insist on iPhone exclusivity from its apps vendors?"

As much as they can, yes. Notably, they forbid their app developers from using anything to create iPhone apps that can also be used to create apps for other platforms.

Pastafarian said...

Two of my typically off-topic and borderline-stupid observations:

1) When I first read your headline, I assumed it was about a pocket-carry handgun, like my lovely little S&W in 38+P with factory-installed Lasergrips. I downloaded that app a few weeks ago.

2) Is it really "Pocket" Justice if you downloaded it to a device that's 9 inches across? Those are some mighty big pockets you have there.

Paul Zrimsek said...

If it doesn't include an audio clip of Nino Scalia saying "You know nothing of my work!" I'm not interested.

Penny said...

Right after I get my first free iPhone, I'll be sure to download this app.

Ann Althouse said...

@Pastafarian LOL

@Paul Z I had to "play" that quote in my head a few times before I could place it. Which I did. LOL.

bagoh20 said...

Althouse? There's an app for that.