May 5, 2010

It's Let's Talk Like Rahm Emanuel Day!

Come on, everybody! It's exciting. It's liberating.

Somebody not talking straight to you?
"Take your f***ing tampon out and tell me what you have to say."
Dog getting under foot?
"I’m going to kill that f***ing dog."
(Those 2 quotes are from this Ed Driscoll piece, where I arrived via Instapundit.)

What's worse, the tampon remark or threatening the dog?
Threatening the dog, because I love pets.
Threatening the dog, because death is horrible.
The tampon remark, because it implies that women are inferior to men.
The tampon remark, because it's so odd and icky. free polls

ADDED: Tung Yin notes a semi-scientific test that might explain the connection between Rahm's way of talking and his success. It's all about pain.


Balfegor said...

I have to say the tampon remark, while weird, icky, childish, and sexist, is also kind of funny.

Hagar said...

Defined by their speech.

John said...

Typical liberal douche with a false macho complex. The guy is a five foot four former ballerina. A lot of women could beat his ass. But he has power, so he struts around trying to make up for his obvious deficiencies in manhood.

That is kind of the whole male liberal ethos isn't it? Being a pathetic PC emmasculated douche but making up for it by trying to use government power to control everyone else's lives while spouting obscenities and false bravado. See the founder of Daily Kos for another even more pathetic example of this type.

Susan said...

The tampon remark, because f*** dogs.

AllenS said...

We're in the best of hands.

Brian Day said...

"It's Let's Talk Like Rahm Emanuel Day!"

No, thank you. I passed the obscenity phase back in high school. Or have we passed into a new phase of "New Speak"?

E Buzz said...

Hmm, sounds like he has got some inadequacy issues, perhaps cuz he's such a small fry. Yet another insane angry asshole lefty. Amazing how many fit that description. It's almost a nice stereotype.

Glad to know such a great, adjusted to society guy is running things in DC.

He should change his name to Ram, it sounds much more studly and hard, and macho.

Is the guy gay? He comes off that way, like an Al Pacino in Cruising.

Quayle said...

A statesman of incomparable valor.

Years from now, some tea party like movement will be reading Emanuel quotes at political rallys.

We're lucky that Obama spotted Rham's hidden talent and elevated him to such stature in our national governance.

mRed said...

After reading this I felt like a shower. No, wait...

knox said...

He must be a cat person. Color me unsurprised!

Leland said...

Sorry, I don't need to use such language to get my points across.

Beta Conservative said...

If he had said "take your fu**ing tampon out or I'll kill your fu**ing dog", I would have been offended.

As it is, this sounds like normal ersatz tough guy talk from a little punk of a man.

Lem said...

This is no big f***ing deal.

former law student said...

So is this Ed Driscoll the male equivalent of Kathryn Jean Lopez?

Men in big cities like Chicago grow up learning to say bad language.

Maguro said...

Rahm Emanuel's nickname is "Twinkletoes".

Just sayin'.

Brian said...

Generally speaking, you have to be careful, as a leader, about when to drop the f-bomb or other foul language. It makes you look petty and insecure if you use it too much, in situations that simply don't warrant it. Nixon was notorious with the foul language.

I'd vote that the tampon remark was worse, because it's odd & icky.

Meade said...

"This is no big f***ing deal."

Yeah. In fact, one can even say it's f***ing retarded.

MadisonMan said...

Little Man Syndrome. Rahm has it in spades.

Jason said...

"Get that f***ing tampon out of that dog."

kristinintexas said...

The dog thing is worse, because it's vicious. The tampon thing just shows he's a jerk. I'd rather deal with a jerk than a vicious person.

(Plus, the tampon thing is kind of funny. Plus again, although no context was provided, he was probably implying that the man in question was acting more like his concept of a woman than a man. This does does not necessarily mean he thinks women are inferior to men, just different from men.)

Palladian said...

It would be really funny if Rahm grabbed the string to pull the f***ing tampon out and found it was attached to a f***ing teabag instead.

Lynne said...

Such an interesting contrast between Emanuel and this man.
Both trained as male dancers, yet Blogg always comes across as so self-confident and respectful in interviews.
It's not the dance background; it's the man.

former law student said...

The dog thing is worse, because it's vicious.

We would have had to hear it in context to assess its significance. It might have been no more vicious than "Can you get me some more coffee?" In Chicago, one guy I worked with salted every sentence with the f-word. At some points it made up over a third of his word total.

The tampon thing just shows he's a jerk. I'd rather deal with a jerk than a vicious person.

(Plus, the tampon thing is kind of funny...

