May 17, 2010

I need to get this week started.

It's 9:27 here in Madison, Wisconsin, and I've got nothing new up here on the blog for you yet.

And it's10:27 in Tennesee, which is Instapundit time, and — as you may have noticed — I'm playing Instapundit once again this week.
I’M HEADING OFF TO A SECURE, UNDISCLOSED LOCATION, and I’ll have a bunch of guestbloggers filling in here: Not only my usual crew of Ann Althouse, Megan McArdle, and Michael Totten, but to lighten the load on them, quite a few others: Ed Driscoll, sometime InstaPundit correspondent Stewart Baker (whose new book on counterterrorism, Skating On Stilts, will be coming out soon), Radley Balko, and Mark Tapscott. Should be lively enough that when I get back, you’ll wish I’d stayed gone longer!
Glenn posted that at 10, and you'd think somebody would have gotten the guest-blogging rolling by now. Should be lively enough... He even packed in 3 more guest-bloggers. Hellloooo? Where is everyone?


Ron said...

your not the only one with a Meade!

AlphaLiberal said...

You could be bold and truly independent and post news of the Main Tea Party caucuses trashing this 7th grade school room as they seek to ram their political correctness down our throats.

It's not enigmatic. You can post an opinion about it, say it's wrong.

AllenS said...

Let Meade take over the blog if you're filling in for Reynolds. I'll bet he can throw us some red meat with the best of em. I like Instapundit, but you can't comment over there.

Freeman Hunt said...

Alpha, replacing his poster with a sticker is "trashing" his classroom?

(I do agree that it was wrong to take his poster.)

Christy said...

I don't know about anyone else, but Instapundit is locking up my IE. Three times already this morning before I gave up.

Bushman of the Kohlrabi said...

Everyone must have stayed up late to watch Russell get screwed by the jury.

AllenS said...


I went to your link, and I wasn't able to find any information about trashing a 7th grade school room. What exactly did those Tea Party people do? Break windows? Break the chalk board? Desks? Ruin the floor? Urinate? Defacate?

Hoosier Daddy said...

Alpha, replacing his poster with a sticker is "trashing" his classroom?

You're talking to a guy who thinks saying Vote GOP is hate speech.

paul a'barge said...

Glenn is SCUBA diving! (just guessing). Lucky fellow.

paul a'barge said...

Oh look. AlphaLiberal is trying to tell Althouse what to blog about.

Good luck with that one.

Big Mike said...

I don't know about you, Professor, but right about now a couple slow news days seems pretty much okay to me.

After tomorrow's primaries there should be plenty to blog about come Wednesday morning.

AllenS said...


WV: nonshism

Defacate is a nonshism word.

Rube said...

Christy, I had the same problem. Happened all morning till I to gave up.

Anonymous said...

Yea, I'd say so, since your friends on the Supreme Court ruled 7-2 moments ago that the federal government can indefinitely imprison someone even after they've served their rightful sentence.

Can keep people locked up forever if they might be theoretically "dangerous" if released.

No way to prove that, of course.

The case was ostensibly about sex offenders, but this sets a precedent to allow the federal government under Barack Obama to lock up anyone they want for any reason so long as they make a prima facia case that the person might, theoretically, be dangerous if released.

The United States of America just became Stalinist Russia.

So, yea, might be a good idea to start blogging.

Rialby said...

You're right AL. Reminds me exactly of what the lefties did in Seattle, Pittsburgh, Athens, Genoa... Should I go on?

al said...

Not to be too picky but most of Tennessee is in the central time zone - just like Wisconsin. Knoxville, where instapundit lives, is in the eastern time zone.

Unknown said...

As usual, Alpha doesn't know reality when he sees it, so he creates his own. If the poster was all that was taken, at least they replaced it with something, but of vandalism, as Alpha claims, I see none. Certainly, much different from the messes produced by ACORN, ANSWER, and SEIU.

PS The state of the Union which rhymes with pain has an 'e' at the end.

Ann Althouse said...

It's 9:27 here in Madison, Wisconsin, and I've got nothing new up here on the blog for you yet.

That's what you get for thinking about sex on Sunday afternoon, young lady.

KCFleming said...

Well, AL, just think of it as the new long march through the institutions.

Or breaking a few eggs to make an omelet. That should sound more familiar and comforting to you.

Bruce Hayden said...


Please give us a chance to comment on what you are doing over at Instapundit. I think a lot of us (maybe not AL, et al.) read that blog too, esp. when you are posting there (ok, I always read both of these blogs).


Anonymous said...

AL, at my law school, we had lockers (a godsend, btw), and some people decorated theirs with bumper stickers. I posted one that said: "Support the FairTax" on mine, and some asshole markered in "Un" over the word "fair." I was right annoyed.

Think Salon should cover that one, too? As far as I can tell, it's pretty much just as bad as what you're making a big deal about.

- Lyssa

Anonymous said...

Also, I payed a pretty hefty sum of money for the privilage of using that locker; it was mine for those three years. While the teacher's door could conceivably be considered the public's property. (not that that makes it right, it was a dick thing to do, but mine was worse.)

AlphaLiberal said...

Taking things down, stealing materials is vandalism and trashing.

The same type of people who think they can walk into a Town Hall meeting and shout down everybody else - constituent and elected alike - are arrogant enough to dictate what copies of the Constitution can be used and what posters should hang on walls.

The attitude demonstrates their deep hatred of real freedom, that is the speech of people they disagree with. The only freedom they want is for them and others thinking just like them.

TPers = spoiled brats

And I suggest it as a topic to Ann knowing she would never say something critical about the TPers.

knox said...

TPers = spoiled brats

AL = big whiny baby

does he need his widdle boddle??

did duh big meanie teaparty mens take his fwen's widdle poster?

aww.. poor widdle AL. His party has control of everything and some teapartiers took a poster. awww

Ann Althouse said...

"Let Meade take over the blog if you're filling in for Reynolds."

No one has ever blogged for me. Not once. Not in 6+ years.