May 29, 2010

Cat party.

And real cat wants nothing to do with it.


Largo said...

You know, it's not easy to embarrass a cat.

Fred4Pres said...

Did this guy go too?


EDH said...

I wonder if Obama will call them fat?

edutcher said...

The cat is looking at those women the way de Beauvoir felt about men.

Bruce Hayden said...

Maybe I have something else on my mind, but I didn't realize they were actually dressing up as cats.

But it was likely because I was driving from the Reno Airport the other day, and saw a Towncar type limo with the see-through decals all over it advertising the Bunny Ranch. And they described it as a "Cat House". And somehow I was expecting a Cat Party to have something to do with Cat Houses.

I should note that the Bunny Ranch is located east of Carson City on U.S. 50 right before the Virginia City exit. It appears that I drove right by it in December when I took my Suburban back to Colorado so I wouldn't have to rent a car when visiting my family there.

One of the small joys of living in (northern) Nevada. Where else can you see limos for brothels picking people up from the airport, and advertising the fact to the world?