I suspect the other guy was either mumbling -- as if he had an actual tampon in his mouth -- or speaking haltingly, and Rahm was saying, in effect, "Spit it out!" (and get to the point).

holdfast said...

Wow - if Tiny Dancer had threatened my dog I'd have choke-slammed the little prick. I guess it shows that Bo was just another Obama prob, and that Obama doesn't really care about him.

Oh wait, is that more false macho? Maybe, but he's small enough I think I could actually manage a choke slam (my favorite move from back when it was called the WWF.

holdfast said...

"This does does not necessarily mean he thinks women are inferior to men, just different from men."

Uh huh - you just keep telling yourself that. It means he thinks women are emotional, weak and prone to vacillating.

Palladian said...

" weak and prone to vacillating"

and bleeding, apparently.

Comrade X said...

are you sure Rahm wasn't doing Talk Like Jeremy Day? Suck my tampon! DUH!

John said...

I spent 7-1/2 years in the Navy so I literally learned to swear like a sailor.

Using F**K every other word gets pretty boring after a while. To me it shows lack of inventiveness or ability to use language.

The tampon remark is just bizarre.

He really does sound like a little kid who has just learned some dirty words. Not saying that tampon is a dirty word but some kids think it is.

Rather childish, IMHO.

I agree with the others, Rahm seems to be trying to compensate for something. In the process, he seems to be overcompensating. He makes himself look weak.

You've never been sworn at until you have been sworn at by a Master Chief Petty Officer. They have no problem with words like F**k and they will use them. They tend to do it sparingly which adds to the effect. When it is every other word, it is mere static.

In any event f**k Rahm Emmanuel.

John Henry

t-man said...

Rahm E.: "Stop Twattering like a f***king teenage girl and come up with a f***king plan to blame the f***king oil spill in the f***king Gulf on that f***er Bush!"

Keith O.: "Right away, sir!"

Saint Croix said...

Men putting down men by calling them women has very little to do with women. What he's saying is, "You're not a man." Which is an insult to men. The tampon remark is like calling a man a pussy. Except more imaginative and funnier. It's a rude, childish and bully thing to say. But it's not sexist. If he made that remark to a woman it would be.

Hoosier Daddy said...

Heh...when I clicked to the link this is what I found funny.

Barney Frank muscled his way past Harry Reid and started yelling. “F– you, Hank! F– you! Blow up this deal? We didn’t blow up this deal! Your guys blew up the deal! You better tell [GOP Rep. Spencer] Bacchus and the rest of them to get their s– together!”

I mean I imagine how this sounded coming from Barney Frank and Paulson should have been rolling on the floor laughing.

sonicfrog said...

He must be a cat person.

Does that mean he must be a douche person too? :-)

Hoosier Daddy said...

What he's saying is, "You're not a man." Which is an insult to men. The tampon remark is like calling a man a pussy.

Which is even funnier when you consider the source.

exhelodrvr1 said...

Michael Vick had no comment.

edutcher said...

Saw a movie once where one bunch of boys wanted to get another bunch into a baseball game, but the second bunch wouldn't bite. How'd they finally get them to play?

Walk up to the pitcher and say, "You throw like a girl".

No different, really, but a guy named Sigmund could have a second career figuring out all that's wrong with Tippytoes.

WV "corkscri" plural

kristinintexas said...

holdfast, I'm sure he does. I just like to give people the benefit of the doubt, even if they don't deserve it and the doubt is only a technicality.

Saint Croix said it better than I did.

wv: flowls

AllenS said...

"Take your fucking tampon out, or the dog gets it."

GMay said...

I suppose twenty years in the Marines numbed me to profane language, but I have to agree with others that when you're in a position like Rahmbo's, you have to tone it down. Rahm is no idiot, so using that sort of speech so often just shows the guy to be a genuine asshole.

Not a good leadership trait.

wv: chexide - death by cereal.

Pogo said...

No wonder Chicago wants (and needs) the National Guard to come in and restore order.

From the top down, the lack of a frontal lobe, the paucity of restraint, the absence of conscience, the sociopathy of unrestrained narcissism permeates the entire city.

Rahm needs an oral tampon for his heavy days, when he's feeling 'not so fresh'.

As my whimsy leads me.. said...

Seen on the wall of the student lounge at Maysville Community College, circa 1975: "Cursing is the crutch of the conversational cripple."

"Cripple" isn't PC these days, but the alliteration works.


JAL said...

What would Emanuel do if someone told him it was "moops?"

orthodoc said...

