May 29, 2010

"Our minds are quite scattered with planning and remembering and tracking and we don't live much in the present."

"We can be so lost in our minds that we don't see the sunset over the Pacific, we don't see the eyes of our children when we come home, we don't see the garden."


roesch-voltaire said...

That's it, I am turning off the computer and going to the farmer's market where my mind can focus on the banquet of life before me :)

edutcher said...

Forest, meet trees. Trees, meet forest.

OK, we all know we can get wrapped up in the necessities of everyday survival, but taking care of business is what has made Western Civilization the powerhouse that it's been. You stop and smell the roses in your downtime, you don't make a life's work of it. OTOH, not too many purely Buddhist societies have gotten much past the pastoral poverty stage.

As an example, take a close look at the eyes of the woman in the photo. She's already out there.

JAL said...

From the window, he can see rolling green hills and a line of bay trees planted along the edge of a stream.

From my windows, in the evening as the day slowly drops its guard, I see the first twinkles. Here and there.

And by midnight my fields are sparkling with the fireflies. They rise out of the grass and decorate the poplar tree. They scatter themselves through the leaves in the woods by the stream.

I see. From my large dark room. From my cool dark deck.

I am not a Buddhist and I see.

The Crack Emcee said...

Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.

Speak for your fucking self.

Buddhist scum.

There's something wrong with these people.

The Crack Emcee said...

"Take a close look at the eyes of the woman in the photo. She's already out there."

I remember, one day while out walking with the wife, we bumped into one of her "friends" on the street. We were introduced, they chatted for a minute, and afterwards she asked me what I thought of him. I told her he was cool but, damn, he had the weirdest eyes.

If you ask me, "staying in the moment" means you're crazy.

And, the worst part of that craziness is the evangelism - it's not enough that they do it but (as this asshole's story proves) they won't leave others alone.

Yet they rail about right-wing Christians.

They're left-wing Christians.