May 24, 2010

"Little Dog Eats Fat Juicy Water Bugs at Sewer Air Vent."

A recent post on a photoblog that ended last Tuesday, bringing perfect meaning to its name, Neither More Nor Less, since there will be no more, but what is there — lots of fat juicy stuff — will not go away.


Ah Pooh said...

Little guy should have at least one comment.

edutcher said...

Saw the same sort of thing.

Morstan spent Sunday trying to catch a moth in his teeth.

Cedarford said...

Excellent article to link to!
To a dog, this is sort of the reverse of "manna from heaven".

For all we know, an early canine mythology is forming. "Our Masters are so divine and good that when they flush away their own shit instead of sniffing it or re-eating it as we do - Masters make tasty morsels issue from the sewage for their Special Friends. Manna."