Barney Frank muscled his way past Harry Reid and started yelling. “F– you, Hank! F– you! Blow up this deal? We didn’t blow up this deal! Your guys blew up the deal! You better tell [GOP Rep. Spencer] Bacchus and the rest of them to get their s– together!”

All I can hear is: "Bwow up this deaw? We didn't bwow up this deaw! Your guys bwew up the deaw!...And now I'm taking a bweak. Be vewy vewy quiet. I'm hunting wabbits."

Mick said...

This is hillarious!

The Crack Emcee said...

I can't vote, because I approve of adults talking like adults. Only the pastel types give a shit about - and want to control - how people express themselves. If I remember correctly, Penn & Teller's Bullshit did an entire episode on how stupid this is. Did you get your widdle feewings hurt? Aww. Here's some advice:

Grow the fuck up.

And, if it's bad ideas that offends you, well (racially aware lady) there's too much of that going around to start complaining now.

This is just a typical (NewAge) cheap shot at testosterone and American values.

We are not - and will not become - a nation of wimps.

mariner said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jeff said...

Generally speaking I assume someone who can not speak without throwing out the f bombs and such with no regard to his/her audience and/or children/old ladies, is just someone that isn't too bright. (see Jeremey) Also I found that if I talk like that normally and then hit my thumb with a hammer, or need to express my deep differences with someone, I NEED something that isn't everyday language. Just doesn't have the same impact.

caplight said...

Do people talk like that in business offices? University offices? Medical offices? Other than on construction sites and warehouses where do grown-up people talk like that in the normal course of their day?

BarryD said...

People at construction sites and in warehouses don't talk like that, because that's not something a genuinely masculine guy would say. That's something that someone who is insecure and wants to act macho for no real reason would say.

I've worked in environments where we used all sorts of foul language and imagery to blow off steam. It was fun, actually. But nobody EVER sounded like Rahm Emmanuel.

JAL said...

Actually when I was in college (more than 500 moons ago) I found it interesting that the people who threw the f word around like it was an article or infinitive were the girls in apparel design.

I thought that odd.

I have no idea what that says about Rahm Emanuel (and a host of other lefties [{cough} Ham?] who seem to have an excrutiatingly limited range of expression.

There are other ways to express one's perpetual foul anger.

Pick said...

I don't really have a problem with someone talking this way. It speaks for itself, and is it's own consequence or reward.

Minitrue said...

You need an option for "I'm ok with both comments"

Julie C said...

Trading floors for Wall Street firms used to be quite the bastions of colorful language and extraordinarily offensive jokes. Of course, the PC police came in and tried to clean it up. I'm pretty much not offended by language or jokes. I actually thought the tampon remark was pretty funny.

Try watching an episode or two of Deadwood. David Milch has quite a way with the curse words!

Minitrue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ann Althouse said...

@Crack What are you even talking about? I was showing appreciation... You are losing it. Read more carefully and stop projecting. Talk about bullshit...

obladioblada said...

Years ago I missed a speech at a trade show because of an intestinal virus that had symptoms that would have been very inconvenient for the speaker, audience and stage crew. Afterwards, my boss (in a closed door meeting) told me that I should have "strapped a tampon to my A--H" and got up on stage anyway.

Today the proper response would be the laughable attempt to try to prove my allegations to the HR department. Instead, I discovered that it allowed me to lean over the desk at said boss and offer some version of "hey, FU (insert name here)" and get away with it.

My wish/curse for said boss is that he have many beautiful daughters. That and that he rot in hell unless his beautiful daughters cause him to repent of his foul ways, of course.

rhhardin said...

It might have been tarpon.

You can't talk with a fish in your mouth.

Dave said...

Much funnier

The Crack Emcee said...


Your free speech advocacy is one thing I whole-heartedly salute you on. If I misread the post, then I am wrong, and I apologize. I thought you were pussying out because it's Rahm. (I don't know where "projecting" comes into it - maybe it's just not well written?)

Which leads me to ask: are you, Ann Althouse, capable of apologizing? Really apologizing? You know, recognizing when you're wrong, and publicly saying you're sorry for it? I don't think I've ever seen that. To me, like swearing, it's a sign of one's humanity - shows you can be truly fair. Think you're above doing so - just as many, here, seem to think swearing is beneath them - and you miss out on a major part of what makes up the American character. Do you have it in you?

