May 13, 2010

I'm in the NYT.



New "Hussein" Ham said...

You are not in the NY Times.

Sheesh, what an ego.

To be in the NY Times, you would have to either author, or be the subject of, a news or opinion article in the print edition of the NY Times.

All this web page epresents is the NY Times repackaging content sold to them by the man who owns Bloggingheads. The NY Times had nothign whatsoever to do with the creation of this content. They merely hit copy, then paste.

This way, they don't have to pay actual employees to produce NY Times quality content for their website. They can merely re-package content created elsewhere by others for free that was seen days ago elsewhere.

In other words ... old news.

I'm embarrassed that you feel the need to puff yourself up this way.

Meade said...

I'm amused that New "Hussein" Ham is embarrassed.

peter hoh said...

"I'm on the NYT" just sounds odd.

traditionalguy said...

A real complement to the brains necessary to draw interest from NYT readers remains for all to see. Sometimes the NYC folks covet something they don't have, like an Ann Althouse in Wisconsin or a LeBron James in Ohio. Great work Professor.