Just as liberals thought it was cool to apologize for Bush being in office, I think those with "buyer's remorse" should now do so - for sticking the country with NewAge Oprah Winfrey's candidate - and the decade of bullshit it's going to take conservatives, pretty much alone, to dismantle the heavily-price tagged damage he's already done (and plans to continue). To just leave us with this shit - while y'all laugh about it, act like politics are American Idol-like fun and games, or just walk away because, after the damage is done, you're "not political" - is what's "bullshit". Take some responsibility:

You fucked up, and your lack of seriousness about how badly you fucked up - and, also, keep fucking up on any subject where race comes into play - is just another big "fuck you" to everyone stuck pulling the liberal's weight, politically.

Hell, I'm offended every time you mention race. Do you care? Do you think you're right to keep reminding me I'm not like you? To keep the discussion of my otherness in the forefront of everyone else's mind? I'm black, O.K.? Now shut up about it. Or, at least, mention something other than some stupid shit some cracker-assed cracker had to say about me.

And, by the way, Miss Understanding: "nigger".

All that said, I still love you, Ann. But I want to have a real conversation: I'm sick of this lame shit. Your pal, Glenn Reynolds, made the law professor ethos clear to me: you guys just spew shit, without a care for right, or wrong. I now want to remind you that's not helping. It's also not conservative.

Figure it out.

The Crack Emcee said...

Here - fuck Rahm:

Talk about this shit.

It's racial and does more for blacks than all the PC nonsense you and Glenn talk about.

Largo said...

My dog died three days after eating my sister's tampons, you insensitive clod!

Largo said...

You fucked up old hag.

(Not you Ann!)

(Perhaps we can have a poll to see what public figures best match each animal. :-)

Largo said...

Perhaps everyone here has already seen the instructional video "Using Proper English"?

If you haven't, you should!

ACravan said...

The tampon remark is extraordinarily stupid, crude and hateful. Things like this do matter. Would you hire a person like this to work for your company? Would you accept this kind of behavior from a professional colleague or a friend? And it's of a piece with Pres. Obama's "they're not just coming out limp and dead" remark regarding aborted babies. The fact that this is being given a "pass" by the mainstream media (not to mention NOW and other "feminist" organizations) is deeply saddening.

Largo said...

The plumber, he said, 'Never flush a tampoon.'

former law student said...

it's of a piece with Pres. Obama's "they're not just coming out limp and dead" remark regarding aborted babies.

Lawyerlike, Obama was trying to resolve the ambiguities in Illinois's proposed "born alive" bill. Babies delivered without brains could yet twitch -- one of the criteria for live birth that fired RN Jill Stanek urged on the people of Illinois. Would a twitch mean that doctors would have to attempt to keep the anencephalic alive? Not every fetus removed is unambiguously "limp and dead."

ACravan said...

"Lawyerlike"? You must be kidding.

It was a crude and heartless thing to say that bespeaks a nasty mind. There are other examples of this in the Obama canon.

I'm a lawyer also, by the way. It's perfectly possible to address difficult, unappealing subjects in a way that doesn't turn the stomach. Decent people feel compelled to do this.

If the president enjoys surrounding himself with colleagues who find Rahm Emanuel's tampon remark acceptable, "just Rahm being Rahm", that says something pretty dire about the state of one workplace, at least, in the republic.

The Crack Emcee said...

"The tampon remark is extraordinarily stupid, crude and hateful. Things like this do matter. Would you hire a person like this to work for your company? Would you accept this kind of behavior from a professional colleague or a friend?"

That's how we talk at my job - women, too! And all of my friends! Shit, if you don't talk like that, we probably don't want to work with you and it's not likely we'll ever become friends. You'll just get fired, because you don't have either the temperament, or the outlook, to do the job.

We are adults who seek results - not nannies.

wv: "chest" - stick it out.

The Crack Emcee said...


Thanks for the Zappa. And for reminding me of this line:

"We're coming to get ya
We're coming to get ya
We're protected by unions
so don't let it upset ya"

Now that's pure Rahm!

Largo said...

That's a new one to be crack.

How about this?

[You saw us] Rahmit - Rahmit - Rahmit -
Rahmit through the congress!


Rahmit - Rahmit - Rahmit -
Rahmit through the senate!


(Don't fool yourself none, girl -- you know where it's going!)

The Crack Emcee said...

I stopped by work, yesterday, on my day off, just in time to hear a female colleague going off on all kinds of PC female ideas - and stating that attitude is why there are so few women in our field. I felt vindicated, listening to her, knowing what I had written here.

I'm with the late Bernie Mac:

"Don't be afraid of the word 'Motherfucker'".

wv: "typecow" - no comment.

Junkyard Ballerina said...

Even my DOG doesn't want to talk like Rham Emanuel.